AMMO Social Hour

Insert snarky comment about ‘social hour’ vs. happy hour here. Oh wait, already did that yesterday…

Via foodgps – you should read their blog, its good, and unlike us they can actually write (and edit) their posts.

Ammo Happy Hour / Social Hour

Cocktails: $6 each (PBR+Whiskey Shot, Gin+Lemon tonic, Margarita, Ginger Bourbon, and Vodka Lemonade)

Bites: $3-$8 each (Pizza, Cheese Plate, Buschetta, Breakfast Radishes, Olives & Almonds, Sauteed Kale, and Fries)

When: 6-7pm M-Th, 5:30-7pm Fri & Sat, 5-7pm Sun


I’m actually excited to report on this one as I only recently realized where the heck this spot is. Its close to us and the the menu isn’t totally standard bar fare – which we LOVE.  And with HH offered on Fridays & weekends this will hit the top of our list for wind down cocktails at the end of the week.


AMMO / 1155 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles CA 90038 / 323.871.2666 /


Get Canned at Blue Palms

Tonight, and every single Wednesday in the foreseeable future, Blue Palms wants to get you canned. And by canned, we mean wasted on canned beer. Good canned beer. Good, wonderfully priced at half-off, canned beer.

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of the amazing Blue Palms Brewhouse and its fantastic selection of beers, and its more recent lease/venue issues, then this is the time to check it out. And by ‘this is the time’, we mean tonight: Half priced canned beers from 5pm – 2am every Wednesday. You see those wonderful hours? Not just one hour, not just a few, but all damned night you can guzzle down inexpensive delicious canned beer. Well ain’t that a doozy.


Can’t make it tonight? Blue Palms has great pricing on their beers and a fantastic selection of brews so its definitely worth a visit regardless of what night of the week it is. That said, there are some things to sweeten the deal on other nights as well: $4 Beers on Happy Hour 5-6:30pm, Flat Bread Pizza Mondays, $4 Pint Night Tuesdays, and .35cent Wing Night Thursdays. They’re gilding a lily here, but who are we to turn down a good deal?


Blue Palms Brewhouse / 6124 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood / 323.464.BEER /

Happy Hour at Next Door Lounge

We are always looking for things to write about for this blog. Our phones are filled with menu and food pictures. Our gmail drafts box is filled with potential articles & tips we read about while scouring the interwebs. Even when out with a group of friends for someone’s birthday, you’ll find us parsing over the menu and reading all the signs and specials, looking for an angle on how we can write the spot up.

No, we don’t make money off this blog and thus its not a tax deduction thing. Really its just about having a steady solid  stream of good content and deals so we have something to write about everyday. And even with all this effort, it can still be difficult to come up with something to write about.

Luckily, I just remembered a little gem we came across last week while celebrating the recent engagement of some friends at Next Door Lounge.

Next Door Lounge Happy Hour

Tues –  Thurs, 5-8pm & Midnight – 1:30am, Friday 5-8pm

Deals: $4 Craft Beer, $4 Wine, $5 Cocktails +  $3-$6 plates

Unfortunately, we were there from 8:30pm-11:30pm, so we missed the hours of happiness. This meant we paid $12 a drink & $8-$10 for our dishes.  But the items we ordered we all really good (see above photo pulled pork sliders with crispy onions and cole slaw, yum). And the drinks were darned tasty too, though they would have been so much more delicious were they only $5 a pop. And if you want a sweet ending to your happy hour they have pie for $3 a slice.


If you have yet to go to Next Door Lounge, its pretty cool. Definitely a good spot for a birthday party or group get together with lots of large open loungey areas to sit. When we went, there white gloved gentleman manning the door, checking IDs and passwords (required to prove we were with the party), and ushering us in and to our reserved area. Kinda cool.

Next Door Lounge / 1154 N. Highland Ave, Hollywood / 323.465.5505 /

$5 Gourmet Burgers

At a recent dinner in Hollywood, we were introduced to Chef Sascha Lyon from Delphine, and engaged in a rather interesting discussion about his favorite places to eat LA. Inevitably the topic of burgers came up (LA’s major claim to fame and constant lust, along with truffle oil…)


Regarding his favorite burger, Chef Sascha couldn’t stop raving about the burger at Stout, down the street on Cahuenga. A burger we’ve never tried. But a burger we were destined to try when the words ‘$5 happy hour burger’ ever so beautifully slipped form Chef Sascha’s mouth.

From 4-6pm on Monday – Friday, you can enjoy any of Stout’s deliciously crafted burgers (most of which, like most ‘cool’ burgers these days in LA, are a depature from the standard cheese+tomato+lettuce) for just $5 a pop. That includes the full menu of beef, chicken and veggie style burgers (10 options in all.) Our eyes & stomachs are desperatley desiring a try of the Stout Burger, and the IOS 3am Chicken Burger sounds up our alley as well. And the Six Weeker. And the Morning After…. So looks like we’ll be returning a few times. At least.

Unfortunately Stout has yet to get with the program and offer us some cheap booze as well, but a normal priced beer and a $5 burger stills gets us totally sated and ever-so-slightly buzzed happier than we were when we walked in.

