Bottomless Mimosa Guide: WeHo Bistro

West Hollywood is the mecca of bottomless mimosa brunch. We have absolutely no research outside of LA to prove this, but we’re going to go ahead and say there is NO OTHER CITY IN THE WORLD with as many bottomless mimosa brunch spots per square mile. There’s also probably no other city in the world with as many bottomless mimosa brunch spots that serve boozy brunch DAILY either.


Boozy Brunch Spot: WeHo Bistro, West Hollywood

Boozy Brunch Hours: DAILY, 9am – 6:30pm

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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Beach Nation

There are a lot of reasons we rarely go to the beach here in LA: the drive (or Uber) to SaMo is a pain…. we’re not so keen on tanning with the city’s homeless population…. and even less keen to risk an open container charge on a public beach. So for those lazy winos like us: you can head to BeachNation instead: a fake beach in WeHo that serves booze and food…. And bottomless mimosas on the weekend.

Vacation here we come!

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Dominick’s 5-O’Clock Meeting (aka Social Hour)

It was rather fortuitous that V proposed a visit this weekend to Dominick’s, as when I went to visit their website this afternoon for menu details I spied something new and quite glorious: happy hour.

Image via – Isn’t it romantical?!

Dominick’s ‘5 O’Clock Meeting’ Social Hour(s)

When: Mon – Fri, 5-7pm 

What: $4 Moretti Drafts, $6 Wine, $6-$8 Specialty Cocktails + Menu of bites & full entrees from $3-$18 each. 

My last visit to Dominick’s was lovely. Cutesy patio, multiple glasses of wine from a slightly discounted wine flight menu (I feel like it was $18 for 3 ‘tastes’), and some delicious bites or cheese. But it was still pricey, and thus has kept me from returning for my post work noshing+boozing.

And this spot really classes up our standard expectations for happy hour food: Baked Ricotta w/ San Daniele Prosciutto and Roasted Sweet Peppers (yes please), Beef Carpaccio w/ Crispy Bone Marrow and Salsa Verde (yup that too), Oysters at just $1.50/ea! Okay, so ‘rice balls’ doesn’t sound quite a special as the rest, but we are sure they are delicious too (don’t classy spots usually call this arancini?) And while normally we try to stick to vino for daily imbibing, the menu of deluxe classic cocktails has us intrigued  Penicillin (ala Comme Ca?), Moscow Mules, Tom Collins, daily Marg specials? We could easily sling a few of those back and still manage the walk home with a still-full wallet.

I look forward to many romantical happy hours with V (and possibly the husband, if he is so inclined) on the twinkly patio in our future.

Dominick’s / 8715 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood / (310) 652-2335 /

Red O Social Hour

Nov 2012 Update: Do you ever feel like you can control things with your mind? Cuz right now we do. Just the other day we were wishing Red O’s ‘Social Hour’ lasted later than 6pm and then BAM they extended it to 7pm! We must be partially responsible for this.

With the new extended hours (and the graciousness of our hosts at the resto+Wagstaff PR team) we were finally able to try Mr. Bayless’s awesome happy hour, and it was deeeeeelish. Those margs are not joking around (after three we were in a pretty darned toasted) and the sopas? Omygodthesopas! This ‘social hour’ just made the top of our list (doesn’t hurt that its within walking distance too!)


Apparently the new fad is calling happy hour ‘social hour’. Possibly it sounds more classy. Possibly it helps evade some tricky HH liquor laws. Possibly its just a douchey LA thing.

Yup that’s Senor Bayless Himself Makin Us Some Guac.

Whatever, as long as it means cheap drinks & bites post work, we’re in.

We briefly mentioned this happy hour in our Cinco de Mayo write up the other week as it was offered as a promotional one-day-only affair for the Mexican holiday. But now its REAL, and its permanent, and its in our hood. And since we probably will not be welcomed back to CommeCa any time soon post the other weekend’s happy hour antics, we’ll eagerly jump on a new neighborhood happy hour with fancy, discounted, food.


Red O ‘Social Hour’ 

When: 4-6pm 7pm, Tues – Saturday (available in lounge and patio)

What: $2 oysters, $6 guac + chips/salsa, $12 street food trios, $12 tostada trios, $8 margs, $7 wines, $5 beers.

Bring it on Rick Bayless. Bring. It. On.

RED O / 8155 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles / 323.655.5009 /

Happy Hour at Baby Blues

If giant, cheap, plates of southern-style fried food, washed down with big ‘ol mugs of beer, is your thing, than Baby Blues happy hour in WeHo will be your sweet heaven on earth.


Baby Blues BBQ – West Hollywood

Happy Hour: Mon – Fri, 4-7pm. (Sorry for the previous confusion, when we visited this happy hour a month or so ago, it was 1-7pm and all nigth on Tuesdays. They must have changed this relatively recently… Bummer!) 

Deals: $3 Drafts, $5 Margs, $5 Martinis + $5 Food Items

Happy Hour is available in the bar area at Baby Blues and it always seems to be packed. And with good reason – the drinks are cheap and the food portions are huge.

V and I ventured this way a month or so back to scope out the HH scene and ordered ourselves a couple Blue Moons and one of everything off the HH food menu. That probably sounds like we took ‘get fat’ to a whole new level, but really the menu is very abbreviated: $5 hush puppies (yum.), $5 fried green tomatoes (decent), $5 chicken wings (hot!), $5 sweet potato or seasoned fries (we did a mix of both which was a big winner.) Each plate was large and in charge and we couldn’t make it through all four items (the fiance happily accepted & re-heated the leftovers when I returned home.)

Obviously the entire menu above is fried, so if you are looking for a balanced nutritious happy hour meal, this is not the place. But if you want a lot of cheap tasty bar food and some cheap beers, its just perfect. And if you’re a lady looking to feel ‘special’ for the night, we found the guys that lurk here are rather forward.

Note: parking in this hood SUCKS. Beware of all the neighborhood ‘permit only’ zones and parking restrictions. If you have an extra fiver to spare, just do valet in one of the neighboring lots, or plan on showing up extra early so you can circle the south side of Santa Monica for residential spot (usually 2 hr parking til 10pm) and hoof it up to the bar. 

Baby Blues BBQ / 7953 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood / 323.656.1277 /