Il Cielo Happy Hour

When we did a poll last year of what types of Happy Hours you’d be most interested in hearing about, you guys all seemed to be in consensus that high-end happy hours, for a low-end price, are the best. A fancy spot where you probably couldn’t afford the food normally, but will get to try a glimpse of the menu, along with some discounted booze, for a lovely promotional price.

Second to fancy-pants  happy hours were happy hours that last past 7pm, so you can actually make it in time post-work to enjoy more than one cocktail.

This happy hour is both high end AND lasts til 8pm. Woop woop!

Il Cielo Happy Hour

Mon – Fri, 5pm – 8pm

Details: $7 appetizers + 1/2 off all drinks


This spot on Burton is pretty darned romantic. Cute little greenery & floral covered patio with strings of lights hanging from above and on every wall. Its been ages now (read: my 20th birthday) since I last went to Il Cielo because it is so freakin pricey, but I do recall the pasta being delicious and the ambiance fantastic (and you can actually trust me on this one, since I was under 21 and thus unable to let glasses of wine blur or inflate my impression!)

And since it goes until 8pm, you won’t have to risk speeding ticket and accident to make it in time. In fact, if you and the boo get off work in time, you could make it an early-ish date night all for a happy hour price. Love love love.

Il Cielo / 9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills / 31.276.9990/



20th Anniversary at La Boheme

News of this deal made us so incredibly happy:

In celebration of their 20th anniversary (a shockingly long time for a restaurant in a city that chews up and spits out restaurants seemingly every other day) Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood will be offering happy hour until 10pm EVERY SINGLE DAY of November.


That means $4 beers, $5 wines, $5 wells, $7 specialty cocktails, and half off all bites and sandwiches, DAILY, from 5pm-10pm this month. This is amazing. No, this is better than amazing, this is effing fantastic.

We are already huge fans of the La Boheme happy hour, the drinks are cheap, the location is walkable from home (i.e. we can drink more), and the food is pretty decent. But til 10pm? We’ll be there every day.


Cafe La Boheme / 8400 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood CA / 323-848-2360 /

Stella Rossa Late Night Happy Hour

2014 Update: Now Stella Barra Pizzeria. Not certain they offer HH.

Though we always feel guilty, and hungover, after enjoying a good late night happy hour, we simply cannot resist them. Yes, the next day will suck, as you try and sneak in naps on/under your desk and pound coffee to try and delete the pounding headache, but the drinks were so cheap! And what is life if you can’t live a little?!

If you follow along with that justification for mid week, late night, boozing, then you’re sure to enjoy this spot:

Stella Rossa Pizza: Late Night Happy Hour!

Mon – Thu, 10pm – 12am. Fri – Sat, 11pm – 1am. Sun, 9pm – 11am.

Pair this delicious pizza w/ some cheap booze at happy hour!

No, that was not a typo. Yes, there is late night happy hour ON THE WEEKEND too. A night when you were going to drink anyway and stay up until cockroaches crawl outta the gutters and take over the streets. But instead of paying $12 for a glass of vino on your weekend binge, you’ll be paying $5. FIVE DOLLARS FOR WINE… ON THE WEEKEND!

Happy hour deals also include $3 Bottled beers, $4 Drafts, and $12 pitchers of red and white sangria.

So not only can you drink for cheap during the week way past your bedtime, but you can drink for cheap on the weekend until your bedtime!

Stella Rossa Pizza Bar / 2000 Main Street, Santa Monica / 310.396.9250 /

Half off at XIV Terrace


Despite the fact that the crowd isn’t really our scene, and the drinks are obscenely pricey, we’ve found ourselves cocktailing on the XIV Terrace quite a few times over the years. The terrace is one of those spots, like Roger Room, that serves incredibly delicious cocktail concoctions that, despite being really tastey, are too pricey for our meager salaries to handle.

All bitching about price aside though, the patio is well decorated and has lots of comfy booths for you to chill at while you booze. And, as we recall, their bar apps are pretty darned good as well. Add to all this the fact that we have some friends that work for SBE, and we have a pretty legit excuse to head there every so often. Now we won’t have to bitch about the price as much when we do:


What: XIV Terrace, “Mid Summer Night’s Drink”

When: Every Thurs+Fri+Sat, 7-10pm

Deal: 50% Off Drinks


That’ll make that yummy raspberry cocktail we had last month about $7.50 instead of $15, which is a far more reasonable deal. It’ll also put your simple well drinks and wines closer to $5-$6/glass, which is a pretty decent offer when you consider your enjoying a Michael Mina spot. And if you’ve got some extra cash you’re looking to blow, we recommend you grab some dinner in the dining room as well. The food is good and the vibe is very ‘wheeling-and-dealing Hollywood’.


