3Course Prix Fixe at Upper West

Every Wednesday, for just thirty-three-buckeroos ($33) you can score a delicious 3-course dinner at Upper West (a spot we love an adore for its fantastic mix of good food, giant TVs, a tasty cocktails.)

Delicious Ooey Gooey MacNCheese

And you’re not stuck with ‘today’s special’ combo which is a good thing, since my guy has convinced me ‘today’s special’ must be a mixture of all the things that are about to go bad in the fridge. No, luckily this prix-fixe menu is a meal of your own creation as you get to select straight from the menu each of the foods you’d like to enjoy that evening. Whichever appetizer you want paired with whichever entree you need paired with whichever dessert you desire. Maybe this week you’ll go for the Burrata + Short Rib + RootBeerFloat (a $41 value), and then the next week go back for the CarlsbadMussels + PorkChop + ChocolateCakeDonuts (a $45 value).

Whatever you decide to do, its going to be a deal. A very very delicious deal.

The Upper West / 3321 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica / http://www.theupperwest.com/


Half-to-Hump Day at ShinBBQ

Here’s a great way to brighten your Hump day (especially on a sad and cloudy day like this):


When: Wednesdays, 6pm – 11pm

What: Half Off Entire Menu (Except All-You-Can-Eat Option, which is still a super-cheap $19.95)


For those not in the know – SHIN is a delicious Korean BBQ joint with a large menu of entrees and appetizers you can order and cook right at your table. And, surprisingly, SHIN isn’t in K-town, but rather in Hollywood with some cool digs to match the location. Since the menu is typically rather pricey (well, at least in comparison to the Korean BBQ spots we’re used to), 50% off is a pretty rad deal here as normally apps and entrees come in around $10-$22/ea.

Need some booze to wash down all that marinated meaty goodness? Beers (HITE) are just $4 and wells just $5, and we hear their house wine is from Cupcake.



1600 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles


Champagne Wednesdays at Shutters

2015 Update: No more bubbly deals on Wednesdays, but the DJ is still spinning!

Bubbly is one of those ever-so-classy and delicious beverages that rarely makes an appearance on FinerThingsLA because it’s so rarely affordable.

But $25 for a flight of 5 champagnes, in a classy location to-boot,  is something our wallets can definitely stomach!

Photo from TheKiwi Collection


Where: Shutters on the Beach, Lobby Lounge

What: Flight of 5 Champagnes, $25

Music: By DJ Dinari


If it was up to me (and not my bank account) I’d drink champagne every night. The perfect bubbly buzz to pair with whatever I make/buy for dinner (yes, I’d even drink champagne it with a #2 from McDs.) Luckily for my waistline, this deal entertains my love of bubbly on a small budget, while steering me away from fast food (maybe some light apps from the happy hour menu instead?)

But as much as I love the deal, I’m even more in love with the location. Such a perfect spot to lie back, drink some bubbly, and enjoy the view of the ocean.

Happy Hump Day!


Shutters on the Beach

One Pico Blvd / Santa Monica

(310) 458-0030

Tuesdays @ Five0Four Hollywood

What’s better than a $5 Beer? Well, probably lots of things. But what’s better than a $5 Beer WITH a shot? For boozers like us, probably not much. Add a smoke into this $5 deal and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a short, but fun, life!

Every Tuesday, from 8pm – 2am Five0Four offers a $5 Beer+Shot+Smoke combo.

Not fans of smoking (like us!)? You can swap out that cancer stick for a condom instead! Just be careful, beer goggles + free condoms could be a regrettable combo.


Love the deal, but want to start your boozing/smoking/banging before 8pm? Show up for Five0Four’s own Happy Hour that lasts til 8pm (i.e. right up until the Tuesday $5 Beer+Shot+Smoke deal starts… i.e. no break in cheap drinks!)

Five0Four Happy Hour: ‘Drinkin with Lincoln’

Mon – Fri, 3pm – 8pm

$5 Drinks (Daiquiris, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, & Wells)

$5 Foods (1/2 Chicken or Po’Boys, Beer Bites, Sweet Potater-tots, Dirty Fries, Hot Wings, & Cajun Fries)

This is probably the only happy hour we’re aware of with Cajun style food, and we’re already eager to try it. Plus, you really can’t beat anything with a Lincoln theme, right?!?!?! (Friends, you may start your K+Lincoln jokes now.)


Alcohol, TVs, & Outdoor Patio. Must Be Heaven.

