Bottomess Mimosa Guide: The Anchor

As always, as we move closer towards warmer weather + the summer, we tend to skew our brunching spots towards the beach. A day of breakfast boozin + sunshine is really the perfect way to spend one’s weekend.

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Boozy Brunch Spot: The Anchor, Venice

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11am – 3:00pm

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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Cafe del Rey

Shout-out to our reader Victoria for the heads up on this one! With multiple courses of food, mucho bottomless boozy cocktail options and a gorgeous view of the water – this place sounds schmancy!



Brunching Spot: Cafe del Rey, Marina del Rey

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat 11:30am – 2:30pm, Sun 10:30am – 2:30pm

Bottomless Mimosa Deal: $38 three-course prix-fixe menu that includes endless champagne, mimosas, sparkling cider (boozy??!), and bloody mary’s.

Menu Highlights:  Our dream combo on this menu would start us with the beet+burrata salad, move on to the short-rib hash, and finish off with some blueberry cheese cake. The menu is a good balance of breakfast and lunch, light to heavy. Other delectable options include brioche french toast, a mozzarella+pesto chicken sandwich, rib eye steak & eggs with hash (which must be the best bang for your buck option on the menu), and an egg and bacon sandwich.


Bottomless Mimosa Guide: The Must

We’d like to thank Urban Daddy for bringing this one to our attention this week. We love spots that do bottomless brunch, with a twist. In this case the twist = sorbet. Cue salivating.

main-image-smBrunching Spot: The Must, downtown

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 10 am – 3pm

Bottomless Mimosa Deal: $17 Bottomless Sorbet Sparklers (Fruit Sorbet + Bubbly… YUM.) & $17 Bottomless Shook-Up Shandys (Hefe + Lemon & Ginger Juice +  Lemon Lime Soda.)

Menu Highlights: Some slightly McD’s sounding (which is a plus in our books) egg sammich called the Mc Mustwich served with Mexi Fries (for those not from Seattle, this means tater-tots.) And the Biscuit Benedict, which takes an already intensely rich delicious dish to the next level by serving your meat (pork, turkey or veggie patty) and puts it on a soft and buttery biscuit. Or the Chicken and Hoecakes – we just love the name.


The Must / 117 Winston St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 / (213) 628-2000  /



4 Wines + 2 Beers + 5 Plates: $42

UPDATE #2 (2/2011): Den changed the deal again for 2011. Now offering happy hour cocktails (no food deals), 5-7pm Daily.

UPDATE: The Den has changed its hours for the fall. M-F 5pm – 2am, Sat/Sun 12pm – 2am. Because of this happy hour is now only offered 5-7pm Daily and includes 1/2 off beer/wine/wells + $5 Plates.


I’m not sure this post needs that much filler. I could tell you about the events leading up to, and following, our experience at The Den of Hollywood‘s happy hour, and how much we loved it,  but really, the photos should speak for themselves:


The Den Happy Hour

Wine, Drafts, & Well Drinks: 1/2 Off, 12pm – 7pm DAILY

Small Plates: 1/2 Off, 3pm – 7pm DAILY


When we saw this menu sitting at the bar, we assumed that the prices listed were the Happy Hour pricing. We figured this pricing was pretty standard for HH and proceeded to order the sliders (obviously), the dates, the hot wings (2 plates) and the pork belly sliders. We also ordered a couple glasses of wine and our male companion ordered a couple Blue Moons. We didn’t see a drink menu prior to this so we weren’t sure what we were in for as far as drink prices were but figured they couldn’t be more than $5/glass of wine.

Needless to Say We Enjoyed Our Food

Sliders were great. Dates were wrapped with bacon and stuffed with cheese, good but a little to rich for us. The tacos were tasty but messy. The wings were pretty awesome and went fast.

Holy Crap this is CHEAP

Turns out – happy hour prices are 1/2 off the listed small plate prices on the menu (duh). We were in utter shock when the bill came – just $3.50 for a glass of wine? Just $3 for a Blue Moon? Just $3.50 for sliders? This is AMAZING.

Three of us were sated and buzzed for just $50 (Including Tip)?!

This is just ridiculously awesome. Despite the shitty parking situation we will certainly be back to try the rest of the menu. Plus, as previously reported, The Den has a BOTTOMLESS MIMOSA BRUNCH (our fav!) on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am – 3pm.