XIV Terrace / 8117 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA / 323.656.1414 /

Old Pasadena Happy Hour Week

Really, as far as we’re concerned, it’s happy hour week every week in LA. There are so many great options from east to west across the city that there is ALWAYS a spot you can stop for happy hour, at nearly any time of day (well, save for those pesky dry hours between 2am – 6am.)

But rarely are there so many great all night happy hours within walking distance of each other as there are this week for Old Pasadena Happy Hour week:

Starting March 1st (yesterday) and lasting until March 8th, some of Old Pasadena’s best spots around Raymond Ave and Colorado Blvd will be featuring special happy hours, some lasting all night long!


Here are some of our favorite options:

* BarCelona: Sun- Thurs, 4pm – Close; Fri-Sat, 4-7pm. Happy hour deals include: $4 Sangria, $5 Wine, $2.75 Beer, $5 Wells, $5 Specialty Drinks + $3-$5 Tapas (think delicious Spanish snacks like empanadas, tortilla espanola, spanish sausage flatbread, and ablondigas)

* Creme De La Crepe: Daily, Open – Close. $3 Beer & Wine, $3 Appetizers (including waffles, escargot, soup de jour, and savory and sweet crepes)

* Equator: Mon – Thurs, 4pm – Close. Deals vary by day (Mon: all apps & mixed drinks 1/2 off, Tue: $1 Martinis & $1 Satays, Wed: Wine & Sake 1/2 off + Live Music, Thurs: $3 Martinis, apps, mixed drinks, & beer) PLUS: $10 Bottomless Mimosas on Sat & Sun, 11am – 4pm!!

* IX Tapa Cantina: Sun – Thurs, 4pm – Close; Fri – Sat, 4-7pm. Happy hour deals include: $5 Margs & Sangria, $4-$5 Tequila Shots, $3.50 Wells, $2.75 Domestic Beers, $3.50 Imported Beers + $2-$5 Food items (including chipotle chicken pizza, shrimp cocktail, tostadas, hot wings, sope & mas!)

* Sushi Roku: Sun – Tues, 5 – 10pm; Wed – Sat, 5 – 7pm. Happy hour includes $5 Kirin, Small Hot Sakes, Wines, Wells & ‘Fusion on the Rocks’ + $3 apps and  $3-$5 Sushi Rolls

All in all, there are 19 spots participating, some with better deals and  later happy hour times than others. To download a chart of all the participating restaurants & their available hours of happiness click here.  You can also download the happy hour menus and details here.


PS: March 8th is Mardi Gras so if you’re looking for a good spot to drink & celebrate without spending too much, one of these all-night happy hours might be perfect!

$20 Dinner+Dessert+Drink at Mozza

As far as great deals on superb food+booze in LA are concerned, it really doesn’t get much better than this:


Yes. Dinner, Dessert, and Booze for just $20 at one of the best pizza spots in town and one of the harder LA spots to get a reservation. Granted the deal is only valid Monday – Thursday, from Noon til 5pm (so not a happy hour spot), but it’s a great late lunch option, or the perfect way to end your night with the most delicious of 4th meals, 11pm – 12am.

We typically spend more than $20 anyway on most happy hours and only get some sliders and glass of wine. Shit, just last weekend I had just 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza, a small unexciting side Caesar and a soda at Mulberry and it put me back $16. I’d much rather spend $4 more and get an entire pie, covered in delicious Fontina, Mozzarella, Sottocenere, and sage (the Bianca, normally $18) with their famous and outstandingly delicious Butterscotch Bundino ($9), and a glass wine. MUCH PREFERRED.


A very classy, and thrifty, way to get drunk & fat indeed.


Pizzeria Mozza

614 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles



Happy Hour: Copa D’ Oro

2014 Update: Pricing increased a bit. Updated below.

We’ve been meaning to write this one up for months now. Not only do they serve inexpensive fancy-pants cocktails, but the decor and dim lighting are pretty sexay.

Photo from

Copa D’ Oro Happy Hour

Tues-Saturday, 5:30pm – 8pm (+ All Night Mondays!)

$5-$6 Specialty Cocktails, $4 Beer, $5 Wine, $8 Paninis, $7 Dips to Share


Rarely do we order cocktails for happy hour (we ARE winos, remember?) but Copa is known for its boozy creations so when we visited we changed things up and let the bartender make our drink selections for us. I really can’t recall the intricate details of what we drank (this was months ago, and after a couple drinks at Copa we moved on to two other bars… so things are a bit hazy.) But I do recall not being in love with the champagne cocktail, but much preferring the bourbon based Gold Rush. But for $5 a cocktail, so long as there is booze in it I don’t really care. Add to the cheap cocktails the fact that the hours of happiness start when most spots END happy hour, and the lure of Copa’s HH becomes pretty enticing.

Re: food. V was a fan of the nutella sandwich, but the tuna melt I had was pretty mediocre. Neither was terribly filling. But, really, this isn’t a restaurant, its a cool, swank, bar with delicious boozy creations. I’d say this spot is better for pre-dinner drinks, or post Monday dinner-date make-out sessions in one of the barely-lit lounge areas.

