Ralphael’s Rainbow Menu

Starting June 26th (yesterday) and running through July 1st (Sunday), Raphael in Studio City will be celebrating gay pride month with a special 6-course, rainbow themed menu.

The price runs $80 per couple and its a colorful lineup of delicious sounding food:

1st Course: RED: Heirloom Tomato, Kimchi & Chili Scented Palm Powder

2nd Course: ORANGE: Nantes Carrots, Cirspy Coconut, Vadouvan

3rd Course: YELLOW: Yellowtail Sashimi, Sesame, Meyer Lemon & Saffron

4th Course: GREEN: Loup de Mer, Pea Tendrils, Mint, Mussels, Kaffir Lime Nage

Entree: BLUE: Kobe Style Beef, Crispy Blue Cheese, Onion Truffle Jam

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse, Violet Gel, Beet Meringue, Sorbet


Truth be told, there are a number of ingredients in that lineup that we had to google (mostly spice related.) But nevertheless everything sounds so fresh and tastey… and at only $40 a person its a pretty darned good deal!

Psst: don’t forget to shoot them an email at info@raphaelonventura.com to make your reservations.


Rapahel / 11616 Ventura Blvd, Studio City / 818.505.3337 / http://raphaelonventura.com/


Pasta Dinner at Wood & Vine – July 25th

Wood & Vine has been one of my favorite new places in Hollywood ever since I chowed down on their delicious chicken and waffles earlier this year. It was so good, I want to go back every day…
But its not just the chicken and waffles that lures us there. Next month, we’re tempted to head back to enjoy their Summer Pasta Dinner. Here’s the scoop:
July 25th, 8pm, 5-course pasta dinner made by the lovely executive chef, Gavin Mills. Dinner will put you back $48 a pop and can be made more expensive, and boozy, by adding the optional wine pairings.
Here’s the menu for those that need to be sold a little more:
First course: Bucatini, heirloom tomato sauce, olives, capers
Second Course: Corn agnolotti, cilantro salad (wonder if I can remake this at home…)
Third Course: Market asparagus canneloni, truffle butter sauce (mmmm)
Main Course: Potato gnocchi, confit pork belly, arugula (this sounds flipping fantastic)
Dessert: Chocolate ravioli, peach gelato, roasted pistachio (god yes.)

Reservations are required, so if you’re interested, give em a ring right now and get yourself on the list to scarf on that delicious menu next month. Phone:  323-334-3360

Wood and Vine / 6280 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood / 323-334-3360 / http://www.woodandvine.com/

$12.99 Dinners at TART

2/13/12 – per the TART website, looks like the price of this deal went up to $15.99 recently. Bummer. But still a great price for an entree+3sides+dessert!

The other night, over a lovely $6 happy hour priced glass of Pinot Noir at TART, we spent some time perusing their new menu.

It is amazing.

Yes, the food all looks great, but what really makes it fantastic is the fact that, starting at 4pm, every single meal at TART is $12.99. Yup, everything. And it includes not just your entree, but choice of three sides AND dessert. How they are making a single penny on this deal, we will never know (so when you go be sure to drink up and tip well to help your waiters/waitresses actually collect a pay check!)

Proof we are not lying.

Entrees for this lovely deal include: baked meatloaf, grilled pork chop, fried catfish, steak, salmon, chicken breast, baked tempeh, and a seitan loaf (what the heck is that?)

And as far as sides are concerned, they all sound finger lickin’ good. And did we mention you get to select THREE? Options include mac n’ cheese, fries, green beans, fried okra, collard greens, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and all sorts of other bbq and southern style sides. (For the full menu click here.)

And then there is dessert: your choice of twinkie, ding-dong, or moon pie.

This is basically the meal I dreamed of every day as a child. Though my Mac N Cheese would have been doused in catchup, as would my chicken… it was a phase…

Oh and did we mention the super duper good corn bread that TART serves to every patron? There are two types, a more standard super soft and crumbly corn bread, and a cheezier spicier one that is AWESOME. Its delicious. It was free. And we wolfed it down in seconds – the perfect complement to our glass(es) of Pinor Noir.

Tart Restaurant / 115 S. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles/ 323-932-1608 / www.tartrestaurant.com

Prix-Fixe @ Papilles

We’re always in support of fellow Trojans, and already love all of Santos Uy’s other spots (Bacaro, Mignon), so we are super excited to check out his newest: Papilles.

Papilles is serving up 3-, 4-, and 5- course dinners nightly, inspired by the French bistonomique movement – meaning you’ll get an amazingly delicious meal, in a fairly casual and low-key setting, all at a reasonable price.  What’s not to love about that?

This week’s 3-course menu rings in at just $25pp and includes your choice of smoked Fijian albacore or salsify veloute, followed by either seabass or a French veal stew.  Finish off your meal with either a cheese plate or dessert. (The menu changes weekly and can be found on Papilles website here.)

Of course you’ll need some wine with your meal – Papilles doesn’t have a wine list, instead they’ll let you browse their wall and select a bottle of your own.  How hipsterly cool.

Dinner services beings at 6pm nightly and lasts til 10pm on weeknights and til midnight on Friday and Saturday. The spot just opened up at the end of December, so you’re probably better off making reservations than walking in.


Papilles.   6221 Franklin Ave.  (323) 871.2026. http://www.papillesla.com/

3Course Prix Fixe at Upper West

Every Wednesday, for just thirty-three-buckeroos ($33) you can score a delicious 3-course dinner at Upper West (a spot we love an adore for its fantastic mix of good food, giant TVs, a tasty cocktails.)

Delicious Ooey Gooey MacNCheese

And you’re not stuck with ‘today’s special’ combo which is a good thing, since my guy has convinced me ‘today’s special’ must be a mixture of all the things that are about to go bad in the fridge. No, luckily this prix-fixe menu is a meal of your own creation as you get to select straight from the menu each of the foods you’d like to enjoy that evening. Whichever appetizer you want paired with whichever entree you need paired with whichever dessert you desire. Maybe this week you’ll go for the Burrata + Short Rib + RootBeerFloat (a $41 value), and then the next week go back for the CarlsbadMussels + PorkChop + ChocolateCakeDonuts (a $45 value).

Whatever you decide to do, its going to be a deal. A very very delicious deal.

The Upper West / 3321 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica / http://www.theupperwest.com/

LA Farm’s $13 Anniversary Menu

Pull out your cell phone and get ready to start dialing for reservations: this Tuesday and Wednesday, April 5th & 6th, Stefan’s at LA Farm will feature a three-course dinner for just $13.
Why is the self proclaimed ‘cocky’ Top Chef being ever so generous to offer all three courses, for the total price of an appetizer? Well, because this week marks the 13th anniversary of Stefan’s arrival to the good ‘ol USofA.
If 13 seems like an odd number to celebrate, it might help to know Stefan did this last year as well (12th year = $12 menu). Makes us wonder what he’d do for a substantial number like 20. Maybe, free food for 20 days? We’d definitely be down with that…
So what will this $13 menu look like? Featured menu items include white truffle and asparagus soup, spicy tuna tartare with papadams, avocado, & spicy soy, and a homemade German sausage served with sauerkraut, mashed taters, and an American beer sauce. YUM.
Definitely worth a reservation.
3000 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica
310. 449.4000

PrixFixe Mondays at Roys


I haven’t been to Roy’s since back in my USC days when I lived at the Medici downtown (back when the Medici was still reasonably priced and not filled with grungy hipster FIDM kids who smoke in the pools.) I wasn’t as much of a food addict then, and typically put most of my calories towards frat-provided Popov screw drivers & Bud Light. But I do recall thinking Roy’s was pretty delicious, albeit rather expensive (especially for someone living off student loans and scholarships.)

Due to my traffic-phobia and lack of desire to leave the Mid-City/West Hollywood area after work, I haven’t had much inclination to head back downtown to Roy’s since. But just reading about their Monday prix fixe deal and dreaming up the typically expensive combos I could create is making me hungry and slightly more inclined to head East for dinner tonight:

Roy’s Monday Prix Fix

3 Courses: $35.95

Available Until April 18th


Typically, prix fixe menus include one, maybe 2, maybe even 3 options for each course. But Roy’s is letting you select ANY appetizer, ANY entree, and ANY dessert from the menu to create your prix fixe dinner perfection. Okay, tiny writing excludes Yamaguchi Sushi and Sashimi, and Mixed Plates from the offer, but still this leaves you quite a few options!

If you want to get the most from your money on this prix fixe dinner we recommend you go for the big buck items: starting with a Tazmanian ocean trout tartar appetizer ($13.95), and moving on to the steamed Thai snapper as your entree ($31.95). There you’ve already beaten the system and spent more than $36 and haven’t even gotten dessert yet!



For those who just don’t want to spend $36 on dinner, regardless of regular dinner prices and quality of food, Roy’s also offers a happy hour every Sunday – Friday. Happy hour is offered at the bar from 4:30-6:30pm, and then again from 9pm – Close and features a menu of $5 food and drink items. The menu sounds far better than your typical HH menu of fried foods, featuring item like Wagyu beef sliders, lobster pot stickers, and California rolls all for just $5. Booze includes a selection of wines, beers and Hawaiian specialty cocktails all for $5 as well (plus a $3 Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale.)

