BYOB at Papilles

You’re on a date. You want to order wine. You want to impress, but not go broke.

Rather than fumble your way through the wine list, debating between the cheapest bottle (will I look TOO cheap?) and the second cheapest bottle (is it really any better than the $28 bottle?…) head to Papilles tonight and tomorrow night for FREE corkage!

Ooh lala

The deal runs every Tuesday & Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future and the wine you bring must be from France to be eligible for the freebie deal (psst: champagne is French.) And need we remind you, that Papilles offers delicious three-course meals for just $35 every night? A very perfect and impressive date night plan indeed.

And for those unfamiliar with anything but two buck chuck (not French) –  head to some rad spot like DomaineLA and have Jill help you pick out a delicious bottle within your budget.

Note: free corkage limited to first bottle only. If you need/want more than that, we recommend you let the staff at Papilles take the reigns and pick your next bottle for you. The selection is great and their taste in wines is superb.


Papilles / 6221 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles / (323) 871-2026 /


Happy Hour at City Sip


Yummy, yummy, get cheap booze in my tummy. (Forgive me, wrote this at about 1am last night…)  

Tonight, in order to get the aforementioned discounted alcohol in our stomachs, we’ll be going to City Sip, where every Tuesday – Friday (5:30 – 7pm) we can enjoy $4-$6 wines and $4 beer. Hallelujah!

Really, there is only one $4 happy hour wine, but we’re okay with that. It’s still just four-bucakroos. The rest of the happy hour wines are $6/glass and there are a great variety of options – which is a nice change from the standard ‘house red, house white’ happy hour situation. If you like things a bit sudsier, the $4 beers include ANY and ALL of the beers on tap. Good deal.

Soak up the booze before you drive home by enjoying some tasty discounted happy hour bites like $5 cheese plates (select two from their menu of 5 options), or $5  gourmet appetizers (Salami Platter, Trio of Olives+Almonds+Cornichons, Simply Salad, Caprese Sliders, Bean+Cheese Crostini.)

Caprese sliders? Yum. $4 wine? Glug Glug Glug.

And, for those looking for a great deal to cap off a fantastic weekend, you can also enjoy HALF-OFF all glasses of wine from their selection of opened bottles, from 9pm-11pm every Sunday. Trust me, a nice half bottle of wine is the perfect sedative for the negative anxious nancies you normally have in anticipation of another shitty work week. Responsibility sucks, wine helps.


City Sip / 2150 W. Sunset Blvd, Hipsterville CA / 213.483.9463 /

Wednesdays at The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel is a pretty fantastic spot, that is, if you’ve got $500 a night to blow on a room and another couple hundo to throw down for dinner at the Polo Lounge (which really is more about the people watching than the food.) Obviously, not your standard FinerThings drunk+fat on-the-cheap scene. But for the 90210 elite, the bar at the hotel, Nineteen12, serves as the local watering hole where late night meals of $24 chopped salads are enjoyed, deals are made, oldies flaunt their latest cougars-in-training, and exorbitant numbers of $20++ glasses of wine are consumed. We’ve been a few times (under the benevolence of others) and its a very entertaining, albeit expensive, scene.

For those that want a sneak peak at the lifestyles of the rich and famous for a little less scrilla, we recommend hitting up Bar Nineteen12 on a Wednesday where they feature 50% off select bottles of wine (I’m sure they are still on the pricier side, but you must consider the entertainment + people watching factor into the value equation.)

Wine Down Wednesdays

Where: Bar Nineteen12 at The Beverly Hills Hotel

What: Live Music + 50% off Select Bottles of Wine + Free Truffle PopCorn & Olives

Truffle popcorn to nosh on sounds right up our alley, and when you’re only eating that and some olives, the bang for your buck with that wine is sure to go further than expected (i.e. drunk after 2 glasses.) Plus with the live music, we might be talking about a new alternative to our current hotel bar favorite – The Windows Lounge at the Four Seasons (which also serves delicious free snacks, live music, but no 50% deal on wine!) 

And for those with a hot bod looking for a new significant other to invest in their lifestyle (or at least pay for your $24 McCarthy salad), this would be good hunting grounds.


Bar Nineteen12 @ The Beverly Hills Hotel / 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills / 310.273.1912 /


PS: When you go, save yourself the valet parking fee and just park next to the hotel on Crescent. 

Palomino Wine Down Wednesday

Hump day can be a bitch. It teases you with the happy realization there are only a couple work days left, yet at the same time reminds you there are STILL a couple work days left until the weekend.