And with an all night happy hour on Mondays, the first day of the week might just become your favorite boozy night out.


Copa D’Oro

217 Broadway, Santa Monica


Copa d'Oro on Urbanspoon

Tuesdays @ Five0Four Hollywood

What’s better than a $5 Beer? Well, probably lots of things. But what’s better than a $5 Beer WITH a shot? For boozers like us, probably not much. Add a smoke into this $5 deal and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a short, but fun, life!

Every Tuesday, from 8pm – 2am Five0Four offers a $5 Beer+Shot+Smoke combo.

Not fans of smoking (like us!)? You can swap out that cancer stick for a condom instead! Just be careful, beer goggles + free condoms could be a regrettable combo.


Love the deal, but want to start your boozing/smoking/banging before 8pm? Show up for Five0Four’s own Happy Hour that lasts til 8pm (i.e. right up until the Tuesday $5 Beer+Shot+Smoke deal starts… i.e. no break in cheap drinks!)

Five0Four Happy Hour: ‘Drinkin with Lincoln’

Mon – Fri, 3pm – 8pm

$5 Drinks (Daiquiris, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, & Wells)

$5 Foods (1/2 Chicken or Po’Boys, Beer Bites, Sweet Potater-tots, Dirty Fries, Hot Wings, & Cajun Fries)

This is probably the only happy hour we’re aware of with Cajun style food, and we’re already eager to try it. Plus, you really can’t beat anything with a Lincoln theme, right?!?!?! (Friends, you may start your K+Lincoln jokes now.)


Alcohol, TVs, & Outdoor Patio. Must Be Heaven.

On top of all this cheap boozy awesomeness, Five0Four has other great weekday events & deals as well:

Mondays: 80s night, dress up and get a free drink!

Wednesdays: SIN Night, Reverse Happy Hour 8pm – 12am

Thursdays: $1 test tube shots all night long, 8pm – 2am

Sundays: Live Jazz Music 6pm – 9pm


Wow, that’s a lot of days with a lot of hours of cheap booze. AND there’s an outdoor patio. Love it.

Dim Sum Happy Hour at Xino

We’re pretty excited to tell you about this happy hour at Xino in Santa Monica.

The food (dim sum style) was awesome and was a nice change from the typical sliders/fries/caprese or sushi happy hour menus. Plus the beer is cheap and the cocktails are delicious.


Wild Mushroom Dumplings

Also, Xino is GIGANTIC so there really shouldn’t be any worry about finding a table. There’s a large bar area up front, a long and large dining room (with private dining options) down the side, and out back is a giant patio and bar that overlook 3rd street with some sexay little tents and tables for boozy canoodling.

Xino Happy Hour

Mon-Fri, 4pm – 7pm AND Thu-Sat 11pm – 2am

$5 Plates, $5 Drinks, $3 Beers


We were lucky enough to be invited to come try Xino for GRATIS last week, so we ordered up everything on the happy hour menu (plus a couple recommended items from the regular menu).  Everything was damn good, but we definitely had some favorites. In particular the chicken sui mai and the wild mushroom dumplings were pretty amazing. We also ordered the bbq pork sliders (oh my god these were good) and the chicken lolipops (good but messy).

BBQ Pork Sliders


Also, if you drop by in the next few days make sure to ask for the Sinna-Rum cocktail. It’s not on the happy hour menu but its delicious, holiday-ish, and gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Xino Dim Sum House

Santa Monica Place – (3rd Floor)

(310) 755-6220

Xino on Urbanspoon

Upper West Happy Hour

Update 2014: Happy Hour is Daily, 5-7pm + Mondays 5-10pm ($4-$6 Draft Beers, $4 Wine, $6 Cocktails, $6-$9 Plates)

We heard via a reliable news source (Twitter) that today is the busiest booziest day of the year for bars.

So, for all ye who need to get sauced before you go suffer the family (or for those that want to get sauced with the family – like us), here’s a happy hour to start your holiday weekend off boozy and cheap:



The Upper West Happy Hour

Daily 5-7pm, Monday: 5- 10pm

$6 Specialty Cocktails

$4 Tangerine Wheat & $5 North Coast Pranqster Drafts

$4 House Red & White Wines

$4 – $8 Bites and Bar Food


We hit up this happy hour last month and its pretty damn good. The wines are decent, the tangerine wheat draft is awesome, and the cocktails are great (loved the Lycee Martini). The food is also a great deal, and though we didn’t try everything on the happy hour menu, we did really enjoy the bar burger – it was the perfect petite size and came with tasty chips.

Plus, for those that will be driving to see family outside LA for the holiday, The Upper West is located right near the 405 and 10 so post happy hour you can jump on the freeway and head straight to see the parental units (with a designated driver, of course…)


The Upper West

3321 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica


Upper West on Urbanspoon