Wines of South Africa at Rascal Tonight

Yesterday in my haste to put up a post after a boozy weekend in Catalina, I wrote wrote about an event goin down July 25th and labeled it as June 25th. I even instructed our poor readers to jump on the horn asap and get their reservations for an event I believed was goin down last night. Woops! (Note: the post was later edited, and we still encourage you to call ahead and make ressys for that delicious pasta dinner!)

So I’m sure you’re level of trust with me right now is pretty darned low. But I PROMISE this event is ACTUALLY happening TONIGHT. Not July 26th. But JUNE 26th. To prove it (and save myself from further writing, and thus risk of further error), I included the original flyer right here:


$10 is a FANTASTIC deal for bites and tastes! And, if you head there a bit earlier you can start your evening off with one of their ridiculously inexpensive happy hour burgers ($5) and some happy hour boozy beverages.


You still might not trust me on this one – so you are free to call ahead and confirm. Really, you should probably do that anyway since the flyer requests you ‘reserve a spot’.


Rascal / 801 S. La Brea, Los Angeles / 323.933.3229 /


LA Wine Fest 2012

Just the other day I was thinking to myself: where on earth can I go to drink copious amount of wine, in an acceptable social setting, until my teeth turn aubergine and my words turn jumbled?


LA Wine Fest

When: Saturday, June 9th, 2pm – 6pm AND Sunday, June 10th, 12pm – 5pm

Where: Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. / 5300 Melrose Avenue

What: Absurd amounts of booze (over 500 wines, beers, and spirits) + food trucks, live music, and classes to enlighten your mind and liver.
Moolah: $75 a person (or you can scour for giveaways or deals online.)
We LOVE day drinking. We LOVE wine. This is an all around win win for us. Plus its relatively close meaning a cheap cab home.
While we’re sharing stories here (we were, weren’t we?): We once went to an all day booze fest in this area and being the smart, law abiding, citizens that we are – decided to walk home the 4 miles from this event. It was an adventure, for sure. If you live in the area, by all means follow our example and make it a food crawl as you meander down Melrose on your way home. Otherwise, plan for cabs or a DD (they can get in for just $20, which seems like a rip-off for their civic sober duty, so maybe you boozies should pay their way).

Champagne Tasting at Pop

This is one of those “skip to the end of the article and call the number listed STAT so you can actually have a shot at grabbing a seat” type events.

Tonight, from 7-10pm, POP Champagne Bar in Pasadena will be holding a small tasting event featuring Stéphane Coquillete champagnes.

Stephane Coquillette champagnes are grower champagnes – meaning the guy isn’t owned by one of those big wine/bubbly houses and actually is puting his blood, sweat, and tears into these bottles. And these bubblys are GOOD shit, not the crap you can actually afford at the grocery store… I mean, we’re talking, reallllly good champagne. And you’ll get to try five different bottles, along with some light bites, for $30 a pop. 

Champagnes featured:

– Non Vintage “Carte d’Or” 1er Cru Brut (retails around $54) 

– Non Vintage Cuvée Diane Blanc de Blanc Brut (retails around $65)

– 2006 Carte Bleue Brut (retails around $60) 

– Non Vintage “Les Cles” Blanc de Noir Brut (retails around $65)

-Non Vintage Marie Aimer Rosé Brut (retails around $65) 

Note: (BIG NOTE): The event is capping at 15 people, so call NOW and reserve your spot. (626.795.1295)

And, if after 5 tastes of fancy-pants champagne your liver hasn’t had its fill yet, there will be special pricing available for the stuff by the glass and by the bottle as well.

POP Champagne Bar / 33 E. Union St, Pasadena / 626.795.1295 /

20/20 Nights at WineExpo

Recently we were hanging out with TreasureLA, and, over an excess of beer and debauchery, we discussed some of LA’s best booze deals. The point came up that there are some deals in LA that are in fact SO good, that offer SO much for SO little, that not even us finerthings gals have ever been able to FULLY take advantage of them. Case in point: WineExpo 20/20 nights.