We’ve found a suitable solution for the hairyness of humpday and  it’s called liquid lunch –  a deliciously wonderful solution to the hump day blues. It might seem somewhat inappropriate to drink during one’s lunch hour, but haven’t you watched Mad Men? Those dudes drank all the time and still managed to be ingeniously creative ad execs. Seriously, people were enjoying 2-martini lunches all the way up until around the time we were born. If your parents could do it, why can’t you?

Here’s the perfect place to start:

Palomino Wine-Down Wednesdays

Details: 1/2 off all bottles of $30 or more

When: All day (lunch/dinner/late night)


For those in a creative field: this new hump-day lunch time tradition is sure to fuel those artsy juices. For those who have to be respectable during working hours, you can still head on over after work for dinner or drinks and enjoy a nicely discounted bottle of your favorite red or white. Oh, and the food ain’t half bad either!

PS: Palomino also has a fantastic happy hour that is offered ALL DAY in the bar area. The HH menu features $6-$8 food items like meatballs, flat breads, pizzas, and even clams. And on the boozier side of life, there are $5 specialty cocktails and $4 beers and wines. Such a steal!


Palomino / 10877 Wilshire Blvd / Westwood, CA / 310.208.1960 /

Happy Mondays @ Bodega

Happy Valentines Day! For all your singletons, what better way to celebrate the night than drinking yourself silly.  Even better when you can do so at an all night happy hour!  There are a few Monday night all-night HHs around town, we’ve written up the ones at Pourtal, The Yard, and Tasca before.  And now, yet another Monday night HH to add to the list: Bodega Bar.

Happy Mondays started at Bodega a few weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier, a wino happy hour that lasts past 7pm is right up our alley.  So get yourself to any of the Bodega locations (Pasadena, SM, or Hollywood) tonight and enjoy the below HH specials from 5pm-close:

  • $3 off all wine by the glass
  • $7 off wine carafes
  • $8 off wine bottles
  • $2 off beer
  • $6 soju cocktails
  • bites for $5-$7 (we’ve had the pizza here a few times, and for $7 during HH, it’s a steal)

During the rest of the week, Bodega’s HH is from 5-7pm, and they have additional deals on certain nights – like Wednesdays, which are Andrew Jackson night, where you can get all bottles of wine for discounted price of $20 (I  stopped in on a recent Wednesday to take advantage of this recently, $20 bottle = $5/glass = a happy V).

Bodega Bar.  Various locations.

Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Chic Wine Bar

Update 2016: This spot is now closed. Yelp says it’ll be back 1/31/16 but that so rarely happens that we wouldn’t count on it…

Update 2014: Bottomless Mimosas are now $15 a pop.

I’m having serious writer’s block today, so forgive me if you find this post utterly boring.  We’re having our holiday festivities at work today and all I can think of are sugar cookies and candy canes….and maybe the open bar we get during our lunch-time party.  Yes, I said lunch.   No better way to ring in the holidays than some serious day drinking with your co-workers!  And, speaking of day drinking and boozy lunch, here is our next edition of the bottomless mimosa guide.

This week’s spot is Chic Wine Bar, located on Pico – so close to our ‘hood that I’m shocked we haven’t been there before.  Especially considering they have bottomless mimosa brunch.  Makes me feel like a slacker, and will have to check it out asap.

Bottomless mimosas at Chic are every Sunday starting at 11am.  You can get your bubbly on for $12 with your meal.  The menu sounds delicious, they have breakfast-y foods and lunch options (I think that’s why they call it brunch….but that’s just a hunch.  I’m a poet…and didn’t know it?!).  My picks:  brioche and goat cheese french toast ($10), pulled chicken sandwich on a brioche bun with herb aioli ($11).  As K knows, I’m a sucker for brioche, so this menu speaks straight to my heart.

Chic has an outdoor patio, which probably won’t be helpful this weekend with the rain, but good to keep in mind for those sunnyLA Sundays – a good spot to plant yourself and drink the day away!

Chic Wine Bar.  5545 Pico Blvd. (323) 525.0234.

Our Obsession with Bottomless Booze Continues

This week must be National Alcoholic Week because there have been SO many bottomless sake/wine/bubbly events going on that even OUR livers are starting to hurt.