On Tuesdays (8pm – Close) The Den holds Twisted Tuesdays with $5 Twisted Margs $5 Twisted Martinis & $5 Twisted Shots.


So many reasons & ways to get drunk+fat without breaking the bank. Love it.


The Den of Hollywood

8226 W. Sunset Blvd


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The Parlor on Melrose Deals

Dec 2010: The Parlor Hollywood now has drink specials for its happy hour – including $3 drafts!!

In tracking our block statistics it seems A LOT of you are interested in the new Parlor location on Melrose (does it scare you that we KNOW you are googling and oogling us?!)

Anyway, as we reported the other month, The Parlor Hollywood on Melrose is open. It’s all revamped and looks pretty swanky, with a big patio, in the former El Guapo spot. Unfortunately, there is no beer pong (like at Guapo) that we know of, but we did hear rumors of a flip cup competition going on there the other weekend.


Photo from The Happy Hour Tour

We just spoke withe owner today about deals and unfortunately, because of liquor laws, The Parlor on Melrose cannot have a formal drink special happy hour. BUT they do have some great food deals:

Mon – Fri, 5pm – 7pm: $1.50 Sliders & 1/2 off All Apps!

Plus – good ol’ PBR is just $3 all the time.

The Happy Hour Tour did a review on their sliders and weren’t so keen on these mini burgs, but the new 1/2 off apps deal is pretty enticing.

So stop by for some good food (a hell of a lot better than the Guapo food – barf!), some cheap hipster beer, and a great chair in the sunshine. If their liquor license rules change and they start a boozy happy hour – we’ll be the first to let you know!

90210 Happy Hour

Unfortunately, this happy hour doesn’t include Donna, Kelly, Brandon, Dylan or any of the West Beverly crew.

But the one thing in Beverly Hills that might be better than 1990s high school drama: Bar Bouchon’s Happy Hour.


Bar Bouchon Happy Hour

When: Mon-Fri, 4pm – 7pm

Booze: $4 beers, $5 wine, $7 cocktails

Foods: $4 olives, $2 oysters, $4.50 truffle pop corn, $7 sliders (2), $4 Canapes (3), $6 Deviled Eggs, $4.50 grilled cheese

V and I each went to this happy hour, on separate occasions, and came back raving about how great & reasonable the food & drinks were.  The bar area is large – with many tables outside on the patio as well as 8-10 seats at the bar itself. While I sat at the bar and enjoyed immediate service from the charming bartender, V sat outside and said service tended to be a little slower. So if you’re anxious for your post-work booze: opt for the bar.


For our cocktails: we both stuck with wine, which was great & cheap & is served out of a half liter bottle that somehow, because of the elegant and simple labeling, still seemed ever so classy despite its gargantuan Livingston-esque size. When you get your drinks they are accompanied by a bowl of potato chips & a dipping sauce. I scarfed these down pretty quickly – such a nice change from the normal bar snacks and the sauce was completely addictive.

However, it’s the menu items that makes this happy hour great. For those not in the know: Bouchon is owned by the uber famous chef Thomas Keller (of French Laundry & Per Se fame – two of the most highly acclaimed, Michelin Star rated, restaurants in the country). So when you order food at Bar Bouchon you’re not just getting ‘bar snacks’ – you’re getting delicious high quality food for an unfathomably cheap price.

The sliders? Awesome. Served on small toasted brioche buns with a thousand island dipping sauce – they are almost like miniature In-N-Out burgers (but maybe even more flavorful). The capanes, like a bruchetta, were tasty and light. My dining companion was quick to gulp up the oysters (not my cup of tea but she was definitely pleased with getting 8 delicious oysters for only $16). When V went she also got the grilled cheese (tiny but every bite is delicious and flavorful) and the deviled eggs (great!)

End story: great great great happy hour food for an incredibly cheap price. Great drink deals. Great location with a pretty patio. AND parking isn’t too difficult (park in the lot on Dayton just east of Canon, cost me $1 for a couple hours.)


Bar Bouchon

235 N Canon Dr

Beverly Hills, California 90210

(310) 271-9910

Bar Bouchon on Urbanspoon

Cecconis: Decadence and Deals

Update 2014:  Happy Hour at Cecconi’s is now Tue – Sat, 4-7pm & features a great menu of $4-$7 bites + $4-$7 drinks.

This is a story of a delicious meal & some great deals at a West Hollywood hot spot.