Every Monday and Thursday, starting at 5pm, WineExpo opens up 20 bottles for you to sample, and charges you $20. You can try ALL 20. And not just little sips, but actual tastes/glasses of vino. TWENTY.

Image via The Lush Chef


Don’t let the sad strip-mall exterior of this place deter you. Its both a wine shop and wine bar, and who cares if it has a gussy exterior. We’re talking TWENTY WINES FOR TWENTY DOLLARS HERE. Amazing. Really amazing. You couldn’t even buy 20 bottles of wine from TJs for $20. And these wines will definitely be a lot better than two three-buck-chuck.

If you need a bit of food to pair with your wine, WineExpo has a selection of salumi and cheese plates for you to choose from as well as a crostini sampler with veggies. All these items will run you around $11. And if sampler plates are not enough to sate your voracious appetite, there are usually food trucks parked out front Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. Tonight’s will be the Vizzi Truck (Check out the list future scheduled trucks online.)

TreasureLA admitted to us that he’d tried the 20/20 deal once, never making it through all 20 wines and still needing a cab home at night. So it makes us wonder: Has anyone ever successfully made it through all 20 wines on any given night? If so, we’d love to meet them and ogle in the greatness of their liver.

Wine Expo / 2933 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica / 210.828.4428 /


Champagne Tasting @ Tavern

If there’s one thing we really, really love in this world, it’s champagne.  In it’s purest form, mixed with OJ during weekend brunches – we just can’t get enough. If you share our love for ‘pagne, head to Tavern tonight for their “Let the Holidays Sparkle” sparkling wine tasting event.

I could bore you with some more filler on our infatuation with champagne but let’s just get straight to the details:

Where: The Larder @ Tavern, 11648 San Vicente Blvd

When: Tasting begins at 7pm

What: FIVE different sparkling wines, a selection of 6 different cheese, and small bites including grilled cheese with gruyere and caramelized shallots

The tasting will run you $50/person, call in advance to reserve your spot! (310) 806.6464.


Wine Tasting at The Rockefeller

Deals this lovely require very little fluff and lead-in to the story….

Food, friends, and SIX wines for just fifteen dollars? I know I swore I’d take it easy on my gut and liver this week after the weekend’s non-stop gluttony, but mini sized foods count as ‘diet food’… right? And six glasses of wine isn’t THAT many… right?

Okay Rockefeller, you win. Diet be damned, we’ll be there.

The Rockefeller / 418 – 422 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach / 310-372-8467 /


Toast of the Coast

My creativity and writing skills are piss poor today. Probably because I stayed up til 3am last night watching a marathon of The Tudors on Netflix instant-play. Maybe also because I can’t get lobster off my brain. But regardless of the reason, I cannot come up with a witty intro for this event so I’m just going to throw it out there and wait for the obvious ooohs and aaaahs of amazement to follow:


M Street’s Toast of the Coast

Today! Tuesday, Sept 13th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

What: $25 gets you unlimited tastings of 25 different wines + some delectable passed apps

Note: Reservations STRONGLY recommended (Call 310-396-9145) 

So there you have it. A whole ton of wine for just $25. How many glasses can you consume, without losing your class, in two hours? Maybe go for 6. That’ll average your costs down to $4.16 a glass which is just about happy hour pricing. Up it to 8 and you might have a hard time getting home, though if you live within walking or cheap-cab distance, by all means guzzle away.

M Street Kitchen / 2000 Main Street, Santa Monica / 310.396.9145 /

LA Wine Fest 2011

Two days of bottomless wine? Yup, we’ll be there.

6th Annual L.A. Wine Fest

When: June 11th (2pm – 6pm) & 12th (Noon – 6pm)

Where: Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave

Tickets: $69 for One Day, $99 for Both Days. PS: Tix are on sale at Goldstar for just $45!!

