Happy Hour at Monsieur Marcel

The other week we found ourselves at a tasting at Monsieur Marcel surrounded by the likes of the editors/contributors to  ThrillistLA, FeastLA, EaterLA, WhereLA, and the DuoDishes. Needless to say, we felt out of place on a number of levels. First off, all these blogs have been around MUCH longer and are FAR more famous/notorious than ours.  They are legit blogs, where their writers get paid to…write, unlike our half-assed money-sucking  ‘hobby’ here.  Also, we are queens of the cheap and easy. Don’t get us wrong, we love a fancy meal and a classy joint, but usually to enjoy one we have to make a decision between paying the bills and eating a delicious meal (often the meal wins.)

Anyway, Monsieur Marcel spoiled the holy bajezzuz out of us the other week and gave us this amazing 400 course meal (really, it was 5 courses) that left us so fat, so drunk, and so incredibly happy – and it was just a Tuesday night!

The best part is – we don’t have to feel guilty telling you about it because not only are MM’s normal menu prices pretty reasonable (especially for a spot that makes you feel like you’ve somehow escaped the hectic obese tourist crowd of the Farmers Market and stepped into a little bistro in France), but also because they have happy hour! A great one at that!

That wine there? 50% off on happy hour!


Monsieur Marcel Happy Hour

Mon – Fri , 3-7pm

ALL glasses of wine 50% off, $5-$7 Plates of Delicious European Style Apps (think Pate, Chorizo, Salamis, etc…)

When you’re done with happy hour, you can stop by the market and do some boozed up perusing of all the wonderfully amazing goodies that Monsieur Marcel stocks. MM tries to keep the most authentic and hard to find items from around Europe and Africa – with over 80 different types of chocolates (most of which you won’t find anywhere else), colorful and specialty flavored pastas, a huge assortment of jams and jellys, fancy bottles of brandy, tequila, and even some genuine absinthe.  On top of this, there is an amazing cellar of wines from around the world, including the mothership of Bordeaux selections.  And, while many things can be rather pricey, there are some items at the store that are actually quite the steal – like the fresh packaged spices that come in around $3 a container (larger, less expensive, and fresher than the stuff you’ll buy in the glass bottles at Ralphs) or the fresh cheeses – you can have them slice off as little or as much as you need.

Also, and please forgive us for not reporting this sooner, the Farmers Market has a summer concert series with live music from an eclectic assortment of groups every Thursday and Friday through September (please read the list of band names, some of them are freakin strange and hilarious).

We’re thinking: bottle of happy hour wine + a ton of brie + a plate of salami + live music on the patio is the perfect way to spend every single Thursday and Friday for the rest of the summer. Don’t you agree?

Delicious Goodies from the Market

Monsieur Marcel / 6333 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA / 323.939.7792 / www.mrmarcel.com/home.aspx (Open Mon-Sat, 9am – 9pm. Sun, 9am – 7pm)

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Taste of Farmers Market 2011

Working near the Grove & Farmers Market has many advantages: Tons of lunch options, shopping breaks, live music in the summers, daily AC Slater sightings…. really I could go on but I’d rather skip forward to the point of this article: The Third Annual Taste of Farmers Market.



Even though I’m directly across the street from 9-5 (or 6… or 7…) this event may require leaving work a TAD earlier than normal to take full advantage of the unlimited samples of foods.

It feels like every day I find myself endlessly debating which of the numerous Farmer’s Market food choices to select for lunch – is it Loteria Grill’s tacos? The New Orleans style gumbo spot in the back? A selection of cheese and meats (and an afternoon glass of vino!) from Monsieur Marcel? Well, no need to choose at this event, you can have it all for just $35!

Obviously, we aren’t sated by just food, and will require some delicious suds or vino as well, so we’ll be upgrading to the $45 package which includes a couple drink tickets. And if that isn’t enough to wash it all down, you can always grab a bottle of wine at the aforementioned Monsieur Marcel and brown bag it on your walk home.


The Farmers Market / 6333 W. 3rd Street / 323.933.9211 / www.farmersmarketla.com/

Taste of Farmers Market

Need a surefire way to get drunk and fat tonight? Head to the Farmers Market at the Grove for their Taste of Farmers Market from 5-9pm.  Usually I dread going to the Grove because the parking situation alone aggravates me,  but since this event is at Farmers Market you can thankfully park in the market lot, so no excuses!

Not to mention this event is super afforable and a fun way to spend a summer weeknight.  Here’s the story – last year the Farmers Market held this event to celebrate their 75th anniversary, and it was such a success (read: sold out…so buy your tickets NOW) that they are bringing it back this year and hopefully every year to come.

And now here’s the deal: for $25 you can get all you can eat samples of food from over 45 different vendors in the market (I’m hoping this includes the Brazilian bbq place…and if it does, and I were you, I would camp out at that spot for the majority of the night….yum cheese bread).  I know what you’re thinking – this will get me fat but what about drunk? Well fear not, fellow boozehounds, there are other ticket options that do include drinks.  For $35 you can get the all-you-can-eat deal + 2 drink tickets (good for beer or wine), and for $50 you get unlimited food + 4 beer/wine drink tickets.  The $50 option also gets you express entry into the event and some other goodies like a free tote (for eco-friendly grocery shopping duh).  Unfortunately, there are no options that include all you can eat AND all you can drink so if you are looking for more than 4 drinks, you’re on your own.

In addition to the food samples, during the event most of the restaurants and the stores within the market will also have special deals and merchandise discounts.  And one other cool thing to note, the new burger place – Short Order – that is going to take over Dupar’s next fall/winter will be previewing their burgers so you can get a sneak peak of this highly anticipated burger joint (even though another great burger stop in my neighborhood is the last thing my ateries or waistline need).

As I mentioned before, this event did sell out last year and numerous sources online are threatening me in bold face AND italic font (they must mean business) that it will sell out again so buy your tickets now! Available for purchase online here.

Farmers Market LA. 3rd and Fairfax. http://www.farmersmarketla.com

We Love Wine

By now you should have realized just how much we at Finer Things love wine.  We like wine more than a 12 year old girl likes Justin Bieber.  What is with that guy anyways.  But I digress.  If you are winos like us, check out this great wine tasting event this weekend at the Farmers Market @ the Grove. 

Saturday at the Farmers Market is the Spring Wine Fest, hosted by Monsieur Marcel and EB’s.  The wine tasting event will be held outdoors on the upper dining deck and runs from 1-4pm.  For $30 you can taste over 40 wines, and there will be gourmet cheese and small bites provided by Marcels and Ulysses Voyage restaurant.  You can purchase your tickets to the tasting in person or at www.farmersmarketbars.com.  Sounds like a great way to get in some day drinking this weekend!

Also a side note, Monsieur Marcel at the Grove has weekly wine tasting events every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30, more info on their website – www.mrmarcel.com.