Gold Standard

We know most of you arn’t big ‘planners’, preferring to weigh your options until the very last minute before committing to anything (something/someone better could come around, right?!). BUT this is one of those things you need to act on QUICKLY, and trust us, nothing better is coming around than this event. AND even though it’s is over a month away, we are still probably telling you about it a bit late. Tickets went on sale on the 20th and are already going FAST.

This is the 3rd of such events held by LA Weekly and The Wine House and it’s basically the fattest drunkest event you’ll find in LA this year.

Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer prize winning food critic and author, has selected 40 LA restaurants to participate and share their food with the you (yes, he’s that big of a big shot that he not only gets to pick the spots, but the event is named after him as well). Restaurants will include great fancy pants spots like BistroLQ,  Mozza, Jar, & The Foundry as well as unpretentious & just-damn-delicious spots like Jitlada, Slaw Dogs, Mo-Chica, and Manila Machine. (See website for more participating restaurants)

To wash all this delicious food down The Wine House will be pouring some fantastic wines from over 30 wineries. For those less wine-inclined, Bulleit Burboun and Opulent Vodka will be offering pairings & tastes of their booze as well.


This event really sounds like heaven to us: amazing food and great wine make for a lazy, hazy and full Sunday afternoon. And it’s all just $60, which is the price of a nice dinner sans the booze. But just a warning to the wise: Little bites + lots of wine = fast drunk, so keep it classy and pace yourself.


FYI: Tickets WILL NOT be sold at the door. So get them online STAT.



When: Sunday, March 6th. 1-5pm

Where: Petersen Automotive Museum (6060 Wilshire)

General Admission: $60 (VIP: $80, Sold Out!)

Follow @LAWeeklyStreet for more information






Pasadena Wine Fest

This must be the year for fests. We’ve been to beer fests, gourmet fests, food truck fests, and wine fests this year, nearly twice a month!

Obviously, Pasadena didn’t want to miss out on all this festy action and decided they’d join the party and hold a fest of their own: The Pasadena Wine Festival.

I love that they don’t even mention food in the title (though it will be there) – they just sell the wine. And with 125 different wines being represented there will definitely be lots of it!


Pasadena Wine Festival

When: October 9th, 2010 / 2pm – 10pm

Location: LA County Arboretum

Details: Wine Tastings + Food Trucks + Live Music

Tickets: See Below

* GA: $28 (Includes: entrance + $1.00 wine tastings, food samples, a tram tour + live music)

* Deluxe: $55 ( Gets you free tastings of all participating wines poured in main tasting area, i.e. no VIP tastings + Live Music. We think this is probably your best bet ticketwise)

* VIP: $85 (Includes everything in Deluxe package + VIP access + food tastes from the Pala Casino chef team, VIP wine tastings, & backstage access)



Warning: at a similar Wine Fest (Taste of Beverly Hills) I experienced wine euphoria.  From the moment I walked in vendors were begging me to try not one, but 3-4 of their wines…

10 minutes later I was pretty well wine’d up (and no longer able to truly ‘taste’ anything I tried, let alone walk in a straight line).

So, learning from my mistakes, I recommend that you take it slow. Enjoy a couple sips, enjoy a couple bites, and maybe mix in some water in between. You’ll have a long day of tasting and you wouldn’t want to blow your load all on the first vendor!

Cheap(er) Ways to Attend This Wknd’s Food Fests

This weekend there are a couple gourmet food fests going on – events that involve bottomless booze (our fav), gourmet bites from the city’s best restaurants, live music, and cooking demonstrations.

Obviously because these events offer so many wonderful, and normally pricey, things to enjoy – they are pretty expensive to attend. The events in question?:


The Taste of Beverly Hills (Sept 2nd – Sept 5th)

LA Times Food & Wine Fest (Sept 5th)


Both events are sure to be swanky, and for what they are offering we’re tempted to say they might even be WORTH shilling out the high price to enjoy all the amazing foods and booze.

BUT LUCKILY you don’t have to pay the full price because Goldstar & Home Run have some dealyos that will enable you to enjoy excessive amounts of food & booze, without excessively stretching your funds.


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Korean BBQ Cookoff!!

Another foodie event this weekend that is making me reconsider my trip to SF – Korean BBQ Cookoff.  My roommate for 8 yrs was Korean (Yay Jenn!) and I remember the first time she took me to Manna Korean bbq in Koreatown – I was in heaven.  Rice paper + sesame oil + grilled meat = amazing.  I blame her for my random rice paper cravings.  I know you are probably wondering why I’m obsessed with the rice paper when the meat is actually the highlight of any Korean bbq meal, but seriously, have you eaten the rice paper at Manna? So good. Yummm.