On top of all this cheap boozy awesomeness, Five0Four has other great weekday events & deals as well:

Mondays: 80s night, dress up and get a free drink!

Wednesdays: SIN Night, Reverse Happy Hour 8pm – 12am

Thursdays: $1 test tube shots all night long, 8pm – 2am

Sundays: Live Jazz Music 6pm – 9pm


Wow, that’s a lot of days with a lot of hours of cheap booze. AND there’s an outdoor patio. Love it.

The Park’s $15 Tuesday Prix Fixe

Another delicious and absurdly inexpensive Tuesday night dinner deal, this time for our Eastsiders:

The Park’s “SpeakEasy Tuesdays” 3-Course Dinner: $15

Not much else needed to describe this deal: it’s just $15 for 3 courses and includes a starter (soup or salad), an entree, and a dessert. Plus, the menu changes weekly so there is always something new to try. And it’s only $15… for 3 courses…

Photo by Alen Lin via la.eater.com

This Week’s Menu:

1st Course (Choose One)

Soup (Vegetarian Borscht w/ Yogurt)

– Salad (Shaved Celery Root, Fennel, Radish & Romaine w/ Horseradish Sour Cream Dressing)

2nd Course/Main (Choose One)

– Chicken Schnitzel, w/ Lemon Caper Sauce, Broccoli & Mashed Potatoes

– Mushroom Risotto, w/ Parmesan, Thyme & Arugula

3rd Course/Dessert

– Cheese Blintzes w/ Strawberry Sauce


For those unfamiliar with the dining destinations of Hipsterville (it’s pretty uncharted territory for us as well): The Park is in Echo Park (hence the name) and has other great deals during the week, including Friday Supper Club ($20 for 3 course selection from regular menu) and Wednesday Burger Night ($5 – 6oz Burgers w/ Choice of Side.)

For those that cannot enjoy a meal without a bit of a buzz – the booze is cheap too. Wines start at $6/glass ($20/a bottle!!) and beers at $5. Despite the fact that we are trying to save our selves (i.e. our livers) for tomorrow’s The Sexy Singles Soiree & Saturday’s CHRISTMAS KEGGER – we may just have to have a lady date tonight, split a bottle of wine & scarf down yet another multi-course meal. This blog’s tag line has really become a self fulfilling prophecy…


The Park Restaurant

1400 Sunset Blvd / Echo Park, CA.


Half Off at SBE’s CLEO

Love this deal from SBE…


V hit up Cleo the other week with some friends and found it to be quite lovely (she  recommends the shrimp kebabs and the flat bread.) And although I have yet to enjoy the wonders of Cleo’s Mediterranean cuisine, I’m already a fan of the SBE owned hotel it sits in (The Redbury) due to its eclectic and fun style (much more ‘habitable’ in my opinion than its cold & stark Starck created sibling the SLS.) So I must imagine the decor at Cleo is equally appealing.

Luckily for you, we have a couple ‘special contacts’ within the SBE regime so we were able to score the details on this deal for you (Thanks NF!) so just click on the photo and print it out for your next Sunday – Wednesday dinner visit.

With all the money you save you can definitely spring on a bottle, or two, of wine. (Hurry up – it expires Oct 13th!!)


Perfect HumpDay Happy Hour for Winos

We love WTFLA.

They promote wine drinking to hapless kids our age who are trying to break outta the habit of ordering Bud Light as their go to drink at a bar. Not only that, they do it by teaming up with great locations & great wine companies to offer awesome, discounted (and occasionally free) wino events. The newest of such events is a wino happy hour, the first Wednesday of every month, at The Olive on Sunset.


Photo from WTFLA by Britton Orrange


WTFLA & The Olive Hump Day Happy Hour

When: 1st Wednesday of each month, 7pm – 9pm

What: 50% off All Wine, Beer & Apps, + $15 for a flight of 3 wines+cheese+charcuterie

Bonus: Giveaways for cool wine and food related stuffs (Provided by the Oaks Gourmet)


The Olive is the new restaurant on Sunset/La Cienega inside the Grafton Hotel, brought to you by the same guy who owns some of our favorite happy hour spots down the street (The Belmont, Spanish Kitchen, & Oak Fire Pizza). It’s a cool spot made even cooler by the addition of WTFLA to their Wednesday lineup.

Plus it’s a LATE happy hour so not only can we actually make it there in time after commuting from work, we might even have a few minutes to drop home and change into something less working-drone-esque! Really, there’s nothing worse than a delicious and cheap happy hour that ends at 6:30pm… Nothing.