What: Over 150 Vendors Featuring Wines, Spritis, and Beers, and you can sample them all! Plus, enjoy a Robert Mondavi ‘Discover Wine Tour’, Cooking Demos, and an Expanded Food Court (to Soak up all the Vino and Enable You to Keep on Sippin’!)


The list of wineries participating in this event is pretty extensive, meaning you’ll get to try tons of reds and whites from all over the world. And, for all those non-winos, there will also be beer and spirits vendors like Smart Assist Sake, Ventura Limoncello, Karl Strauss Brewing, whiskeys from JVS Imports, tequilas form Calle 23 and Tequila Revolucion and more.  For a list of all the participating vendors, click here.

We also are loving all the informative classes and tastings available so we can learn something new while we kick back glass after glass of vino. But take note: those events sponsored by Robert Mondavi (mostly wine tastings & cooking classes) are included in your ticket price. Those events from all other vendors, featuring tastings of wines, sakes, tequilas, and whiskeys, will run you an additional $20/per person, per event. Though we probably won’t fork over an extra $20 for a tastings after already paying $69, we do love the pairing of Learning+Booze. Yes, this is  definitely our kind of school.

Make sure to buy tickets soon, because in our experience these types of bottomless events sell out quickly.



All Jarred Up

A little late afternoon delight/surprise for you on this lovely Friday featuring an AMAZING wine pie+wine tasting going on this weekend at Vintage Enoteca. Yes, you heard us right, PIE AND WINE.

And not just any pie. Adorable little single serving jars of pie from All Jarred Up. The concept is genius – just enough pie to sate your sugar cravings, but not so much that you find yourself hiding in the closet at 1am with cherry all over your face as you finish a damn 9″ pie pan because you.just.can’t.resist.

All Jarred Up's "How Do You Like Them Apples" Mini-Jar


You can try these delicious and adorable 4oz pies tonight through Sunday night (April 8th-10th) at Vintage Enoteca, where they will be featuring a menu of 3 pies + 3 wines for $30. (For reference, the 4oz jars normally go for $5/ea + $9 shipping on their Etsy store.)


Here’s the ‘menu’

1st Course: “How Do You Like Them Apples?” Apple Crumb Pie, Paired with a Riesling: Meulenhof Kabinett. Erdener Treppchen, Germany, 2009

2nd Course: “Very Very Berry” Strawberry & Blueberry Pie, Paired with a Barbolini Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, NV, Emilia Romagna, Italy

3rd Course: “P is for Pecan” – Pecan Pie, Paired with a Pedro Ximenez: El Maestro Sierra, Jerez, Spain, NV


Find yourself craving more pie when you’re done? The pies, in an assortment of flavors and sizes, will also be sold in a little pop-up retail store within Vintage Enoteca from 7-9pm, Friday – Sunday. A nice way to have some extra treats to bring home, and avoid the hefty shipping costs you’d encounter online.


Wine + Pie + VintageEnoteca = Drunk + Fat + Classy = FinerThingsLA


Vintage Enoteca

7554 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood



German Sausages & Wine Tasting

I love sausages just about as much as this dog:


Obviously I also love wine. And, though I’ve paired many a sausage with many a beer (even enjoyed the Munich breakfast tradition of Weißbier with Weißwurst once) I’ve never paired my sausage with wine before. But the pairing sounds utterly heavenly, and thus this tasting tonight at 55 Degree sounds utterly amazing:


55 Degree Wine German Wine & Sausage Night

Tuesday, March 1st: 7-10pm

Cost: $17  (Includes a flight of 5 wines from Von Buhl Winery paired with the perfect sausages from Best of the Wurst)

If you haven’t noticed, along with loving the taste of sausages, I really love saying the word sausage, it sounds both childishly hilarious and delicious at the same time. Sausages! Sausages! Sausages!


55 Degree Wine

3111 Glendale Blvd / Atwater Village


For those that cannot make tonight’s special sausage+wine tasting, 55 Degree wine offers  featured tasting flights (~$15/ea) and special tasting events weekly. Check out the week’s featured tastings here and events calendar here.