We gave you $20 bottomless sake on Tuesday, $20 unlimited wine tastings on Wednesday, and now we’re letting you in on the mother of them all, going down this Saturday in Downtown:

Image from Mad About Wine


BottleRock Holiday Tasting Event – “Bubbles & Big Reds”

Saturday Nov 20th 1pm – 4pm

Tickets: $25/per person

Includes: UNLIMITED tastings of over 50 different sparkling & red wines + light bites + $10 retail purchase credit.


Red wine and bubbly are my favorites of all the alcoholic beverages. And at this event not only will I get to guzzle all the bubbly and red wine I want, I’ll also avoid alcohol poisoning by enjoying some lite bites! AND for those that fall in love with a wine during the tasting – you can use your $10 credit towards bringing some bottles home with you to enjoy later (i.e. that night!)


We love that the holidays create the excuse for more drunken+fattening adventures around town…


BottleRock Downtown

1050 Flower Street #$167


White Trash Wine Tasting

This event is right up our alley – I just wonder if they will allow us to come in costume as well…

Photo of 2009 Tasting - Via


Colorado Wine Co.

White Trash Wine Tasting

When: September 25th, 4:30pm & 6:30pm

Price: $20 (Buy tickets STAT – they sell out FAST!)

What: Enjoy five different glasses of vino paired with some Marge Simpson style bites.


As Colorado Wine Company describes it, it’s a non uppity wine tasting with food that will be “the best trashy, guilty-pleasure, my-mom-actually-used-to-feed-me-that food in the universe.” (I’m imagining mac n cheese w/ hot dogs and ketchup, bologna and jam sandwiches, slimy chicken with butter peas… and yes my Dad made me all these things for dinner as a child…)

We’re probably some of the most classless winos in LA (wine in a can? done. Downing a bottle, solo, while watching Biggest Loser? weekly routine.) so we’re all-for any event that allows us to enjoy wine without the pretension of normal society.

Plus, not that this is a real costume event, but as long as we’re going trashy we might as well take it all the way: we have some really good ‘trashy’ outfits from a White Class/White Trash party we once held – press on nails, beer can earrings, and sexy Canadian tuxedos.

Yep – this is definitely our scene.

Mercantile Wine + Cheese Flights

As though there weren’t already enough good things coming out of George Abou Daud’s entrepreneurial mind (think The Bowery, Delancy, District, etc…)  – here’s another great deal coming from one of our favorite Daud owned spots: Mercantile.

Every Monday (tonight!) & Wednesday

Mercantile will be offering a $20 wine flight with cheese pairing.

Photo Via:

This is a pretty rad deal and reminds us of a similar deal we LOVE from Vinoteque. We can only hope that Mercantile pours their ‘tastes’ as full as Vinoteque does (i.e. basically full glasses of wine.)

While you’re there shop their gourmet market & bring something home to impress your friends with your impeccably refined taste & class. Or stay longer and enjoy a bowl of their French Onion soup (it’s pretty darned good) while listening in on the conversations of the self-proclaimed foodies sitting next to you.

Plus, for those who haven’t visited the Mercantile website: Do!  The website, much like the brick and mortar location, is like stepping into another world. Just one click and its like I’m in Paris (via my tiny Mac screen) – great design, pretty French music, lists of delicious sounding baked goods and such.

This might be the perfect find for tonight – save money (super important since rent is due this week!) and enjoy some vino in a classy environment. Love it.


The Mercantile

6600 West Sunset Boulevard / Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 962-8202

Wino event!

Remember when Johnny Depp had his tattoo that read “Winona Forever” changed to “Wino Forever” after they split up? Sometimes I think we should get that tattoo given how much wine we put away weekly and our love for anything wine related.

Tonight there is a great wine event (I know, boozing on a Monday is tough but if you’re winos like us you will want to check this out) at La Grande Orange in Santa Monica:  Toast of the Coast.  It is a wine tasting event featuring 25 wines from the West Coast (the best coast) – Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Monterey, Napa, Sonoma, Oregon and Washington.   The event starts at 6:30pm and costs only $25.  That is only $1 per taste! There will also be passed appetizers to soak up some of the booze and you can always stay for dinner – I’ve only been to the LGO in Pasadena but the food is pretty good.

Would be a great date night activity or a good way to get yourself over your case of the Mondays.  Call in for reservations (I know we’re springing this on you last minute but you should still be able to make it).

LGO also has pretty good HH deals nightly from 4-7pm – $5 sushi, $3 beer and $5 wine!

La Grande Orange. 2000 Main Street. (310) 396.9145.