First, the delicious meal: went to Cecconi’s last week, it was super duper good, and I spent a pretty penny.

Now I want to brag and show some photos of my delicious food:

I tried Braised Octopus. And I loved It.


Tuna Tartare Made Tableside – So Cool!

Tuna Tartare with peppers, mint, chives, arugula, and capers


Now that you feel like shit because you don’t think you can afford a similar delicious meal, let me shock and amaze you with this info:


Every Sunday Cecconi’s holds a Sunday Supper deal (4 – 7:30pm): Dinner for 4, just $50.

Wanna add a bottle of vino to that? Just $25.

Dinner includes pizza, pasta & salad, all served family style. If these big ‘ol bowls of pasta are anything like the gnocchi I had the other night (ate it too quickly to photograph it), then it’s going to be DELICIOUS. Got a bigger posse than four? Each additional homey is just $12.50 (how many other late 80s terms for ‘group’ can I come up with…?)


Even more awesome: Cecconi’s has a happy hour, DAILY 5pm – 7pm* (see update above on new hours and deals) 

The booze isn’t discounted but they lure you in with free appertivos at the bar – yummy fancy Italian bites of goodness like small Italian sammiches, olives, & cheese. The bar at Cecconi’s is a pretty happening spot,  so while you enjoy your pricey cocktails+free food, there is a strong possibility you might makes some new friends, see a celeb, or find the sugar daddy/cougar of your dreams. Show up before 6pm and Valet is FREE.


And for the record – the regular menu isn’t THAT expensive. For a swank LA hot spot – it could be considered somewhat affordable if you order the right menu options. So, while the truffle pizza breaks the bank at $40 (we hear it’s worth it) – the awesome proscuitto pizza I enjoyed was just $22 and it was HUGE (… still pissed I left my doggie-box at the resto…). The eggplant parm  was a also generous size, not too heavy, and just $21.

Swanky people watching spot…with wine of course


Overall we were really impressed with the food. Prior to going to Cecconi’s I had wrongly assumed that this spot was just a scene,  to see & be seen (and potentially catch a glimpse of some handsome fellow like Matthew Morrison from Glee). But the food and wait staff pleasantly surprised me with how wonderful & tasty everything was. Definitely worth a trip for Sunday Supper, Happy Hour, or a decadent date night on the patio.

Cecconi's on Urbanspoon

$15 Dinner WITH Booze

We’re big fans of Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica. They’ve got some really tasty food and a great vibe going on there, but we’re cheap bitches so usually this spot it out of our price range. Not that its EXPENSIVE, but we’re so spoiled by $1 happy hours & $7.95 bottomless tacos that the concept of spending $20-$30 on a dish (plus $12 for a glass of vino) is just shocking and appalling to us (even if the quality is 10x better). I reiterate: we’re cheap.

(By the way: whats with the stigma over the word ‘cheap’? I don’t think it’s such a bad thing – I like to define it as ‘being intelligently economical’… right? We’re all for fancy delicious meals & the priceless value of wonderful food – but on a daily basis I prefer to be cheap & sated, rather than poor.)

Even the Wilshire happy hour menu is out of our budgets: $8 – $12 bar snacks?! $9 happy hour specialty cocktails?! $5 beers & $7 wells?! How on earth do we get drunk on $9 happy hour cocktails without going broke first?! That food & those cocktails better be DAMNED good….


But luckily Wilshire’s new nightly ‘White Plate Specials’ work nicely into our miserly, post-college, budgets. For just $15 you get the night’s entree selection (see schedule below) + a glass of beer, wine, or the night’s specialty cocktail.

YES THE FOOD COMES WITH BOOZE, and yes, it’s all  just $15!



(Sereved at Bar & On Patio Only, No Reservations Required – First Come First Serve)

Mondays: Steak Frites

Tuesdays: Fried Chicken w/ Summer Corn Salad

Wednesdays: Meatloaf (yum!) w/ Fried Egg & Mashed Red Potatoes

Thursdays: Moules Frites

Fridays: Fish & Chips

Saturday: Spaghetti & Meatballs w/ Cheesy Garlic Bread


We’d like to say this would be a great date night idea – but you’d have to assume your date is as fond as deals as you are. If not, you save will on your own $15 special, while they drive you into bankruptcy pigging out on a $48 rib eye + $15 cocktails…

So maybe just go with your long term lova or bestie and enjoy some delicious food on the cheap.