Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Spear Steak and Seafood

You gotta love a spot that commits a giant banner at the top of their web-page to advertising their Sunday Brunch. Not only that – its advertised all over their social media pages as well. This restaurant must really LOVE brunch – and thus they must be our newest friends. (Also – this really saves our lazy-asses a ton of time doing research and calling up the spot, so we love them even more.) 


Bottomless Mimosa Spot: SPEAR Steak & Seafood House, Downtown LA

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sundays, 10am – 3pm

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$7 Happy Hour at FIGat7th

Post work happy-hour block party?

We’re in.


Monday thru Friday, from 4pm – 9pm a handful of restaurants at 7th & Fig (okay they have re-branded to Figat7th, but old habits die hard), are offering happy hour. Nothing is over $7, somethings are even cheaper (like $3 wine!). The perfect excuse to bar & restaurant hop after work.

Participating Restaurants & Discounted Items: 

City Tavern: $7 Beast Fries (BBQ Pulled Pork, cheddar, onions & 1000 island on toasted garlic fries).  Psst: they also have boozy happy hour deals daily from 3-6pm. Deets on our Happy Hour guide. 

Loteria Grill: $4 Very Berry Margarita. Yum.

Mendocino Farms: $3 house wine (JACKPOT!!!), $5 Organic Eel River Blonde (that’s a beer, not a NorCal hippie).

New Moon Café: $7 Meal Combo: Honey Glazed Chicken Bowl + (Non-Boozy) Drink

Torta Company: $7 Hawaiian Chipotle BBQ Torta. Sounds like it might taste nice with that Loteria Grill bevvy… 



Happy Hour at Soleto

Check out this beaut of a happy hour:

Photo via DTLA: Rising with Brigham Yen

Soleto Happy Hour

Mon – Fri, 3-7pm

Deals: $3 Sangria, $4 Wine, $3 Beer + $3-$5 Plates + $8 Antipasto Platter

Soleto is the new IDG restaurant in the old Zucca spot on Fig. For those that don’t know, and probably don’t care to know, though I shall tell you anyway: Zucca was the first real restaurant I dined at after moving to LA. I remember nothing about the food, or the decor, though I do recall I was there as the date of my good friend NT for a frat formal. Brotherhood and shit. Good times.

Now back to the good part (said ala MBolton SNL style): Food items on the Soleto Happy Hour menu include a white bean hummus with tomatoes & pizza crust, ricotta bruschetta, polenta croquettes, shrimp oreganato, fontina fonduta with grilled veggies, and an antipasti platter with salamis, grana padana, apricot mostards, charred brocollini and crostini. YUM.

Immediately after seeing these awesome HH deals, V and I busted out our trusty abacai: (6x$4+$8+$3+$4)/2… lets see… MDAS…. carry the two… = less than $20 per wonderfully buzzed and happily sated person (well, before tax+generous tip, of course!)

That is AWESOME.

If you care to understand our math better: 6 glasses of wine (3 per person) at $4 per glass, split an $8 antipasto platter, and go sharezies on some ricotta bruschetta ($3) and polenta croquettes with marinara ($4). As previously stated, though we must repeat: and equation for a wonderfully buzzed and happily sated couple of gals.


Soleto / 801 S. Figueroa, Downtown LA / 213.622.3255 /

UMAMIcatessen happy hour

Here piggy piggy piggy…

Photo via The Hollywood Reporter

Looking for a happy hour to quench your nearly insatiable appetite for piggy (and other delicious fatty proteins)? Look no further…

Umamicatessan Happy Hour

When: Mon – Fri, 4-7pm.

What to eat: $5 short rib sliders, $5 truffle sliders, $6 bacon wrapped dogs with peppers and chipotle cream, $5 noBLT w/ crispy chicken skin, and half off 1oz servings of domestic hams.  

What do drink: $5 draft beers, $5 wells. 

