Barbrix Doubles Up Happy Hour

Deep in the heart of hipsterville, high in the Silver Lake Hills, lies a magical place called Barbrix: A home to not just one happy hour, but two. A double happy hour so delightful that it serves prosecco cocktails and tasty burgers at incredibly do-able times, for incredibly convenient prices.

Barbrix Happy Hour

Sun – Thursday, 6-7:30pm & 10pm – Close

Deals: $8 Specialty Prosecco Cocktails, 1/2 Off Wines by the Glass + $6 Sliders

Prosecco & Sunshine at Barbrix Happy Hour. (Photo Via Barbrix TweetDeck)


Each day there seems to be a different specialty prosecco cocktail (last night’s was made with lime, cucumber, ginger, and prosecco and sounded like the perfect boozy refresher after a long day’s work.) And for those not willing to fork over $8 for some gussied up bubbly: the wines by the glass are a total steal on happy hour ranging between $3.50-$6 a glass (including a $4 glass of plain ‘ol prosecco.) And you know we’ll be trying this place soon, as V cannot resist anywhere with sliders on the happy hour menu. And by the way, these sliders look large, in charge, and seriously delicious.


We’re thinking this magical place, with the adorable patio facing Hyperion, would be the perfect spot for a post-date night-cap. Don’t you agree? Even if you’re not a hipster*, you gotta love it.


Barbrix / 2442 Hyperion Ave, Silverlake / 323.662.2442 /



*By the way, our occasional correspondent Hipster J, who stay’s abreast of all the latest hipster trends, has recently informed us that the newest hipster fashion statement is corduroy shorts. So we recommend that if any of you are still rocking your Osh-kosh-b’goshs, you throw them out quickly lest you be mistaken for being a hipster yourself. Unless you like that sort of thing and adore being ‘hip’, then by all means go ahead and rock the ribbed short pants.



$2 Menu Tonight at Manis on Maple

As you can see above, this deal actually went down last Thursday as well, and I hit it up to figure out if it was worth reporting on or not. Long story short: it’s iffy.


The cocktails were delicious, the food was good, and it all was $2. Three of us ordered 6 drinks, and 3 plates of sliders (3 sliders per plate) and it was less than $20 TOTAL before tip. BUT the place was SO packed*, and the bar service wasn’t well coordinated, so it took nearly 30 minutes to get our first order of drinks in – and another 20 minutes for the food to arrive.

(*Luckily it was packed with handsome & chatty guys, which made the waiting period slightly more tolerable)

Mani’s also started running out of drink ingredients by 6:30, so two of the featured drinks (including the Moscow Mule, which I wanted) were no longer available. But, the ‘Bees Knees’ cocktail I had with gin, lemon, and honey was really delicious, and ultimately it was an insanely good deal.


Lamb Sliders

The sliders were good too – though none of us were fans of the sliders being served on crostini, with the meat patty sitting oddly in the center (one of our group smartly broke the crostini in two, recentered the meat, and made a real sandwich out of it – much easier to eat this way.) But again – can’t gripe too much when its only $2 for 3 sliders.

(After reading ThirstyinLA’s review of this happy hour I wonder if they had just run out of slider buns and sub’d in the crostini – as his photo shows a normal, prettier looking slider)

If you don’t have time to hit up tonight’s event (or feel fearful of facing the crowds just to get a cheap drink) you can always enjoy Mani’s new happy hour on weeknights, for a slightly more expensive (but still discounted) price:


Mani’s “Happiest Hour

Monday – Friday: 3pm-7pm & 9pm-11pm

$6 Specialty Cocktails (including the Bees Knees, Moscow Mule, & 6 other cocktails)

$6 House Wine

$6 Plates Bruschetta, Olive Oil Poached Tuna Salad, Salmon Salad, Beef Tenderloin Arugula Salad, Mango Ceviche, Skewers, & Sliders (Choose Three: Lamb, BBQ Short Rib, Turkey, or Beef)


Since Mani’s is in an office complex, in a residential neighborhood, I’d bet that the late night happy hour is pretty empty – and the perfect time to go.


Mani’s on Maple

345 N. Maple Drive / Beverly Hills

(310) 247-0009

Mani's on Maple on Urbanspoon

The Most Extreme Hump Day Happy Hour Ever!

Starting today and every Wednesday for the rest of the summer is probably the biggest happy hour collaboration ever.  Even better than the collabo between Boyz II Men and Mariah on One Sweet Day (my favorite song for about a 3 year span of my life).

A slew of restauarants on Sunset are joining forces and all extending their happy hours every Wednesday until 8pm, not to mention they will all also have a special “Sunset Strip” cocktail for $4.  I don’t know what’s in it but $4 is good enough reason for me to try it.

