Save The Date for FREE Burgers

Since we will be FAR too busy drinking our way through the national holiday on Monday to ever bother writing a post, we figured we’d alert you on this now. Gives you time to plan, set a google reminder, pen it in in your trapper keeper, tattoo it on your arm, etc…

On Monday, from 10:30am – 11pm, the Burger Lounge on Sunset will offer FREE burgers.


AND you get you choose which burger you want to shove down your pie burger hole! Will it be the classic Lounge Burger? Or are you a health-nut and prefer the Quinoa Veggie Burger? Maybe a tasty Turkey Burger? Or one straight from the sea: the Wild Salmon Burger.  Whatever your choice, the burger won’t cost you a dime. Why are they being so generous? Because its one of the grandest and most honored of holidays: national burger day.

But don’t get greedy, the promotion is only valid for one burger per guest. If your tummy is still grumbling for more, sack up a few extra dollars and grab some fries. Or another burger. We won’t judge… (because we are too busy drinking, remember?)


Burger Lounge / 8539 W. Sunset Blvd, WeHo / 310.289.9250 /


$3 Burgers at Golden State…Do it.

Golden State is probably our favorite burger spot in LA. The burgers are DEEEEELICIOUS, cost just $10, and include a heaping mound of fries (or salad if you so prefer.) They also have a stellar beer list of California born and bred brews.

But more about that burger: The beef quality and seasoning is fantastic and is topped with some bacon, some arugula, and a nice slice of some fancy California white cheddar….  all put together on a soft-but-not-too-soft-it-gets-soggy bun. Really, its fantastic.

Normally we arn't such pansys with the salad and order the awesome sweet potato fries with curry ketchup instead. But it was a rough day on the digestive system.


If all this hype for our favorite burger spot isn’t enough to have you running there right now, this should seal the deal:

Today, in honor of three deliciously successful years in business, the famous Golden State burger is only $3.00 from 3-7pm.

We have no idea how bad the line will be, we imagine pretty terrible. But if you work close its worth dropping by around 3-4 to see if you can grab one for cheap. Or if you have the patience of a god you might as well give it a go. I mean, its only $3. And its fantastic.

And if you’re smart, you’ll bring an extra $5 to buy a beer to wash it all down.


The Golden State /426 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles / 323.782.8331 /

The Park’s $15 Tuesday Prix Fixe

Another delicious and absurdly inexpensive Tuesday night dinner deal, this time for our Eastsiders:

The Park’s “SpeakEasy Tuesdays” 3-Course Dinner: $15

Not much else needed to describe this deal: it’s just $15 for 3 courses and includes a starter (soup or salad), an entree, and a dessert. Plus, the menu changes weekly so there is always something new to try. And it’s only $15… for 3 courses…

Photo by Alen Lin via

This Week’s Menu:

1st Course (Choose One)

Soup (Vegetarian Borscht w/ Yogurt)

– Salad (Shaved Celery Root, Fennel, Radish & Romaine w/ Horseradish Sour Cream Dressing)

2nd Course/Main (Choose One)

– Chicken Schnitzel, w/ Lemon Caper Sauce, Broccoli & Mashed Potatoes

– Mushroom Risotto, w/ Parmesan, Thyme & Arugula

3rd Course/Dessert

– Cheese Blintzes w/ Strawberry Sauce


For those unfamiliar with the dining destinations of Hipsterville (it’s pretty uncharted territory for us as well): The Park is in Echo Park (hence the name) and has other great deals during the week, including Friday Supper Club ($20 for 3 course selection from regular menu) and Wednesday Burger Night ($5 – 6oz Burgers w/ Choice of Side.)

For those that cannot enjoy a meal without a bit of a buzz – the booze is cheap too. Wines start at $6/glass ($20/a bottle!!) and beers at $5. Despite the fact that we are trying to save our selves (i.e. our livers) for tomorrow’s The Sexy Singles Soiree & Saturday’s CHRISTMAS KEGGER – we may just have to have a lady date tonight, split a bottle of wine & scarf down yet another multi-course meal. This blog’s tag line has really become a self fulfilling prophecy…


The Park Restaurant

1400 Sunset Blvd / Echo Park, CA.


The Counter Comes to WeHo!

…This is not going to help our Spring ‘Swimsuit’ Diets…


Every week we read through Twitter and see this great deal available Tuesdays after 4pm at the Counter in Santa Monica and Marina del Rey: 4 Mini Burgers + 4 Beer pairings for just $12, and it always makes us drool. (In case you don’t know – The Counter is an awesome burger joint, with locations all over the country, where you can design your own burger with any of their many ‘Market Selection’/Locally sustanabile ingredients. Its really really yummy.)


How we wish we could drive all the way out to these beach cities to experience this amazing deal, a deal that features our favorite food + drink pairing of all time. But after we’ve commuted 1.5hrs home the last thing we want to do is turn around and drive to the beach (yes… we are very lazy…)


But now we have a Counter of our own in WeHo – on Fairfax and Sunset! It opens today so we will probably be there three or four days this week… (until we are uttlery sick of burgers and have to take a couple days off to recoup from the meat sweats.)


We can only hope they will offer the same great Burger+Beer pairing deal for just $12 at this location too (though part of me, the part that wants to actually wear a swimsuit this summer, hopes they don’t…)


The Counter Sunset Boulevard

7919 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90046

323 436 3844
323 436 3846 fax

Burger Bargain

I feel like I am on a constant search to find the best burger in LA, but there are so many options that so far we are at a probably 10 way tie. Sometimes I crave a Father’s Office burger and sometimes I dream of the shoestring fries that accompany my Rush Street burger. And almost always at 3am on a weekend, I want my In-N-Out burger with animal style fries (I know…it’s fast food…and a chain…but you can’t beat In-N-Out).

One place I have yet to try but have heard great things about is the burger at The Counter. And on Tuesdays (today!), they have a great burger special that almost makes me want to leave the house in this rainstorm and head there tonight.

Every Tuesday starting at 4pm, at the Santa Monica and Marina del Rey locations, The Counter has a $12 special where you can get 4 mini burgers and 4 beer pairings. These are not your regular mini burgers either, you can choose from a beef, turkey, chicken or veggie patty and they have a large variety of cheese, toppings, and sauces (including grilled pineapples, caramelized onion marmalade, roasted garlic aioli…yum!)

So if you are in the mood for some burgers and beer get there tonight, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

The Counter.