The cafeteria style spot is made up of multiple little counters/stores, each featuring different happy hour deals. At PIGG you’ll get the half off hams, the burgers and dogs can be scored at Umami, and at The Cure you can grab the crispy chicken skin noBLT (a protein just as gluttonously delicious as pork anyway). And for those beer lovers out there, the draft list is comprised of nine awesome options including Ranger IPA, Stone Beach House Amber, Allagash White, and Bitburger Premium Pils.

Really, arn’t greasy meats + beer at a reasonable price what happy hour is all about? We certainly think so.

Umamicatessen / 852 S. Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles / 213.413.8626 /

SaiSai Happy Hour + March Madness

If you’re looking for a good spot to post up after work today to watch the tourney while slinging back a ton of beers, Sai Sai might be the perfect place.

Though not a traditional sports bar filled with rowdy boozed-up, foul-mouthed, patrons (and we realize that is a preference and MUST for some sports fans) –  Sai Sai does have 55″ flat screens around the joint AND they offer a killer happy hour during the games.

Sai Sai Happy Hour

Mon – Fri, 3-7pm (Offering extended hours of happiness for March Madness games.)

Deal: $2 Beers, $4 Wine.


You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on beer in the city, and four dollar wine certainly fits nicely into our wino budgets. A nice bonus: If you’re coming from the job you can tote along your laptop to enjoy Sai Sai’s free WiFi. The perfect way to track your many brackets throughout the night (while you simultaneously browse pinterest, twitter, and your top 100 list of blogs…)

No, this happy hour doesn’t offer any food deals, but the menu at Sai Sai is damn cheap already. Entrees include $8-$11 noodle bowls, like Chicken Curry Udon or Beef Galbi Ramen, and all sound tasty. For dessert: 4 pieces of mochi for $6? LOVE mochi, and pretty sure that’s nearly the same price as the boxed stuff in the freezer aisle at TJs.


In summary: long happy hour. $2 beers. TVs. Cheap food. All good things.


Sai Sai Noodle Bar (In the Biltmore Hotel) / 501 S. Olive, Los Angeles / 213.624.1100/

Takami $4 Four-Year Anniversary Menu

How does an all day, all week, happy hour sound to you?

Well if the answer is anything but ‘fantastic’ you’re a nut job and should seek help. Because to us it sounds FANTASTIC! Like heaven! A relief to our wallets, a relief to our stomachs, and a pain to our livers! (Which is, of course, the ultimate goal for any FinerThings aficionado)

Takami/Elevate Lounge View, Cool Right?


As usual, we’re reporting this deal a bit late since we were so drunk/hungover all weekend (yesterday included) but you still have three delicious days to enjoy the deal:

Takami $4 Four-Year Anniversary Menu

Available: All Day, Sunday Aug 21st – Thursday Aug 25th, in the Lounge Only

Details: A decently sized menu of $4 items, including select wines, cocktails, sake, and beers as well as food items like a spicy tuna or salmon roll, japanese tacos, flat iron steak or salmon robata, and a Japanese tiramisu for dessert. All just four dollas!


A couple plates and a cocktail leave you with a a $12 bill and the perfect dinner solution (which is about what it’ll cost you for a Baja Fresh Baja Burrito + Soda. And the food will be better. Way better.)


Takami . Elevate Lounge / 811 Wilshire Blvd, Downtown LA / 213.236.9600 /


Super Long Happy Hour @ Wolfgang’s

There are those of you whose jobs don’t end at 6pm –  you can never make it to happy hour with your friends and are always missing out on cheap booze + bites.  Basically, your weeknights suck. Well, not any longer, thanks to Wolfgang’s new happy hour!  And, for those of you that do still get off work at a regular hour, it’s even better for you – 3 extra hours of happy hour deals.

Normal happy hours end at 7pm, and Wolfgang’s at L.A. Live has recently kicked it up a notch, extending their happy hour til 10pm, every Monday thru Thursday.  Their happy hour starts at 4pm (whoever gets off work early enough to hit it up at 4 is really the luckiest of us all), so that’s 6 straight hours of discounted drinks and apps – we love it.