Pretty much every restauarant on Sunset (west of Crescent Heights) is participating including the following: BLT, Borracho, Cabo Cantina, The Den (yay!), Trocadero, The Standard, Saddle Ranch and Red Rock. You can do a happy hour crawl starting at 5 and hit up a few if you are really looking to get drunk and fat or check out a different happy hour every Wednesday; since they go til 8 you won’t be racing against traffic to get there by 7 anyhow.

AND in addition to the extended happy hours on Wednesday, certain retail shops along Sunset Strip – like Live! – will let you shop free of sales tax, which has gotten so high in CA it’s crazy.

One more part of this crazy massive happy hour – the Comedy Store on Wednesdays will have $3 PBR for the hipster in all of us, and when you print out the Sunset Strip happy hour coupon you will get free admission to their Wednesday night line-up.

Now if this doesn’t give you a reason to drink on a Wednesday, then you are a lost cause and probably aren’t one of our friends.

For more info check out:

Our New Favorite Thursday Happy Hour


***4/2011: Deal No Longer Available, Though Plans are Apparently in the Works for Some New Deals so Stay Tuned for More Info, and Cross Your Fingers That Whatever They Come Up with is as Good as This One Was!!***


When evaluating a happy hour deal we like to look for the following:

1. Great Deals on Drinks (i.e. ability to get drunk on the cheap)

2. Great Deals on Food (i.e. ability to get fat on the cheap)

3. Great Atmosphere (i.e. willingness to tolerate our loud boisterous drunken friends)


Basically – on Thursday nights the Checkers Downtown has all of these things.

Every Thursday, from 4-8pm Checkers Downtown features FOUR: a special happy hour that features a menu of food and drink items for just $4/ea. (For some reason the below flyer mentions food items at $4-$6 but they were all just $4 at our visit).

We had some time to kill before an event downtown last Thursday so we found it the perfect opportunity to try out FOUR for ourselves. The menu from our visit can be seen here.

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Late Night Happy Hour for Charity- Tonight Only!

We love Happy Hour, we love The Foundry, and we even think charity is pretty cool too.

Come join us tonight to enjoy all three, while listening to live jazz music and munching on Chef Greenspan’s awesome food and tasty cocktails. Tickets for the much anticipated Taste of the Nation event will be on sale at a discount, and if you buy a ticket to the June 6th event Chef Greenspan will buy you a gordita and a mojito on the house!

The standard Monday Happy Hour menu is Latin inspired (coined ‘Lunes Latinos’) and includes $3 Gorditas and a menu of specialty Latin themed cocktails.

Should be a fun, delicious, and boozy event – we’d love to see you there!

Downtown tonight: Art + Alcohol

…and maybe a pig.

If you are looking for something to do tonight head Downtown for Art Walk, which falls on the 2nd Thursday of every month.  And after roaming the streets checking out art and installations, make sure to head to the Gorbals for their Thursday night Reverse Happy Hour.

On Thursday nights (tonight!) from 10:30p-2a, the Gorbals has a reverse happy hour featuring half off all beer and wine.  Which is a pretty good deal considering the beer is usually around $5 and wine around $10/glass.   The restaurant will also have live music, a local LA ‘jazz’ band.

The Gorbals is a unique place to say the least, the food is supposed to be a mix of Scottish and Jewish cuisine, whatever that means…bacon wrapped matzoh, fish and chips, manichewitz-braised pork belly.

Even more interesting tonight, Gorbals’ chef Ilan Hall will be roasting a whole pig on the sidewalk outside the restaurant (pending city approval). Should be a great night Downtown…

The Gorbals.  501 S Spring St.

High End Happy Hour

If you feel like swanking it up this week, check out the happy hour specials at Nobu on La Cienega.  Nobu’s miso cod is probably one of my favorite dishes and to be able to get it at a discount makes it that much better. AND, the Nobu happy hour is offered from 6p-9p 5:30pm – 8pm (updated 2011) so no driving like a maniac in LA traffic just to make it there in time!

Here are the details:

Booze: $4 Sapporo, $6 wine, $7 mixed drinks and $9 Martinis.

Plus a fairly decent sized list of cold and hot plates for anywhere between $7 and $12.

My picks (besides the miso cod of course): rock shrimp tempura, waygu tacos, and yellowfin tuna tataki.  A good place to head with a small group and share an assortment of plates.

The happy hour is only in the bar/lounge area up front but there are a good number of little lounge tables and I have never seen this happy hour super packed so seating shouldn’t be a problem.  It is definitely not the cheapest happy hour around but for great quality food and swanky decor, it is a pretty good deal.

Also a great place to star watch if you are as celeb-obsessed as I am, I think I have seen a celebrity every time I have been to this place.

Nobu. 930 N La Cienega.

