Yes, I Am Ready for Some Football.

UPDATED FOR 2014/2015 Football Season!

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For those interested in the inane details of my life:

My perfect fall Sunday would involve waking up at 9:45am to update my fantasy team, the SheHawks. I then move from bed, to the kitchen to open a breakfast beer, dial up Tomato Pie, and plant my tukus on the couch. My laptop, iPad, and cell are all open to my fantasy apps + scores + research. I do not move for the next 10+ hours.

However, on really special occasions (i.e. a Hawks game that isn’t airing on local stations) and for Thursday, Saturday & Monday night football, I will leave the routine to take advantage of  multiple screens, $2 beers, the company of friends, and greasy delicious bar food.

So, whether you’re like me and want to stay in Sundays, or head out all football weekend long, there are a great number of bars with drink & food deals (plus giant flat screen TVs + the NFL package). Even better, most of these are not your typical ‘Sports Bars’ so they are less likely to be completely packed with rowdy stupid Raider fans (go Seahawks!)



Big Wangs (Downtown, Hollywood, N. Hollywood, Valencia): $4 Heineken Pints + $6 Jack&Colas During ALL Football Games (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Brennan’s (Marina Del Rey): Drink Specials for Bronco’s Games Only. Deals Vary by Week & Are Posted Online. Example: $3.50 Bud Lights or $5 Blue Moons.

McCabe’s (Santa Monica): $1-OFF All Drinks during NFL and NCAA Football Games + Raffles for Great Prizes.

The Oinkster (Hollywood): House Beer Buckets (5) $18; Food Specials: Game Day Fries: Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese, Pulled Pork & Onions Cheeseburger & Fries. Available anytime an NFL game is on.



Blue Palms Brewhouse (Hollywood): .35cent Wing Night (5-11pm)

Nikki’s (Venice): Half-Off Apps (Available on Monday’s too!)

The Original Pizza Cookery (Woodland Hills): $3 Domestic Bottles, $3.25 Drafts, $3.50 Imported Bottles + Discounted Apps (Available Thurs & Monday – During Game-Time Only)



American Junkie (Hermosa): $3 Beers, Wells & Wines + $5 Specialty Drinks + 25% Apps During College Games

GYM Sports Bar (West Hollywood): $3 Beers, $11 Pitchers, $8 Captain Black+Stormies (12pm – 9pm, Available Sunday’s too!)

Happy Endings (Hollywood): $6 Wells, $1-Off All Pints, $14 Bud-Light Pitchers, 2-for-1 Breakfast Cocktails (Avail Sat & Sun During All Games)



Barella Bar (Silver Lake): 2-for-1 Cocktails, Beers, and Wines

Casey’s Irish Pub (Downtown): All Day Happy Hour! (on Monday’s too!)

Park Bar & Grill (Burbank): $2 Jello Shots, $10 Pitchers of Beer (Note: GreenBay Packers Bar)

Tam O’Shanter (Atwater Village): Bottomless Draft Beers + $5 Bites During the Games (and $12 Burger+Beer Combos on Mondays!)



American Junkie (Hermosa): $2 Bud-Lights, $5 Personal Pizzas.

Baleen (Marina del Rey): All Night Happy Hour on Mondays

Patrick Molloy’s (Hermosa): .25cent Wings, $3 Domestics, $4 Imports, $10 Select Pitchers, 1/2 Off All Other Drinks

R.E.D. Bar & Grill (Long Beach): $4 Draft Beers + Apps Until End of MNF Game

Short Order (Fairfax / Mid City): 64oz Craft-Beer Growlers, Wings & Chili Cheese Fries Served During Every MNF Game.

Smoke City Market (Sherman Oaks): $3 Drafts During MNF Games

The Yard House (Downtown): Happy hour pricing from kick off to the end of the game.



Mercato di Vetro $15 Mondays


In case you didn’t catch this one on Eater or Facebook or Twitter already…


An entree + booze for a totally reasonable price at a popular WeHo restaurant I’ve been dying to try? This deal goes up there in the finest of finerthings along with the Mozza lunch special.

If you’re okay with sharing your food, we vote you go splitzies on a pasta and pizza for some more variety to your uber affordable dining experience. And if you’re us, you’ll be following those Peronis with a couple giant smooth glasses of red wine (not included in the dinner deal, but oh so worth it when paired with carb loaded italian food.)


