Sundays at the Spanish Kitchen

2013: Duhduhduh, and another one bites the dust. Spanish Kitchen no existo no more’o.

I’m one of those people who can never truly enjoy the last day of vacation. A day or two before leaving a trip I start getting mopey about its eminent end, making it impossible for me to even enjoy the last few hours of relaxation and freedom from work. Sundays are the same – I wake up stressing about the arrival of Monday morning, sad I won’t be able to sleep in, bummed its my last day of socially acceptable day drinking before 5 days of being semi-responsible.

For this very reason Sunday distractions are incredibly important: Big fun plans that keep me buzzed, busy, and distracted. Bottomless Mimosas are always a start but it is vitally important to keep the party going into happy hour and dinner time – so I don’t turn into <womp womp> Debbie Downer.

I can think of few better ways to stay happily intoxicated, fat, and distracted than discounted margaritas, cheap tequila shots, and 50% off food at the Spanish Kitchen on a Sunday evening:



This certainly wont make Mondays more bearable (add headache to a general case of the Mundays = yuk) but with chips, salsa, a giant plate of tacos, and a couple Tecates: I might actually start surviving Sundays without bumming out myself + all my friends.


Half Off at SBE’s CLEO

Love this deal from SBE…


V hit up Cleo the other week with some friends and found it to be quite lovely (she  recommends the shrimp kebabs and the flat bread.) And although I have yet to enjoy the wonders of Cleo’s Mediterranean cuisine, I’m already a fan of the SBE owned hotel it sits in (The Redbury) due to its eclectic and fun style (much more ‘habitable’ in my opinion than its cold & stark Starck created sibling the SLS.) So I must imagine the decor at Cleo is equally appealing.

Luckily for you, we have a couple ‘special contacts’ within the SBE regime so we were able to score the details on this deal for you (Thanks NF!) so just click on the photo and print it out for your next Sunday – Wednesday dinner visit.

With all the money you save you can definitely spring on a bottle, or two, of wine. (Hurry up – it expires Oct 13th!!)


I’ll Have One of Everything!

2014: We are so sad this place closed. RIP Tasca.
Tapas are one of the best food concepts in the world.
Tons of little plates of food, enabling one to sample a breadth of options from the chef – genius.
The Spaniards sure are smart (dude, they get to take siestas every day!)
When we feel like enjoying this smorgasbord of eats we like to hit up Tasca on 3rd street. Yes, this place isn’t cheap, however there’s a pricing loophole that we like to take advantage of and it’s called Happy Hour (duh.)
Tapas at Tasca are usually around $6 – $16 per plate (with full sized entrees available for around $25/ea), but during Happy Hour there is a special menu of dishes and drinks from $3.00 – $6.00/ea (including $4 Sangria, $5 wines, and $4 beers – Yum!) Continue reading

Post Super Bowl Munchies..

After consuming mass amounts of bar food and beer, if you are still hungry and feel like heading out for a meal, head to Ketchup on Sunday night for 50% off all food! You must mention the deal to get it, which seems a little odd, but just make sure to tell your server that you are in on the special before you get your bill.

And if you pass out early and can’t make it this weekend, not to worry, this is an on-going weekly special.


Ketchup. 8590 Sunset Blvd.

Deals Found at the Foundry!

I’ll admit – we’ve never been to the Foundry. We’ve heard great things about the food there but its always been slightly out of our budgets.  However, after a quick look at their website today I believe we will be making our first visit there this Sunday.

What: Suds and Song Sundays @ The Foundry on Melrose
When: Sundays, 8:30pm – 11pm (in the Lounge)
The Low Down: $2 Featured Beers + Live Music


The Foundry also has a few other great deals early in the week (And an extra special DineLA menu):

Mondays: Lunes Latinos
Latin inspired cocktails, Greenspan’s Gorditas (3 kinds / $3 each), and Latin Jazz
8:30pm – 11:30pm every Monday (in the Lounge)

Tuesdays: Bluesy Tuesdays
Listen to the Blues while eating up Chef Greenspan’s take on Southern food – fried chicken (priced by the piece) and waffles ($4), sides of creamed corn, grits, and greens($5), Green Tomatoes ($5), Corn bread pudding ($7).
8:00pm -10:00pm every Tuesday (in the Lounge)

While other restaurants are offering three courses for a set price for DineLA Week, The Foundry is upping the ante to offer four (4!!) courses for the same $44/per person price. The menu includes items like White Gazpacho, Beef Tenderloin, Duck Breast, and a Blood Orange Bar for Dessert (I want I want I want!)

As you know from our detailed love for the Windows Lounge at the Four Seasons – we love any place with live classy music*. A place with live swanky music and drink specials = True Love.

*Note: a DJ is not ‘live music’ by any stretch of the imagination… and though we really love 80’s cover bands (one of us has even dreamed of having Fast Times play at our wedding…) these just don’t fit in this classy equation for love.

Hope to see you at the Foundry this Sunday!!