VandK’s Sausage-Fest Adventure at Big Wangs

Somehow, and I still don’t know how, we got conned into going to the new BigWangs downtown on Saturday night. While others were enjoying the delicious foods (and long lines) of LAFoodFest, we were enjoying beer and mediocre bar food with our usual crowd. This ‘usual crowd’ tends to consist of V, about 12 dudes, and me… i.e. a sausage fest.

The beers were good (and in some cases gigantic). The chicken-wrap-thing I ordered was a 4/10. The sampler platter was typical bar food so I’ll give it a 7/10. The wings, however, were a big hit with the guys (see a trend here with these guys?) The Rochester sauce, and the fact that the wings were actually boneless (and thus less wings than they were balls of chicken meat), was a crowd pleaser that night.

Note: Keeping our guys happy is important, as it means we have leverage the next time we want to try out a ‘less than manly’ new establishment in the future.

However I wasn’t totally sold on Big Wangs until I ventured into the bathroom. There upon the wall, framed above the sink, was a sign showing the happy hour specials… And they are great:

Oh how easily we are swayed by Happy Hour deals….

Plus, because of the crowd we roll with, I’m pretty sure we will have no choice but to return here in the future. At least now we’ll know what times to go so we can save some moolah!

Big Wangs on Urbanspoon

$4.99 Pitchers – ‘Nuf Said

8/4/10: Update! Hit up this happy hour last night and pitchers have sadly gone up to $7.59 ea., .99cent Bud bottles, and $1.49 Sopporos. Still a good deal & they offer the same great food discounts !

My brother went to Washington State University – a school in the middle of nowhere: Pullman, Washington. Because of its rural locale things are cheap in Pullman. I’ve heard outrageous stories from the bro of $2 beers and $3 pitchers being sold at Denny’s (yes Denny’s!). Unfortunately to take advantage of these amazing prices you must live in Pullman. Not worth the trade off.


Los Angeles is far more expensive – $4 beers are a steal in this city.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret: it is possible (I swear) to drink like a WSU undergrad in Los Angeles.

Where you ask?: Gyu Kaku’s Happy Hour. During these 7.5 joyous hours (exact hrs. vary by location) pitchers are $4.99 each. Single beers are $.99/ea and there’s a menu of tasty food at Happy Hour prices ($1.99 – $4.99 per item for plates of marinated and ready-to-cook meats and veggies.)


When we went last week we were so impressed by the cheapness of the pitchers that we immediately ordered three pitchers for the four of us to share. Hey, it was 6:15pm & HH ended at 6:30pm so we were in a rush to get orders in and three pitchers was still only the price of one drink at XIV. As it turns out the pitchers were bigger than expected and our eyes were bigger than our livers so we ended up canceling one of the pitchers before it came out. Either way, 2 pitchers of beer, 2 large hot sakes, 4 miso soupss, and 12 plates of food later we had had our fill of food and booze and left sated and happy (at around $25/pp total.)
Gyu Kaku has locations all over but the one we hit up on Friday was on Pico, near Westside Pavillion. The hours of happiness vary by location but the one on Pico has happy hour from 12pm – 6:30pm, and then again from 9:30pm – 10:30pm M-Th (10:30pm – 11:30pm on F/Sat). If you’re not familiar with their set-up (and thus grossed out that I mentioned above ordering uncooked meat), Gyu Kaku is a Japanese BBQ spot that brings you the marinated meats and veggies and then you cook your own food at your table over a little grill.  So now ya know.
Check out their website for each location’s hours and pricing.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Dining on Urbanspoon

Ichi Ni Son…

Sake Sake Bomb!

I am a little hesitant posting this, but only because I love this place and seeing as there is already a long wait for tables, I’d rather not be forced to wait any longer by letting all of you in on this spot. 

If you like sushi and more importantly if you love sake, then Hara’s sushi place on the Westside is a must-go. Hara’s has a daily happy hour from 4:30-9:30 (so you are not rushing to get there by 6 or 7 like most happy hour spots), during which the sushi and all sake and beer are half off; and since their booze prices are already cheap to begin with, during happy hour they are practically giving it away. The sushi is good as well, it’s no Katsuya but for the price you can’t beat it.

Just be warned, the place is tiny and the tables are packed right next to each other. So if your group indulges in a little too much sake you might be getting dirty looks from the table seated 2 inches away (which happens to us frequently – but seriously, who comes there to eat a quiet sushi dinner when you can get sake for pennies??)

And another tip, the place is always crowded, and they do not take reservations, so I would recommend getting their early or dropping a friend off to put your name on the board. The waiter that mans the seating board is not easily bribed as we have found from experience. And try not to arrive with too large of a group or you will never be seated.

Hara Sushi.  12222 Wilshire.

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