Mercantile Wine + Cheese Flights

As though there weren’t already enough good things coming out of George Abou Daud’s entrepreneurial mind (think The Bowery, Delancy, District, etc…)  – here’s another great deal coming from one of our favorite Daud owned spots: Mercantile.

Every Monday (tonight!) & Wednesday

Mercantile will be offering a $20 wine flight with cheese pairing.

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This is a pretty rad deal and reminds us of a similar deal we LOVE from Vinoteque. We can only hope that Mercantile pours their ‘tastes’ as full as Vinoteque does (i.e. basically full glasses of wine.)

While you’re there shop their gourmet market & bring something home to impress your friends with your impeccably refined taste & class. Or stay longer and enjoy a bowl of their French Onion soup (it’s pretty darned good) while listening in on the conversations of the self-proclaimed foodies sitting next to you.

Plus, for those who haven’t visited the Mercantile website: Do!  The website, much like the brick and mortar location, is like stepping into another world. Just one click and its like I’m in Paris (via my tiny Mac screen) – great design, pretty French music, lists of delicious sounding baked goods and such.

This might be the perfect find for tonight – save money (super important since rent is due this week!) and enjoy some vino in a classy environment. Love it.


The Mercantile

6600 West Sunset Boulevard / Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 962-8202


Favorite Sammich Ever.

I have gotta say:  this was the best sammich I’ve ever had.

Roasted Turkey at V Cafe

Me and the man went to V Cafe on Melrose last Friday for lunch. The restaurant/fancy market just opened a couple weeks ago and is next door to The Improv, and brought to you by the same guy that owns the V Cut Smoke Shop a couple doors down.


Blah Blah Blah it’s cute and adorable and the staff is great, yes yes yes, but let’s get to the food:

I ordered the Roasted Turkey Panini & the man ordered the V Panini with Proscuitto and long story short: everything was amazing.  AND, in what must have been a birthday weekend miracle, I actually made the better food selection than the man!! I swear, without recommendation he always orders the best thing on the damned menu and I’m stuck with food envy from my poor choice. But not this time! I won I won I won!!! (As one friend says – relationships are a constant battle for power…)

While his V Panini was still pretty delish – mine was the best sandwich I’ve ever had.


The deets:

Roasted Turkey Panini – Roasted turkey with Manchego cheese (new fav cheese thanks to GG), basil aioli, greens, tomato, and pickled red onion.

It’s got the perfect combination of flavors and the bread is perfectly pressed so it’s not too hard to get your mouth around. It also comes with a small side salad (just greens and Balsamic) and some tasty little ‘house pickles’ (pickled olives, banana peppers, and normal pickle-y pickles).

And for around $8 it’s not a bad deal for lunch in this area (compared to the $13 sammiches at Froma down the street.. which are good but not as good as this one.)


This sammich is so good that after double checking their hours of operation online, we walked back to V Cafe on Sunday for my BDay lunch. BUT THEY FAILED! Dude was locking the door as we walked up and the place was dark inside (at 1pm… on a Sunday…)

Lame. We should have known when they didn’t answer the phone…

Anyway –  this unfortunate experience won’t stop me from returning this week because I NEED that sammich.  Maybe I’ll even BYOB this time (wine of course), then I’ll really be in heaven… drunk and fat and happy.



8164 Melrose Avenue

(323) 951-9577
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Surviving Saturday And Sunday Mornings

Lines at breakfast spots in LA on the weekends are nuts – especially around noon when all the drunks wake up in desperate need of greasy breakfast food to nurse their hangovers. It’s because of these lines that I rarely go to Toast anymore – its just not worth a 30+ minute wait when you’ve got the shakes and need coffee STAT.

One of my favorite spots in the city for lunch has always been Cuvee on Robertson.

We Put the ‘ASS’ in Class

I love the combination of fine cheese and champagne. Something about spending time with a friend, enjoying a great cheese plate with a glass of Veuve Cliquot, makes me so infinitely happy.
Unfortunately this love of mine is rather expensive. I’ve tried to imitate it at home and, though the Champange is far less expensive this way, you lose the economies of scale on the cheese that the restaurant can offer. You also lose the ambiance and the people watching. It’s just not as special when you’re enjoying a brick of cheese while watching Horatio take on and off his sunglasses on CSI Miami.

However, during an amazing walk through WeHo on Sunday afternoon I found the perfect solution to this expensive habit of mine: Froma.