Obviously you’ll have to postpone your weekend-gluttony-and-shame-induced-diet until tomorrow.

Mercato Di Vetro / 9077 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood / 310.859.8369 /

PrixFixe Mondays at Roys


I haven’t been to Roy’s since back in my USC days when I lived at the Medici downtown (back when the Medici was still reasonably priced and not filled with grungy hipster FIDM kids who smoke in the pools.) I wasn’t as much of a food addict then, and typically put most of my calories towards frat-provided Popov screw drivers & Bud Light. But I do recall thinking Roy’s was pretty delicious, albeit rather expensive (especially for someone living off student loans and scholarships.)

Due to my traffic-phobia and lack of desire to leave the Mid-City/West Hollywood area after work, I haven’t had much inclination to head back downtown to Roy’s since. But just reading about their Monday prix fixe deal and dreaming up the typically expensive combos I could create is making me hungry and slightly more inclined to head East for dinner tonight:

Roy’s Monday Prix Fix

3 Courses: $35.95

Available Until April 18th


Typically, prix fixe menus include one, maybe 2, maybe even 3 options for each course. But Roy’s is letting you select ANY appetizer, ANY entree, and ANY dessert from the menu to create your prix fixe dinner perfection. Okay, tiny writing excludes Yamaguchi Sushi and Sashimi, and Mixed Plates from the offer, but still this leaves you quite a few options!

If you want to get the most from your money on this prix fixe dinner we recommend you go for the big buck items: starting with a Tazmanian ocean trout tartar appetizer ($13.95), and moving on to the steamed Thai snapper as your entree ($31.95). There you’ve already beaten the system and spent more than $36 and haven’t even gotten dessert yet!



For those who just don’t want to spend $36 on dinner, regardless of regular dinner prices and quality of food, Roy’s also offers a happy hour every Sunday – Friday. Happy hour is offered at the bar from 4:30-6:30pm, and then again from 9pm – Close and features a menu of $5 food and drink items. The menu sounds far better than your typical HH menu of fried foods, featuring item like Wagyu beef sliders, lobster pot stickers, and California rolls all for just $5. Booze includes a selection of wines, beers and Hawaiian specialty cocktails all for $5 as well (plus a $3 Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale.)

Outside the downtown area, there are quite a few other Roy’s locations, each of which also offer the Prix Fixe Monday and the Aloha Hour deals (Pasadena, Newport Beach, Woodland Hills…) However we recommend you check each restaurant’s webpage to confirm hours and pricing, as not all locations offer the later happy hour like the downtown one does.


Roy’s Downtown

800 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles


Margarita Mondays @ Cha Cha Lounge

I’ve gotta hand it to the hipsters, we’ve been stumbling onto a lot of great deals lately in their parts of town, opening us up to a whole new world of cheap boozing.   Next hipster spot on our list to visit: Cha Cha Lounge.

Being stuck at home pretty much all of yesterday due to the torrential downpour robbed us of our Sunday Funday so we are in the mood for a drink tonight and the Cha Cha Lounge is giving us the perfect option to booze: Margarita Mondays.

Every Monday at Cha Cha Lounge, margs are just $3 a piece! ALL night long! If you’re heading there post work, you can also catch their happy hour, which runs from 5-9pm, where you can get $2 PBRs and $2.50 well drinks.   I think this is one of the cheapest happy hours around and it’s definitely calling our names.


Cha Cha Lounge. 2375 Glendale Blvd. (323) 660.7595.

Happy Hour: Copa D’ Oro

2014 Update: Pricing increased a bit. Updated below.

We’ve been meaning to write this one up for months now. Not only do they serve inexpensive fancy-pants cocktails, but the decor and dim lighting are pretty sexay.

Photo from

Copa D’ Oro Happy Hour

Tues-Saturday, 5:30pm – 8pm (+ All Night Mondays!)