Stout Burger / 1544 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood / 323.469.3801 /

Bowling + Boozing Hollywood Style

Drinking deals at swanky Hollywood establishments are hard to come by, usually you end up shilling out $14 for a watered down vodka soda and wake up the next morning to a $200 bar tab.  Ouch. Plus you’ve left your credit card and ID at the bar, only they aren’t open during the day so you are forced to go back the next night to pick up your things, only to be tempted into additional rounds of overpriced cocktails.  Can you tell this has happened to us before?

This is why the Wednesday night only deal at The Spare Room is something to take note of.   (Sidebar: What is that rule about ending a sentence on a preposition? I can never remember and it always bothers me..)

The swankiest lanes you've ever seen...

Head to The Spare Room every Wednesday from 6-9pm to cash in on their booze + food + bowling deals that will let you enjoy the finer things in life without breaking the bank.   During these hours here’s what you’ll get: $5 mini lobster rolls, a $7 specialty cocktail, and $3 beers.  Plus, half-off bowling!

I know what you’re thinking, who heads to Hollywood that early? But, we’re talking $3 beers, so forget about your usually fashionably late timing.

The Spare Room (located inside The Roosevelt Hotel). 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

Happy Hour at Bossa Nova

Photo from

Bossa Nova’s tasty Brazillian food has been a late night, 4th meal, staple for us for years now. (Plus, they deliver, so if we make it back in time from the bars we can be welcomed home by fresh hot food which we then proceed to scarf down like Ms. Chris Farley and his french fries.)

But now, the situation at BN just got all the more enticing, as they have added a happy hour that makes their ever-so-delicious food even more affordable, and pairs it with some cheap drinks.


Bossa Nova Happy Hour

Mon- Fri, 3-7pm

1/2 off selected apps and drinks 

Update 2012: Sangria + Wine are just $3, Apps go from $3 – $6 or so. 


BN rocks three locations around the LA area (WeHo, Hollywood, & WestLA), and all are participating in this new happy hour deal. The pricing is pretty fantastic, and though we have yet to try their happy hour menu, we know from experience with their regular menu that the food is really great. We’re just hoping that the Coxinha (chicken+cheese+fried dough) and the Deluxe Dutch fries (which come covered in Gorgonzola) are on the HH menu cuz they are DAMN good (and the perfect unhealthy pairing for a cheap glass of vino.) And, at 1/2 off, all the apps on the happy hour menu come in at $6 and are pretty hefty serving sizes which are definitely shareable..

As far as booze is concerned, the discounted happy hour menu includes a selection of beers, wines and margaritas – so you’ll have multiple ways to whet your whistle without breaking the bank.


Bossa Nova West Hollywood: 685 N. Roberston Blvd / 310.657.5070

Bossa Nova Hollywood: 7181 Sunset Blvd / 323.436.7999

Bossa Nova West LA: 10982 W. Pico Blvd / 310.441.0404

One Dolla (yes, $1) Drinks!

There isn’t much you can get for a dollar anymore, especially when it comes to booze. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten booze for $1 (even the plastic jugs of Prestige -aka poison- vodka that we used to guzzle down in college were a pretty penny over that).  So when we spied this event for $1 drinks, we were shocked (and our livers were scared).

Tonight  is the official launch party for BarTab.  The launch party is actually a triple-launch with events in LA, SF and NY.  If you subscribe to Thrillist or the like you probably read about BarTab this week or last, it is an app that lets you buy drinks (all for $1 at participating bars), via your mobile (yes I said mobile instead of cell, I think it sounds cooler) phone.  You can send the drinks to your friends after you buy, the cost is $1 to buy and the reciever pays $1 as well to get the drink so technically in total it’s a $2 drink which is still cheap by any means. 

Other technicalities (did I spell that correctly?): if you ‘buy’ a drink it is valid for 90 days, you can buy 1 drink per hour and at one participating bar a day (but if you are wise your friends can buy you drinks at other bars and you can buy them at the bar you picked so you can hit up all the bars if you play your cards right), and to send a drink to someone they must be your Facebook friend first (so you can’t just point your phone at the pretty girl in the corner and shoot her out a drink, sorry).

What has the world come to? Cheap drinks purchased virtually? Pretty soon we won’t even need to interact with anyone at bars, just show up with your phone and booze away wirelessly.

Ok, now that that’s all cleared up, on to the good stuff – tonight.  Tonight at Dillon’s in Hollywood: $1 drinks (Svekda, Bud Light, Bud Wheat (whaaa?), and Budweiser), and there are also $1 bites (sliders, fries and wings…yum).  Party starts at 7pm and lasts all night or until the booze runs dry and since this is a multi-city launch you can even test out the app and send drinks to your friends in SF and NY!

Rsvp on BarTab FB events page and check out their website for more details on the app and participating bars.

Dillon’s Irish Pub. 6263 Hollywood Blvd.

Come Join Us!

Always wanted to meet V&K but can never seem to track down where we’ll be on any given night? (We like to stay mysterious like that…)
Or maybe you already know us, and thus know we are incredibly fun to drink with and that any night out with us is bound to be an adventure…
Either way: come drink with us tomorrow, we’ll be at EAST in Hollywood for their big ‘ol Socialite Happy Hour party!
We went here once before for a girl’s night/dinner, and while the normal menu wasn’t terribly overpriced, we are 10x as excited to return now that we know about their happy hour specials.
Here’s the details: