For those with a flexible work-schedule…

…And a liver that can handle mid-week, day-time, boozing… boy do we have a deal for you.

In honor of the humpiest day of the week, SOUTH in santa monica is offering a liquid lunch special today: $2 beers. 

The offer is valid from 12pm – 4pm and there is mention of some ‘special food’ items as well. Not sure what that means, but  not sure we care. We’re just planning on guzzling a few $2 beers and then  heading to an afternoon meeting (that obnoxious constant-complainer in the office will be so much more palatable if we are a we bit intoxicated…)

For those without afternoon meetings, or a more flexible work schedule, you might plan on just staying at SOUTH after your ‘lunch’ is done to enjoy happy hour. Happy hour runs from 4pm – 7pm (yup, right after $2 beer time is done) and offers $3 domestic drafts, $4 wells, $5 wine and selection of appetizers for half-off (wings, fried pickles, nachos, onion rings, quesadillas, and hush puppies.)

That’s a whole lotta drinking for one hump day. Just how we like it…

SOUTH / 3001 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA / 310.828.9988 /



Lunch at Osteria La Buca

Just the teensy weensiest bit hungover from last night’s fireworks filled booze fest?

Why on earth companies think its wise to schedule a work day, post a traditionally beer+brat filled, late night fireworks watching, celebration of America’s greatness, is beyond us. Today should be a holiday too, really. But it’s not, so you’re at work, and in pain, and in need of a greasy meal with a little hair of the dog. Oh, and its gotta be cheap cuz you spent all your money on parking to see the fireworks last night.


Osteria La Buca Lunch Special

When: Tuesdays – Fridays, 11:30am – 2:30pm

What: $20 Lunch Special (Includes: Pizette, Vino & Tiramisu)


You might walk in dragging your feet and just barely capable of keeping your head off the table, but you’ll leave with a slight buzz from the vino and a full stomach from the pizza and dessert. And its only $20. And its in an adorable spot near Paramount Pictures, so you can make moves to sell that killer script you’re working on while you recoop. The perfect lunch for a less than perfect day back at work.


Osteria La Buca / 5210 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles / 323.462.1900 /

$20 Dinner+Dessert+Drink at Mozza

As far as great deals on superb food+booze in LA are concerned, it really doesn’t get much better than this:


Yes. Dinner, Dessert, and Booze for just $20 at one of the best pizza spots in town and one of the harder LA spots to get a reservation. Granted the deal is only valid Monday – Thursday, from Noon til 5pm (so not a happy hour spot), but it’s a great late lunch option, or the perfect way to end your night with the most delicious of 4th meals, 11pm – 12am.

We typically spend more than $20 anyway on most happy hours and only get some sliders and glass of wine. Shit, just last weekend I had just 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza, a small unexciting side Caesar and a soda at Mulberry and it put me back $16. I’d much rather spend $4 more and get an entire pie, covered in delicious Fontina, Mozzarella, Sottocenere, and sage (the Bianca, normally $18) with their famous and outstandingly delicious Butterscotch Bundino ($9), and a glass wine. MUCH PREFERRED.


A very classy, and thrifty, way to get drunk & fat indeed.


Pizzeria Mozza

614 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles



Taco Wednesday?

Yep. Screw alliteration, Don Antonio’s on Pico serves up awesome deals on tacos on WEDNESDAYS.


Every Wednesday, 5pm – Close, you can get your choice of chicken, asada, carnitas (thanx AB!), potato, or bean tacos for just $1 each.

Sure, parking around this spot might suck. And yes, the lines to get a table will be infinitely long. But shit – tacos are just $1, and their chips and salsa are pretty good too.


Prefer to avoid the crowds? Hit up Don Antonio’s for lunch! They have daily lunch specials ($5.75/ea) served from 10am – 3pm, and parking is MUCH easier at this time of day.


Don Antonio’s

11755 West Pico

(310) 312-2090

Desert Rose Happy Hour

I love Mediterranean food.

Last week I finished a tub of TJs hummus all on my own. I ate it with bread, I ate it with veggies, I smeared it on my chicken breast, I ate it with pizza for 4th meal after the bars. When the hummus was gone I made a batch of tzatziki sauce. I ate that on everything too.

Most the time when I want my Mediterranean fix I’ll drop by Beverly Falafel. Their ‘plates’ are big enough to feed two people and around $10-$12/ea for your choice of meat+rice+hummus+greek salad+soup+pita. Its a great deal but, unfortunately, Beverly Falafel doesn’t serve booze.

Finding booze+schwarma has been my goal for some time now. More accurately, I’ve been looking for a Mediterranean spot with Happy Hour. Damnit, I just want a glass (or two) of cheap vino with my gryo!


Problem Solved:


Happy Hour Every Day!

1700 N. Hillhurst Ave, Los Feliz Village



I know we don’t report much on Hipsterville, in fact most of the time we just mock the area. But now that I’ve found the Desert Rose happy hour you can bet I’ll be heading to Los Feliz soon, donning my best flannel, rocking my grey skinny jeans, wearing some ironic sunglasses, and maybe even pulling out the purple converse all-stars I wore in middle school. Yes, this probably makes me no better than the hipsters I so love to mock, but I LOVE Meditteranean food and I LOVE happy hour ($4 Falafal Sliders?! $3 hummus?! $3 Beers?!)

Plus – stop by Desert Rose for lunch and you can enjoy their $10 express lunch combo, which includes the food + drink (non alcoholic). The menu changes daily so call before to find out each day’s featured lunch item.


This find just makes me so happy…. Hipsterville here we come!!


….. Honestly, Zohan and I should be best buds because I pretty much could put hummus on anything.

More Cheap (and Delicious) Eats

Walking around in my new neighborhood last weekend, I discovered another nearby cheap eat that is equal parts cheap and yummy – which is a pretty hard task to do this side of La Cienega. I had read an email blast about Nonna’s Empanadas a few weeks ago and wanted to check it out since I ❤ empanadas. I literally stumbled upon Nonna’s while walking around the block from my apartment and had no idea it was so close to me!

Anyhow, here is the scoop, for just $5.95 you can get a combo with 2 empanadas and a drink (non-alcoholic, sorry), which is a pretty good deal and definitely a Finer Thing.  If you want to buy the empanadas alone they are around $3 a piece.  Their empanadas are made fresh daily and 2 empanadas are a decent size and pretty filling for a quick lunch or light dinner.

They have a pretty large variety of empanadas: chicken, beef, tomato/basil/mozzarella, onion and cheese, veggie, and corn and cheese. They even have “breakfast” style empanadas with bacon, eggs, and cheese which I can’t wait to try.  I had the chicken and beef this time around and both were really good, although I liked the chicken one better.  The best part of the empanadas was a dipping sauce kind of thing that they bring out with your food, olive oil some herbs and garlic – whatever it was, it was really good.  In addition to empanadas, they have tostinos on their menu which looked pretty good, like small thin sandwiches – which came with a large variety of fillings as well.

Nonna’s is a true neighborhood spot, pretty small place with minimal seating, a small outdoor patio and some tables inside as well.  The customer service was amazing, they had just opened 3 days before we went and were very friendly and let us ask a million questions without seeming too annoyed.  They also offer delivery and catering services for larger orders, which is always a plus!

Check out their menu and more at

Nonna’s Empanadas. 8570 W 3rd Street. (310) 385.0445

Nonna's Empanadas on Urbanspoon

TV Makes Us Hungry

Planning on popping open a bottle of wine, floppin down on the couch, and watching Top Chef Master’s this Wednesday? If not, you should because it’s a great show!!… (though we aren’t quite as keen on host Kelly Choi… we still love Padma more.)

We’re really excited for this year’s season because it features quite a few LA chefs. So not only can we watch them make really cool creations in an amazingly short period of time, we can actually visit their restaurants and TRY their amazing food (which is crucial, since after watching this show you will find yourself STARVING at 11pm.)

Usually ‘Master’ Top Chefs run pretty pricey spots, but as luck would have it this year’s LA based contestants all offer special menus with great Happy Hours, special menus, and discounted drink prices. So head over and eat up! Then you can be all the more emotional when you watch your fav chef get kicked off/win because you’ve TRIED their food and know it’s way better than some jerk’s from NYC.

(Drinking wine always makes us more emotional when we watch TV…)


Best Happy Hour for AFTER you watch Top Chef:

8oz Burger Bar– 7661 Melrose Ave CLOSED

Master Chef: Govind Armstrong

(Late Night HH: 10pm – Close, M-Th)

* $4 Select Wines, $4 Select Beers, $4 Select Apps

We think the $4 Hummus platter is the best bet on the HH food menu, but their regular burgers aren’t over priced either – we recommended the ‘Melrose’ Burger ($8) or the BLT ($7), …Happy Hour also served from 4-7pm Weekdays (M-F)


Best Happy Hour all Around:

Street – 742 N. Highland

Master Chef: Susan Feniger

(HH: 4pm – 7pm, M-F)

* $5 Select Bites (DELICIOUS!), $5 Select Wines, $5 Select Cocktails

The HH menu changes but we LOVED the Kobe beef chili dogs and the small little decanters of $5 wine.


Best Lunch Deal:

Cuidad – 445 S. Figueroa St. CLOSED – Now Border Grill, Revised HH menu..

Master Chef: Susan Feniger

(Lunch Deal: M-F, 11:30am – 3pm)

During the work week Ciudad offers a delish ‘Quick Lunch’ menu. For just $10 you get the day’s featured entree + beverage + a double chocolate scooter cookie – YUM! We are currently craving Monday’s ‘El Cubano Pressed Sandwich’.

Also Available: Happy Hour (M-F, 4-7pm), $3 Tacos, 1/2off mojitos, margs, & more!


Best Wednesday Pre-Show Dinner Option

Campanile – 624 S. La Brea Ave

Master Chef: Mark Peel

‘Soup Kitchen Menu’, Available Every Wednesday for Dinner

We wrote about this deal a couple months back: $22 for a 3-Course dinner that includes the ‘soup of the day’, a main course (choice of steak, bass, or veggie trenne), and ice cream for dessert. There are also a few specially priced cocktails on the Soup Kitchen menu for just $7/ea.


Best Spot for Wine + Late Night Bites

The Tar Pit– 609 N. La Brea Ave

Master Chef: Mark Peel

(Daily 5pm – 2am, Dinner menu served until midnight)

This relatively new rum-centric loungey spot on La Brea also features an AWESOME wine list where each bottle is only $38. Some of these bottles would cost as much, if not more, if you bought them at the market!  So this is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some great wine, at a reasonable price, in a swank atmosphere. The menu also offers tasty bar bites and full entrees, all for under $20.


Best Spot You Can’t Eat At Because Resy’s Are FULL

Ludo Bites 4.0 – 227 E. 9th Street

Master Chef: Ludo Lefebvre

Open: April 8th – May 28th, Tues – Sat: 6-9:30pm

Chef Ludo is opening up his pop-up restaurant yet again this month – this time Downtown at Gram & Papas. Unfortunately, reservations filled up within a few days, so you’ll have to wait until the next pop up (or for the next food truck fest) to try Lefebvre’s famous fried chicken.

Gimme Some Dim Sum

I’ve wanted to try the lunch specials at Joss Cuisine in Beverly Hills for some time now but I’m rarely around Beverly Hills during lunchtime. Unfortunately I’m imprisoned daily in the Pacific Palisades where food options are few and those that are good are pricey.
Well I lucked out last Friday when I was able to escape my prison by the sea (I had the day off) and FINALLY try out Joss’s lunch specials.
Here’s the scoop: Joss Cuisine has two lunch deals and here’s what they come with:
Special 1: $11, Mu Shu Crepes Plate with Dim Sum Trio:
· Soup or Salad
· Three (3) Pieces of Dim Sum
· Three Mu Shu Crepes (your choice of chicken, pork, shrimp, or veggie stuffing)
Special 2: $15, Joss’s Lunch Plate with Dim Sum Trio:
· Soup or Salad
· Five (5) Pieces of Dim Sum
· One full sized entrée of your choice
My party of three all went with the $15 option.  As you can see from my expert photography the soup/salad its full-on Wonton shrimp soup or Chinese chicken salad. The dim sum was delicious (though I did miss the rad little cart I’m used to from China-Town dim sum experiences), and the main entrée was a full sized entrée.
As far as value is concerned: normally the entrees run $15 – $20 per item, the soup is normally $7.50, and I have no idea how much the dim sum is since from what I saw I believe it’s a lunch special only. Either way you are already stealing from this place by ordering this menu option.
The option we went with ended up being too much food for me – so next time I’ll go for the Mu Shu crepes special. But either way I’m coming back for some more over the weekend or the next time I escape the Palisades.
9919 Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Joss Cuisine on Urbanspoon