50% off wine = Yum.


The Olive Kitchen & Bar

8462 W Sunset Blvd / West Hollywood, CA 90069

(323) 650-1250

$5 Bites in Echo Park


We don’t head out to Echo Park as often as we probably should but this spot with tapas + wine on the cheap is definitely going to give us a reason to. (Yes I ended a sentence with a preposition .. ahh!).

The place: Allston Yacht Club.  “Yacht Club” is for sure NOT the first thing that ever comes to mind when I think of Echo Park so I’m not really sure if the name for this restauarant was supposed to be facetious since I can’t imagine hipsters on a yacht…ever, but either way, everything I’ve read and heard about this place sounds amazing.

AYC was the brainchild of 2 former Boston locals (Boston, definitely a yacht-y place…now I might understand the name), and features a small menu of small plates.  I could live on tapas and wine so can’t wait to head here.  Their tapas sound delicious: jalapeno corn fritters, fried feta with tomatoes, fries with chimichurri…yum!

And the best part – and the reason it caught my eye – during HH all plates are only $5!

Happy hour usually runs from 5:30-7:00pm Tues – Sat,  but tonight (Wednesday) runs ALL night.  You know how we feel about all night happy hours!

So that will take care of getting you fat and to get you drunk during happy hour, AYC has selected bottles of wine for just $15!  If wine isn’t your thing their cocktail sound yummy (like a bacon and egg martini) and all run at $9.


Allston Yacht Club.

1320 Echo Park Ave.

(213) 481.0454.


The Most Extreme Hump Day Happy Hour Ever!

Starting today and every Wednesday for the rest of the summer is probably the biggest happy hour collaboration ever.  Even better than the collabo between Boyz II Men and Mariah on One Sweet Day (my favorite song for about a 3 year span of my life).

A slew of restauarants on Sunset are joining forces and all extending their happy hours every Wednesday until 8pm, not to mention they will all also have a special “Sunset Strip” cocktail for $4.  I don’t know what’s in it but $4 is good enough reason for me to try it.

Pretty much every restauarant on Sunset (west of Crescent Heights) is participating including the following: BLT, Borracho, Cabo Cantina, The Den (yay!), Trocadero, The Standard, Saddle Ranch and Red Rock. You can do a happy hour crawl starting at 5 and hit up a few if you are really looking to get drunk and fat or check out a different happy hour every Wednesday; since they go til 8 you won’t be racing against traffic to get there by 7 anyhow.

AND in addition to the extended happy hours on Wednesday, certain retail shops along Sunset Strip – like Live! – will let you shop free of sales tax, which has gotten so high in CA it’s crazy.

One more part of this crazy massive happy hour – the Comedy Store on Wednesdays will have $3 PBR for the hipster in all of us, and when you print out the Sunset Strip happy hour coupon you will get free admission to their Wednesday night line-up.

Now if this doesn’t give you a reason to drink on a Wednesday, then you are a lost cause and probably aren’t one of our friends.

For more info check out: www.thesunsetstrip.com

Hump Day Happy Hour @ Oak Fire

2011: CLOSED. Sad. Very Sad.

How is it only Wednesday?! This week seems to be going by way too slowly but at least I can drown my sorrows in a cheap pitcher of beer tonight and hope that when I wake up it will be Friday.   So if you’re feeling the same way, meet me tonight at Stone Oak Fire tonight on La Cienega.

This Wednesday night deal has been running for a little while now but we are just getting around to writing it up.  We have written up Oak Fire a few times before on this blog, mostly because it is one of our favorite hangouts – they have yummy pizza and good beer (all I need is hef and I’m happy) plus TVs to satisfy the boys during baseball/football/basketball seasons.

Monday through Friday, Oak Fire runs their regular happy hour from 4-7p and has 1/2 off cocktails, $4 beer, $5 wine, $5 apps and $10 pizza.  And on Wednesday nights they have an additional special that is guaranteed to get you drunk and fat for minimal cash.  Every Wednesday, all night, Oak Fire has 3 sliders for $9 plus if you buy one pitcher of beer you get your second pitcher for a PENNY.  If you cost average the pitchers, that is one great deal.  As for the sliders, they aren’t your run of the mill burgers, you have your choice of beeef or turkey and can be made with carmelized onions, brie, sundried tomatoes, prosciutto and more.

Oak Fire Pizza: 829 N La Cienega. (310) 659.8848. www.oakfirepizza.com