On to the details….

 This Saturday (Aug 7th) from noon-8pm, is the 2nd Annual Korean BBQ cookoff.  Entry is free, and you can purchase food tickets for $5, which in turn can each be redeemed for a plate of food.  Participating restaurants: BCD Tofu House (I know some people love this place but the only time I went they gave me a raw egg and I thought it was boiled and broke it….bad memories), Park’s BBQ, Soowon Galbi, O Dae San, Kalbi Burger and some others.  Manna, why not you? Someone better be bringing the rice paper then…

 They will also have a beer garden (probably in our top 10 of favorite things…beer gardens) with lots and lots of Hite beer, and sweets from Coolhaus, Scoops and Cherry on Top.

AND there is a panel of celeb judges (well some are ‘foodie’ celebs but you’re reading a food blog…what do you expect): Jonathan Gold, Chef Ludo (ooh la la ladies!), and Sandra Oh (still not sure how I feel about her….dislike her in Sideways but love me some Grey’s Anatomy).

I know noon to 8p is a long window to head there, but here are some time specific events you might want to catch: 2pm is an all-you-can-eat competition, 3:30pm is a soju mix-off, 5pm begins the cook off competition.  So I would say get there in time for the Soju and stay for the food.  Unless you like seeing people have eating competitions but mostly those make me lose my appetite.

Check out more details at

 2nd Annual Korean BBQ Cookoff. 3600 Wilshire Blvd.

Taste of Marina Del Rey

We are on a relentless pursuit to keep you fat & happy every weekend. This weekend’s stuff-your-face food adventure?



When: August 7th & 8th, 11am – 10pm

Where: 4211 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-5413

Tickets: $35 at online & at gate, or $17.50 on Goldstar!

What’s Included: Admission, Concerts, & 5 taste tickets usable at over 50 different local vendors


So this isn’t a ‘play a flat fee and stuff your face endlessly’ kinda event. It’s more like: get some food with your ticket price, but everything else will cost ya, which is why if you’re going we STRONGLY encourage buying your tickets for 1/2off via Goldstar.

Your ticket does get you entry to see some live acts though, including the Gin Blossoms, who I haven’t heard from or thought of since middle school – but damn I used to love slow dancing to ‘Til I Hear it from You’ in the Chinook Middle School gym.

Also, some of the vendors at the event are boozy, like the Wine Expo, so we can only hope that this means small plastic cups of Chardonnay will be available to enjoy along with our Villa Tacos or Arcadie Crepes.


The location looks perfect (by the water!) and it seems like the perfect opportunity to try some smaller restaurants we’ve never heard of before.

Taste of Farmers Market

Need a surefire way to get drunk and fat tonight? Head to the Farmers Market at the Grove for their Taste of Farmers Market from 5-9pm.  Usually I dread going to the Grove because the parking situation alone aggravates me,  but since this event is at Farmers Market you can thankfully park in the market lot, so no excuses!

Not to mention this event is super afforable and a fun way to spend a summer weeknight.  Here’s the story – last year the Farmers Market held this event to celebrate their 75th anniversary, and it was such a success (read: sold out…so buy your tickets NOW) that they are bringing it back this year and hopefully every year to come.

And now here’s the deal: for $25 you can get all you can eat samples of food from over 45 different vendors in the market (I’m hoping this includes the Brazilian bbq place…and if it does, and I were you, I would camp out at that spot for the majority of the night….yum cheese bread).  I know what you’re thinking – this will get me fat but what about drunk? Well fear not, fellow boozehounds, there are other ticket options that do include drinks.  For $35 you can get the all-you-can-eat deal + 2 drink tickets (good for beer or wine), and for $50 you get unlimited food + 4 beer/wine drink tickets.  The $50 option also gets you express entry into the event and some other goodies like a free tote (for eco-friendly grocery shopping duh).  Unfortunately, there are no options that include all you can eat AND all you can drink so if you are looking for more than 4 drinks, you’re on your own.

In addition to the food samples, during the event most of the restaurants and the stores within the market will also have special deals and merchandise discounts.  And one other cool thing to note, the new burger place – Short Order – that is going to take over Dupar’s next fall/winter will be previewing their burgers so you can get a sneak peak of this highly anticipated burger joint (even though another great burger stop in my neighborhood is the last thing my ateries or waistline need).

As I mentioned before, this event did sell out last year and numerous sources online are threatening me in bold face AND italic font (they must mean business) that it will sell out again so buy your tickets now! Available for purchase online here.

Farmers Market LA. 3rd and Fairfax.

Savor Los Angeles

Seems like every time we check our inbox and there is a new ‘stuff your face & destroy your liver’ event going on in LA.