Outside the downtown area, there are quite a few other Roy’s locations, each of which also offer the Prix Fixe Monday and the Aloha Hour deals (Pasadena, Newport Beach, Woodland Hills…) However we recommend you check each restaurant’s webpage to confirm hours and pricing, as not all locations offer the later happy hour like the downtown one does.


Roy’s Downtown

800 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles


Tuesday Night Suppers @ Shangri La

We really love prix fixe meals – they are almost always a great deal and they are a good option for checking out a place you have wanted to try in a way that lets you get a full meal without breaking the bank.  Plus, they usually include dessert – my favorite part of any meal.

We have written up some pretty great prix fixe meal options that are out there (Della Terra’s Tuesday night $16 meals, Sunday Suppers at Cecconi’s), and here is yet another one that we think is worth checking out: Tuesday Night Suppers @ Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica.

Every Tuesday night, from 5-10pm, you can get a $15 3-course meal at Shangri-La.  And if you want a pour of wine with your meal, it’s only another $5 for a glass!  The menu every Tuesday is the same (for now): salad, Coq au Vin, and mixed berry cobbler for dessert.

So check it out tonight if you are looking for something new to do.  You can make reservations on the hotel’s website or via phone.  And stick around post-dinner for some more boozing with Shangri-La’s 777 menu – 7 cocktails (and 7 appetizers if you’re still hungry..) for $7 every night from 9p-12a.

Hotel Shangri-La. 1301 Ocean Ave. (310) 394.2791. www.shangrila-hotel.com

Prix Fixe @ District!

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a prix fixe post (isn’t it time for Restaurant Week yet??) so I was definitely excited to hear and write about a new multi-course deal in our neighborhood.  My favorite part of a prix fixe meal is that they most always include a dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth, which I always want to order out at dinner but I’m either too full or too frugal to do so.  (Although after last Friday’s Savor event, I think I could do without sugar for a while….).

Anyhow, starting last week, District on Sunset is offering a new prix fixe menu in their bar area, every night from Sunday to Thursday.  For $30/person you get your choice of a cocktail/beer/wine + 2 courses (yes, 2!) + dessert (yay); which is a great deal since the main course entrees at District will run you around $30 on their own usually.  Their menu offerings change according to the market but you can get a feel for their food on the sample menu on their website.

District is walking distance from the Arclight so a good place to do a midweek dinner & movie date.  It is a pretty new place, opened earlier this year from the same guys that brought you Mercantile (which is right next door), The Bowery, and Mission Cantina amongst others.

District. 6600 Sunset Blvd. www.districtonsunset.com

$15 Dinner WITH Booze

We’re big fans of Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica. They’ve got some really tasty food and a great vibe going on there, but we’re cheap bitches so usually this spot it out of our price range. Not that its EXPENSIVE, but we’re so spoiled by $1 happy hours & $7.95 bottomless tacos that the concept of spending $20-$30 on a dish (plus $12 for a glass of vino) is just shocking and appalling to us (even if the quality is 10x better). I reiterate: we’re cheap.

(By the way: whats with the stigma over the word ‘cheap’? I don’t think it’s such a bad thing – I like to define it as ‘being intelligently economical’… right? We’re all for fancy delicious meals & the priceless value of wonderful food – but on a daily basis I prefer to be cheap & sated, rather than poor.)

Even the Wilshire happy hour menu is out of our budgets: $8 – $12 bar snacks?! $9 happy hour specialty cocktails?! $5 beers & $7 wells?! How on earth do we get drunk on $9 happy hour cocktails without going broke first?! That food & those cocktails better be DAMNED good….


But luckily Wilshire’s new nightly ‘White Plate Specials’ work nicely into our miserly, post-college, budgets. For just $15 you get the night’s entree selection (see schedule below) + a glass of beer, wine, or the night’s specialty cocktail.

YES THE FOOD COMES WITH BOOZE, and yes, it’s all  just $15!



(Sereved at Bar & On Patio Only, No Reservations Required – First Come First Serve)

Mondays: Steak Frites

Tuesdays: Fried Chicken w/ Summer Corn Salad

Wednesdays: Meatloaf (yum!) w/ Fried Egg & Mashed Red Potatoes

Thursdays: Moules Frites

Fridays: Fish & Chips

Saturday: Spaghetti & Meatballs w/ Cheesy Garlic Bread


We’d like to say this would be a great date night idea – but you’d have to assume your date is as fond as deals as you are. If not, you save will on your own $15 special, while they drive you into bankruptcy pigging out on a $48 rib eye + $15 cocktails…

So maybe just go with your long term lova or bestie and enjoy some delicious food on the cheap.