During their happy hour, you can get 8 appetizers for $8 each, including truffled potato chips, prime beef sliders, and 3 different pizzas.  In terms of booze, their deals are: $4 draft beer, $6 select wine, and $8 for something a little heavier duty (either a Patron margarita or a rosemary caipirinha).

A perfect happy hour if you work in DT or are catching a show at Staples or Nokia!

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill. 800 West Olympic. (213) 748. 9700.

PrixFixe Mondays at Roys


I haven’t been to Roy’s since back in my USC days when I lived at the Medici downtown (back when the Medici was still reasonably priced and not filled with grungy hipster FIDM kids who smoke in the pools.) I wasn’t as much of a food addict then, and typically put most of my calories towards frat-provided Popov screw drivers & Bud Light. But I do recall thinking Roy’s was pretty delicious, albeit rather expensive (especially for someone living off student loans and scholarships.)

Due to my traffic-phobia and lack of desire to leave the Mid-City/West Hollywood area after work, I haven’t had much inclination to head back downtown to Roy’s since. But just reading about their Monday prix fixe deal and dreaming up the typically expensive combos I could create is making me hungry and slightly more inclined to head East for dinner tonight:

Roy’s Monday Prix Fix

3 Courses: $35.95

Available Until April 18th


Typically, prix fixe menus include one, maybe 2, maybe even 3 options for each course. But Roy’s is letting you select ANY appetizer, ANY entree, and ANY dessert from the menu to create your prix fixe dinner perfection. Okay, tiny writing excludes Yamaguchi Sushi and Sashimi, and Mixed Plates from the offer, but still this leaves you quite a few options!

If you want to get the most from your money on this prix fixe dinner we recommend you go for the big buck items: starting with a Tazmanian ocean trout tartar appetizer ($13.95), and moving on to the steamed Thai snapper as your entree ($31.95). There you’ve already beaten the system and spent more than $36 and haven’t even gotten dessert yet!



For those who just don’t want to spend $36 on dinner, regardless of regular dinner prices and quality of food, Roy’s also offers a happy hour every Sunday – Friday. Happy hour is offered at the bar from 4:30-6:30pm, and then again from 9pm – Close and features a menu of $5 food and drink items. The menu sounds far better than your typical HH menu of fried foods, featuring item like Wagyu beef sliders, lobster pot stickers, and California rolls all for just $5. Booze includes a selection of wines, beers and Hawaiian specialty cocktails all for $5 as well (plus a $3 Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale.)

Outside the downtown area, there are quite a few other Roy’s locations, each of which also offer the Prix Fixe Monday and the Aloha Hour deals (Pasadena, Newport Beach, Woodland Hills…) However we recommend you check each restaurant’s webpage to confirm hours and pricing, as not all locations offer the later happy hour like the downtown one does.


Roy’s Downtown

800 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles


Whiskey Tasting + $5 cocktails @ The Falls

Free whiksey? Don’t mind if I do. $5 cocktails? Oh, why thank you, kind sir.

If this is the type of conversation you would like to have tonight, head to The Falls in Downtown for their whiskey tasting event.  The Falls is a pretty amazing bar on Spring St, that we usually like to hit up post food truck binge during Artwalk.  If you haven’t been yet, tonight is the perfect night.  Heaven Hills distillery will be on hand with free (yes, I said FREE) ‘tastes’ of whiskey.   The tasting will be held from 6-8pm, and as an incentive to stay at the bar, The Falls will also have $5 cocktail specials all night long!

If you can’t make it tonight, The Falls does has a pretty great happy hour, so add it to your list of after work specials if you work Downtown.  Happy hour is Monday-Friday from 6-9pm (we love how late it ends!), and features $6 specialty cocktails, $5 well drinks, $4 beer (or $5 for beer+shot), and FREE snacks.  I love the word free and by transitive property I love The Falls and you should too.

The Falls. 626 Spring St. (213) 612.0072.