This makes us very happy.

We love events where we can pay a flat entrance fee & eat as many samples of food, and drink as many tastes of booze, as we possibly can in a set time frame. We consider these tasks a real challenge – like grown up Guts or DoubleDare.

The newest addition to your summer eating+drinking schedule? Savor Los Angeles.

Being that V has a serious sweet tooth she’s sure to have a major stomach ache after this one:


What: Savor Los Angeles – Sweets! Event

When: July 30th, 7pm – 10pm

Where: Miauhaus Studios, 1201 S. La Brea Ave, LA  ( 310.933.6180 )

Tickets: $35, VIP $55 ON SALE NOW!


The focus of this foodie event is all about sweets, and will feature tasty bites from Babycakes NYC, Frosted Cupcakery, N’ice Cream, Plaisir, Popcakes, Sweets for the Soul, XT Patisserie, & More!

To balance out all the buttery-sugary-goodness the event will also have a complimentary fruit and cheese bar (a palate cleanser so to speak), as well as BOOZE (bubbly + other paired beverages).

And for those of you who like to eat sustainably, and healthily: Savor has selected the participating sweets vendors based on their focus on using fresh & wholesome ingredients (i.e. organic, no high fructose corn syrup, etc..). Some vendors even offer some great vegan options and the overall event will feature on site recycling and reusable or rapid biodegradable plates+utensils.
On top of ALL of this you can also expect there to be raffles, music, a photobooth, and gift bags. And did we mention there will be booze?!
Just make sure to buy your tix early –  we’re pretty sure this much sugar+butter+booze+freebies is going to be a huge hit & sell out fast!

Make Sure to Wear Your Fat Pants

Got $50 and an endless appetite for booze & food? Here’s where you should be tomorrow:

The Vendy Awards

Saturday, May 15th, 4pm – 7pm

Location: MacArthur Park

Tickets Available Online for $50

Your ticket gets you event entrance + bottomless booze & food!

Participating vendors include top food truck nominees: The Grilled Cheese Truck and the India Jones Truck, as well as some taco trucks, a bbq truck, and a wiener guy. As always, anticipate lines and create a plan of attack on how to eek out as much ‘free’ food as possible (gotta mitigate that $50 ticket down so it’s actually worth it!) For ladies – we recommend wearing low cut tops and being aggressively flirty with vendor workers. For dudes – we recommend showing up with ladies. Being small and sneaky to cut to the front doesn’t hurt either.

Your ticket also gets you unlimited booze – we’re not sure on the deets of what they’re serving but Firestone Walker is one of the sponsors so we’d venture to guess they will be serving suds for you to wash down the food-truckety goodness.

We’ve done a little math and to get your $50 worth (and we’re completely ignoring the ‘atmosphere’ value here) you’d have to drink about 60 oz of beer and eat 1 whole grilled cheese from GCT, 1 curry dish from India Jones, 2 tacos, and 2 wieners in order to come out about even. We think you should aim even higher – maybe double those numbers so you really get your money’s worth!

Like we said, bring your fat pants or borrow your mom’s Hawaiian mu-mu, cuz you gotta lotta grub and booze to fit in that tummy in just three hours.

Grilled Cheese Invitational!

There is another festival in town this weekend, and although it won’t be as crazy as Beer Fest (what a great day that was…from what we can remember), it is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of grilled cheese (and who isn’t anyways?). 

This Saturday is the 8th annual Grilled Cheese Invitation in LA, held from noon to 6pm near Downtown LA. Tickets are super cheap – $10 if you purchase in advance online, or $15 at the door. We would suggest buying online because (a) you save money and (b) if the event sells out you won’t be able to get them when you arrive.   The ticket grants you entry into the competition as well as samples of grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese samples from Tillamook, who is sponsoring the event.

The event is a competition between amatuer and professional chefs to create the best grilled cheese sandwich.  There are 3 categories being judged, the missionary (standard grilled cheese), the kama sutra (exotic breads or ingredients i.e. garlic butter) and the honey pot (dessert style grilled cheeses).   The grilled cheeses entered in the competition will be judged by a panel of around 20 people (you can even register to become a judge on their website if the spots haven’t filled up already).  And for all the non-judges you can get in on some competition fun and will be able to taste samples of grilled cheeses from participating vendors and vote on your favorite amongst those samples.

There will also be a slew of other vendors there, a beer garden (not free 😦 ), music, a cheesy (get it?) costume contest, and a cheese yelling competition as well.  All in all, sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Get your tickets here:

Grilled Cheese Invitational:

Los Angeles Center Studios

1201 W 5th Street

Los Angeles, CA