$20.10 3-Course Lunch at Philippe

Summer 2012: Not gonna say we are surprised or even sad to hear this one: Philippe has left its Melrose location this summer for new digs on Wilshire. Anyone know what’s going to replace it?

I park my car on the street nightly so I get a lot of crap brochures and flyers my car windshield every morning. $5 Psychic readings, $30 Massages (possibly with a happy ending), cheap/shady looking sushi menus, hilariously cartoon-ish kabob menus, etc… In fact, last week I even found a hand written note to call Jesus if I want to sell my car (wonder what our lord and savior wants with my 2002 Infiniti…. I suppose the lord works in mysterious ways…)

These flyers are usually all junk that I quickly drop off in the recycle bin (i.e. trash).

But yesterday I was shocked to find a flyer on nice, thick, card stock advertising a lunch deal at Philippe. Yes, the high end Chinese restaurant by Philippe Chow (aka the ‘name stealer‘ Chak Yam Chau) is leaving flyers on cars. Is this a Chinese restaurant thing? Is it an unwritten rule that all Chinese restaurants advertise via car brochure, no matter how fancy or expensive their establishments are? One can only wonder…

Nevertheless, despite the ever-so-tacky advertising technique, the information on the flyer was enticing, and the paper too nice to simply chuck:


Philippe $20.10 3-Course Lunch Special

M-Sat, 12pm – 4pm

Classy Windshield Flyer


I’ve heard so many mixed reviews of this place but even if it’s just 3 out of 5 stars its still a pretty good deal. Plus, Philippe has also recently added some strangely placed tables outside, along the West side of their building, so that diners can enjoy the Summer sunshine and view (i.e. homeless people, empty real estate, & trendy Melrose shoppers) while they lunch.

Might be the first windshield flier I’ve ever appreciated/used – but seems like a worthwhile deal to check out. However, I would still recommend Philippe get some Twitter/FB presence, the flyers just seem so declasse…


UPDATE: Just got ANOTHER flyer on my car. This one for Philippe’s Happy Hour. Here are the details:

* Daily, Until 8pm (Not sure when it starts though….)

* $5 Drink Specials & $7 Appetizers


ANNNNNND: Philippe is listed on Restaurant.com w/ 50% off certificates available. Use code CLEARANCE through 8/31/10 and get an additional 80% off (i.e. your $40 cert worth $100 will only cost you $8!!!!!)


Philippe LA

8284 Melrose Avenue / West Hollywood, CA 90046

(323) 951-1100


More Cheap (and Delicious) Eats

Walking around in my new neighborhood last weekend, I discovered another nearby cheap eat that is equal parts cheap and yummy – which is a pretty hard task to do this side of La Cienega. I had read an email blast about Nonna’s Empanadas a few weeks ago and wanted to check it out since I ❤ empanadas. I literally stumbled upon Nonna’s while walking around the block from my apartment and had no idea it was so close to me!

Anyhow, here is the scoop, for just $5.95 you can get a combo with 2 empanadas and a drink (non-alcoholic, sorry), which is a pretty good deal and definitely a Finer Thing.  If you want to buy the empanadas alone they are around $3 a piece.  Their empanadas are made fresh daily and 2 empanadas are a decent size and pretty filling for a quick lunch or light dinner.

They have a pretty large variety of empanadas: chicken, beef, tomato/basil/mozzarella, onion and cheese, veggie, and corn and cheese. They even have “breakfast” style empanadas with bacon, eggs, and cheese which I can’t wait to try.  I had the chicken and beef this time around and both were really good, although I liked the chicken one better.  The best part of the empanadas was a dipping sauce kind of thing that they bring out with your food, olive oil some herbs and garlic – whatever it was, it was really good.  In addition to empanadas, they have tostinos on their menu which looked pretty good, like small thin sandwiches – which came with a large variety of fillings as well.

Nonna’s is a true neighborhood spot, pretty small place with minimal seating, a small outdoor patio and some tables inside as well.  The customer service was amazing, they had just opened 3 days before we went and were very friendly and let us ask a million questions without seeming too annoyed.  They also offer delivery and catering services for larger orders, which is always a plus!

Check out their menu and more at www.nonnasempanadas.com.

Nonna’s Empanadas. 8570 W 3rd Street. (310) 385.0445

Nonna's Empanadas on Urbanspoon

Favorite Sammich Ever.

I have gotta say:  this was the best sammich I’ve ever had.

Roasted Turkey at V Cafe

Me and the man went to V Cafe on Melrose last Friday for lunch. The restaurant/fancy market just opened a couple weeks ago and is next door to The Improv, and brought to you by the same guy that owns the V Cut Smoke Shop a couple doors down.


Blah Blah Blah it’s cute and adorable and the staff is great, yes yes yes, but let’s get to the food:

I ordered the Roasted Turkey Panini & the man ordered the V Panini with Proscuitto and long story short: everything was amazing.  AND, in what must have been a birthday weekend miracle, I actually made the better food selection than the man!! I swear, without recommendation he always orders the best thing on the damned menu and I’m stuck with food envy from my poor choice. But not this time! I won I won I won!!! (As one friend says – relationships are a constant battle for power…)

While his V Panini was still pretty delish – mine was the best sandwich I’ve ever had.


The deets:

Roasted Turkey Panini – Roasted turkey with Manchego cheese (new fav cheese thanks to GG), basil aioli, greens, tomato, and pickled red onion.

It’s got the perfect combination of flavors and the bread is perfectly pressed so it’s not too hard to get your mouth around. It also comes with a small side salad (just greens and Balsamic) and some tasty little ‘house pickles’ (pickled olives, banana peppers, and normal pickle-y pickles).

And for around $8 it’s not a bad deal for lunch in this area (compared to the $13 sammiches at Froma down the street.. which are good but not as good as this one.)


This sammich is so good that after double checking their hours of operation online, we walked back to V Cafe on Sunday for my BDay lunch. BUT THEY FAILED! Dude was locking the door as we walked up and the place was dark inside (at 1pm… on a Sunday…)

Lame. We should have known when they didn’t answer the phone…

Anyway –  this unfortunate experience won’t stop me from returning this week because I NEED that sammich.  Maybe I’ll even BYOB this time (wine of course), then I’ll really be in heaven… drunk and fat and happy.



8164 Melrose Avenue

(323) 951-9577
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Lunch Tip: Tasty Sammiches on La Cienega

Last week I had Friday off, hence the lack of Twittering and Facebooking and general PR for the website. As you know I work most days in the Palisades, which has next to ZERO good cheap lunch spots and I’m basically at Subway every day.  So any time I’m near home (Weho/Mid City) at lunch-time I always want to try something new.

This Friday’s experiment: Soda Pops on La Cienega.

The jist: Cute little deli-like sandwich shop with really nice employees and a great selection of rarely seen sodas in pretty little glass bottles.


Soda Pops menu (from Food Maraton)

The sandwich menu is pared down so you’re not fussing too long over what to order, and there are also some delicious sounding salads available if you’re not in a sammich mood.

They also sell some questionable looking pizza, which is sitting in a plastic container on the counter… not sure why they sell the pizza when they’re a sandwich joint… seems like something Gordon Ramsey would tsk tsk at on Kitchen Nightmares…

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