$5-$6 Specialty Cocktails, $4 Beer, $5 Wine, $8 Paninis, $7 Dips to Share


Rarely do we order cocktails for happy hour (we ARE winos, remember?) but Copa is known for its boozy creations so when we visited we changed things up and let the bartender make our drink selections for us. I really can’t recall the intricate details of what we drank (this was months ago, and after a couple drinks at Copa we moved on to two other bars… so things are a bit hazy.) But I do recall not being in love with the champagne cocktail, but much preferring the bourbon based Gold Rush. But for $5 a cocktail, so long as there is booze in it I don’t really care. Add to the cheap cocktails the fact that the hours of happiness start when most spots END happy hour, and the lure of Copa’s HH becomes pretty enticing.

Re: food. V was a fan of the nutella sandwich, but the tuna melt I had was pretty mediocre. Neither was terribly filling. But, really, this isn’t a restaurant, its a cool, swank, bar with delicious boozy creations. I’d say this spot is better for pre-dinner drinks, or post Monday dinner-date make-out sessions in one of the barely-lit lounge areas.

And with an all night happy hour on Mondays, the first day of the week might just become your favorite boozy night out.


Copa D’Oro

217 Broadway, Santa Monica


Copa d'Oro on Urbanspoon

Tuesdays @ Five0Four Hollywood

What’s better than a $5 Beer? Well, probably lots of things. But what’s better than a $5 Beer WITH a shot? For boozers like us, probably not much. Add a smoke into this $5 deal and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a short, but fun, life!

Every Tuesday, from 8pm – 2am Five0Four offers a $5 Beer+Shot+Smoke combo.

Not fans of smoking (like us!)? You can swap out that cancer stick for a condom instead! Just be careful, beer goggles + free condoms could be a regrettable combo.


Love the deal, but want to start your boozing/smoking/banging before 8pm? Show up for Five0Four’s own Happy Hour that lasts til 8pm (i.e. right up until the Tuesday $5 Beer+Shot+Smoke deal starts… i.e. no break in cheap drinks!)

Five0Four Happy Hour: ‘Drinkin with Lincoln’

Mon – Fri, 3pm – 8pm

$5 Drinks (Daiquiris, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, & Wells)

$5 Foods (1/2 Chicken or Po’Boys, Beer Bites, Sweet Potater-tots, Dirty Fries, Hot Wings, & Cajun Fries)

This is probably the only happy hour we’re aware of with Cajun style food, and we’re already eager to try it. Plus, you really can’t beat anything with a Lincoln theme, right?!?!?! (Friends, you may start your K+Lincoln jokes now.)


Alcohol, TVs, & Outdoor Patio. Must Be Heaven.

On top of all this cheap boozy awesomeness, Five0Four has other great weekday events & deals as well:

Mondays: 80s night, dress up and get a free drink!

Wednesdays: SIN Night, Reverse Happy Hour 8pm – 12am

Thursdays: $1 test tube shots all night long, 8pm – 2am

Sundays: Live Jazz Music 6pm – 9pm


Wow, that’s a lot of days with a lot of hours of cheap booze. AND there’s an outdoor patio. Love it.

Happy Hour: Te’kila

Happy hours that end before 7pm suck. They are pointless as they are impossible to get to in time to truly enjoy. And from our experience, the restaurants that end their happy hours at 6pm or 6:30pm rarely have that great of deals anyway (hear that restaurants?! $9 cocktails are NOT a ‘deal’.)

But happy hours with great drink specials, that last past 7pm, are something to be adored; those that last ’til 8pm are down right awe inspiring. Te’kila, the newish mexican joint in Hollywood, has one such awe inspiring happy hour:

Image from Te'Kila Website

Te’Kila Happy Hour

Daily, 4pm – 8pm

Deals: $5 House Margs, $5 Patron Shots, $5 Wells, $5 Bottled Beer, $4 Drafts, $2-$6 Food Specials


The drink specials are pretty good (no wine for us winos, but we’ll survive on margs and shots of Patron.) But the food specials might be even better: $2 Tacos? That’s amazing. Other great food deals include $4 ‘Dirty Dogs’ (which we’re guessing is a wiener slathered with toppings), $5 Nachos and Quesadillas, $4 ‘Big Ass Taquitos’, and $6 Carne Asada fries and Tekila wings. Nothing on this menu sounds the least bit healthy, but we’re all about getting drunk+fat so that’s fine by us so long as it’s delicious! (A drunk+skinny blog would probably have to involve cocaine and we’re not down with that… too many nose bleeds…)


What a novel concept – an inexpensive happy hour menu that might actually sate you, while getting you tanked.

