Rock Sugar Happy Hour

With the holiday season fast approaching (yes, we are already counting down the days to Xmas and starting out gift lists…) we figured we’d feature a happy hour in a mall, so you can get your buzzed shop on. After all, after a few cocktails that’s when you are the most creative and thoughtful, right?


What: RocktTail (aka Happy Hour)

Where: Rock Sugar, Century City (in the mall)

When: Daily, 4-6:30pm

Happiness: $6 Cocktails, $5 Wells, $4 Beers, $5 Wines + $3-$5.50 Plates

So yes, Rock Sugar is owned by the Cheesecake Factory. But don’t let that discourage you! We’ve dined here a couple times and it was surprisingly pretty darned good. And with food prices hovering around $4 and vino at $5, AND a location in the mall, we really could care less who owns them.

As far as the food menu is concerned: We love dipping sauces, and TONS of items on this menu come with their own dipping sauce. Think Samosas, skewers, pot stickers, spring rolls, and lettuce wraps – each with their own sauce to slather all over the suckers and slurp em down (or chew, if you prefer.)

For those that work late and can’t swing a happy hour that ends at 6:30pm, head here for your next business lunch. RockSugar has a pre-fixe lunch deal ($12.95 for 2 courses, $15.95 for 3 courses) where you can choose from a selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts that will for sure fit within your allocated per-diem.

And regardless of what time you go or what deal you enjoy, the Disney-esque Asian vibe of the place only adds to the fun.

For a full review of the happy hour menu check out Unemployed Eater.

Rock Sugar Pan Asian Restaurant / 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Century City / 310-552-9988 /


BYOB at Papilles

You’re on a date. You want to order wine. You want to impress, but not go broke.

Rather than fumble your way through the wine list, debating between the cheapest bottle (will I look TOO cheap?) and the second cheapest bottle (is it really any better than the $28 bottle?…) head to Papilles tonight and tomorrow night for FREE corkage!

Ooh lala

The deal runs every Tuesday & Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future and the wine you bring must be from France to be eligible for the freebie deal (psst: champagne is French.) And need we remind you, that Papilles offers delicious three-course meals for just $35 every night? A very perfect and impressive date night plan indeed.

And for those unfamiliar with anything but two buck chuck (not French) –  head to some rad spot like DomaineLA and have Jill help you pick out a delicious bottle within your budget.

Note: free corkage limited to first bottle only. If you need/want more than that, we recommend you let the staff at Papilles take the reigns and pick your next bottle for you. The selection is great and their taste in wines is superb.


Papilles / 6221 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles / (323) 871-2026 /

Happy Hour at House Cafe

While we tend to poo-poo happy hours that end at 6pm, we will give special credit to this one because its in our ‘hood and on our routes home from work. Which makes it the perfect place to stop in for a quicky glass of wine while we stall and avoid battling the back up of traffic that accumulates around Beverly/Crescent Heights every night)

House Cafe's Self Proclaimed 'Best French Onion Soup in LA'... and only $6 during HH!

House Cafe Happy Hour

Mon – Fri, 4pm – 6pm

Deals include $6 plates made with some pretty tasty (and typically pricey) ingredients: like a burrata caprese salad, steak tartare, and sausage with polenta. The dishes highest on our radar? French onion soup (yum!),  mac ‘n cheese (we must try it everywhere its on the menu), and tacos.

And to wash it all down you can enjoy any number of $5 glasses of wine, prosecco, or draft beer.

Other fun deals on the menu at House include a $68 3-course prix fixe dinner for two that includes soup or salad, your choice of cote de beuf or salmon, and dessert. And its conveniently available every night.

Now if only we could convince them to stretch those hours of happiness til 7pm…

House Cafe / 8114 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles /

LA Farm’s $13 Anniversary Menu

Pull out your cell phone and get ready to start dialing for reservations: this Tuesday and Wednesday, April 5th & 6th, Stefan’s at LA Farm will feature a three-course dinner for just $13.
Why is the self proclaimed ‘cocky’ Top Chef being ever so generous to offer all three courses, for the total price of an appetizer? Well, because this week marks the 13th anniversary of Stefan’s arrival to the good ‘ol USofA.
If 13 seems like an odd number to celebrate, it might help to know Stefan did this last year as well (12th year = $12 menu). Makes us wonder what he’d do for a substantial number like 20. Maybe, free food for 20 days? We’d definitely be down with that…
So what will this $13 menu look like? Featured menu items include white truffle and asparagus soup, spicy tuna tartare with papadams, avocado, & spicy soy, and a homemade German sausage served with sauerkraut, mashed taters, and an American beer sauce. YUM.
Definitely worth a reservation.
3000 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica
310. 449.4000

Big Fat Greek Dinner @ Papa Cristo’s

I was first introduced to Papa Cristo’s when I was a student at USC, I remember driving there with friends, and as each blocked passed, wondering where the hell are we going?!  It’s not in the nicest of neighborhoods, but this Greek institution is definitely worth checking out.  It has been around for…..ever, and has some amazing (and pretty inexpensive) Greek eats.

The Papa himself image via

Head there tonight, and every Thursday night for Papa Cristo’s weekly Big Fat Greek Dinner.  The dinner is $18.95 per person, and you must RSVP in advance.  For the price you get 2 entrees, appetizers, tzatziki, bread, Greek potatoes, salad, green beans, soda, coffee AND dessert.  That’s a whole lotta food, make sure to wear your stretchy pants.   Plus if you are of age, you get 2 red and 2 white Greek wines to taste as well!  AND, did I mention there are belly dancers??  This one might take the cake on one of our favorite prix fixe meals.

It’s a great weeknight activity to get you fat (but not quite drunk, you’re on you’re own for that). Papa Cristo’s is a market/restaurant so show up a little early and get all your Greek grocery needs fulfilled as well.  As we mentioned, make sure to call ahead to reserve your seating as it is assigned and limited.

Papa Cristo’s. 2771 West Pico Blvd. (323) 737.2970.