Love it.

**PS: for those that choose to start the work week off in the booziest of fashions: every MONDAY Te’Kila offers $5 Margs made with 100% Blue Agave Tequila, from 8pm-close.) AND every Tuesday is TACO TUESDAY where their already cheap tacos drop to just $1 (w/ drink purchase) and $5 tequila shots are available all night (8pm – close) !!! **


TeKila Hollywood

6541 Hollywood Blvd



Half Off at SBE’s CLEO

Love this deal from SBE…


V hit up Cleo the other week with some friends and found it to be quite lovely (she  recommends the shrimp kebabs and the flat bread.) And although I have yet to enjoy the wonders of Cleo’s Mediterranean cuisine, I’m already a fan of the SBE owned hotel it sits in (The Redbury) due to its eclectic and fun style (much more ‘habitable’ in my opinion than its cold & stark Starck created sibling the SLS.) So I must imagine the decor at Cleo is equally appealing.

Luckily for you, we have a couple ‘special contacts’ within the SBE regime so we were able to score the details on this deal for you (Thanks NF!) so just click on the photo and print it out for your next Sunday – Wednesday dinner visit.

With all the money you save you can definitely spring on a bottle, or two, of wine. (Hurry up – it expires Oct 13th!!)


Delphine Happy Hour

It wasn’t until V and I started this blog that I actually started enjoying seafood. I’ve always been one to give anything a shot, but seafood just never did it for me. Prawns, those were pretty good. But the smell and taste of Pike Place Market that comes along with much seafood made me nauseous.

Then I started eating seafood that was actually prepared well (what a concept!) and WOAH – this shit is pretty good!

Thankfully this revelation came in time for me to enjoy happy hour at Delphine – a happy hour filled with luxurious and discounted sea critters as well as some pretty good land dwelling foods & tasty drinks:



While I’m enjoying a few glasses of $5 wine & some yummy $1 mussels – we all know V will be chowing down on the burger.

And add to all this wonderful cheap boozing and eating (in a pretty swank locale I might add): an all night raw bar happy hour on Monday’s (TONIGHT!) with more delicious $5 wine? I mean, even if I don’t end up enjoying their preparation of the shell fish I can always resort to a liquid dinner and possibly a handful of prawns, right?


Need more proof of how amazing this happy hour is? Check out the Vixen’s review – the photos already have me hungry and fiending for a cocktail.


Delphine Eatery & Bar

6250 Hollywood Blvd / Los Angeles, CA 90028


All-Night Happy Hour + Top Chef = Heaven?

2013 Update: CLOSED

If you have learned anything about us by now you know that we love happy hours and we love Top Chef.  Living in LA we are fortunate to be able to eat at many Top Chef (and TC Masters) contestants restaurants – Stefan’s at LA Farm, Border Grill/Ciudad, Street, Red-O (Rick Bayless, we heart you), the list goes on and on.. Anything Top Chef is definitely a finer thing to us, and even better is when we can score Top Chef eats on the cheap. Enter: The Yard in Santa Monica.

The Yard is CJ from Season 3’s gastropub (gastropubs – yet another thing we love), and although he didn’t win the season he is a great chef not to mention he’s pretty cute (in case you were wondering…which you probably weren’t).

The best part about The Yard – happy hour of course! Happy hour is daily from 5-7p but tonight (Monday), happy hour runs alllllll night long.  HH at The Yard features $5-$6 bites (calamari, mini burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, fish tacos), $5 wine and cocktails, and $3 beer. Which right about now is sounding like a great cure to my case of the Mondays (is it just me or are the Mondays just that much worse in the summer?).

If that isn’t enough to convince you to try The Yard, they have a lot of other great deals and events, which pretty much give you a reason to visit every night of the week:

*Wine and Beer tastings with food pairings every Wednesday at 7p

*Grilled Cheese nights every Thursday with specials on gourmet grilled cheeses

*Late night menu with food and drink specials every Friday and Saturday from 11p-1a

*Brunch (not bottomless….boo, but they do have pitchers of sangria and bloody mary bar) every Saturday and Sunday from 11a-3p

The Yard. 119 Broadway.