Waterloo & City Happy Hour

This post has been a long time coming. It’s amazing food, amazing drinks, cool venue & it’s all available on-the-cheap between the hours of 5-7pm on a daily basis. What more could you ask for?

Photo via waterlooandcity.com by Michael Prince


Waterloo & City Happy Hour

DAILY, 5-7pm (in the Bar & Lounge Only)

Booze: $4 Beer of the Day, $5 Wells, $5 Wine of the Day, $6 Specialty Cocktails, $7 Martinis

Food: $8 Charcuterie & Cheese Plates, $8 apps, $12 Entrees


Before I remembered how much I LOVE being able to walk to work, I was considering snatching up an office space on Washington right down the street from Waterloo. I justified the move knowing that I could spend happy hour here a few times a week and that would mitigate the commute issue. The leasing agent for the building kept telling me how ‘up and coming’ the neighborhood is and I just kept thinking “duh, waterloo is next door.”

Anyway, while I didn’t move my office HQ that direction (walking to work is just too sweet), I do still adore this place and its gourmet happy hour. Full pizzas, a lamb burger, or some tasty gnocci just for $12 a plate? Obviously I’ll wash it down with a few wines of the day,¬† and there you have it, I’ve had a foodie-approved, booze infused, meal all for about $30. Rad.

Even us poor, classless drunk+fat gals find ways to keep up with the foodie joneses every once in a while ūüôā


Waterloo & City / 12517 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City / 310.391.4222 / http://www.waterlooandcity.com





Happy Hour at Bigfoot West

We’ve been told countless times about the great happy hour at Big Foot West. A happy hour that lasts not til 7pm, not even til 8pm, but til NINE PEE-EMM and DAILY!

Even if you work/live downtown, and don’t leave the office til 7ish, you can still make it to this Culver City¬†happy hour in time to guzzle down at least 3 drinks. (And if the city doesn’t run out of money first, SOMEDAY¬†there will be a train that will take you from DT to CC so you won’t even have to drive… though we might be old as dirt¬†by then,¬†we still like to dream of the idea of public transportation to help our boozing habits).


The daily 5-9pm happy hour at Big Foot includes a menu of $5 cocktails (Berri Blue, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Honeycomb & Kingston Mule are some of the daily HH drink options) as well as happy hour empanadas provided by La Cocina De Llonka. We could have one of each of the aforementioned cocktails, be seriously toasted, and still only be out $25+tip. Maybe $30-$35 if we decide to subdue the drunkenness with some deliciously greasy Mexican snacks. Either way, lotsa drunk, lotsa fat, little moolah.

Plus, it’s seriously a cool lodgy looking spot (so un-LA, which we love) and once you’re drunk enough, you’re sure to make friends with some of the stags mounted on the walls. Welll helloooooo Mr. Moose, would you like a sip of my Manhattan? Delicious isn’t it? Shall we make out?


Bigfoot West / 10939 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles 90034 / 310.287.2200 / www.bigfootwest.com.

New Kid on the Block Party Scene

I sit here, on plane back from a few days in Seattle, warmed from the deliciousness of my free glass of wine (oh yes, I’ve got connections). In theory I should be content, yet I already feel like I’ve missed out on so many LA events.

I’m sure it’s the booze talking but I’ve been missing happy hour, all-u-can-drink winefests, a new food truck, and I’m jealous of V for being able to experience it all while I sit in an 18″w Alaska Airlines seat (fav airline by the way).

In all my airplane boredom – I’ve already planned my first event for when I’m back in LA this week:
Culver City block party


Much like first Fridays in Venice, or last Fridays in Santa Monica – the Culver City block party will bring all our favorite local Culver spots together to feature drink deals, freebies, and shopping discounts. The one thing we love more than drinking with friends? Drunk shopping with friends.


Culver City Summer Block Party

Every 3rd Wednesday, 5pm – 9pm

Deals include:

* Akasha: 50% off all wines

* Bottlerock: $4 food, wine, & beer specials

* The Culver Hotel: Happy Hour extended to 8pm, free appetizers & live entertainment

* Fraiche: Free glass of sangria at the bar

* Gyenari: All night happy hour! Includes $3 wells, red, & white wines, $2 Hite drafts, $4-$7 apps

* Lunch: $2 Beers & Mini sammiches

* M Cafe: Complimentary Wine Tasting

* Ugo Wine Bar: Complimentary wine & appetizer samplings


(Check out the website for more deals & details…)


Since it’s on a Wednesday we assume the event will be more of a mass extended happy hour than an all out party. But rest assured, add V & me to the equation and it will quickly become a fiesta (complete with 1am calls to Ydrive and egg mcmuffins Thursday morning to survive work).

And what do you bet we’ll find ourselves at Backstage singing karaoke by the end of the night?

Oh how we love Culver…


2013 Update: CLOSED. 

Never before have we seen such a generous Happy Hour offer on wine as this one. We feel spoiled by the opportunity to purchase $4.50 wine at Oak Fire, and gleeful when we learned of $4 wine at The Upper West, but nothing tops this one:


Starting tonight, Fraiche in Santa Monica introduces their Lounge Series. For one short hour, from 6:30pm-7:30pm, Fraiche will ‚Äėpump up the vibe‚Äô (my phrase, not theirs) with a live DJ while offering $1 drafts and $1 glasses of Red or White Bordeaux. Yes, ONE DOLLAR.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days…

I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too..

Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean the weekend has to end, to keep your¬†drinking binge¬†going, here is our round-up of drink/food specials to last you through the week:




  • Taco Tuesday!…the choices are endless but here are some highlights:
    • The¬†Spanish Kitchen (West Hollywood): $2 tacos (all day) + Happy Hour: $3 tecates, $5 margs, $6 appetizers (from 4-7pm)
    • Marix (West Hollywood): $7.95 all you can eat tacos (all day) + Margarita Madness (from 4-7pm)
    • Te’Kila (Hollywood): $1 Tacos + $5 Tequila Shots (8pm – Close)
    • El Toro Cantina (next to Busby’s East – Mid Wilshire): $1 tacos
    • Cabo Cantina (either Sunset or Wilshire on the westside): $5 all you can eat tacos + Happy Hour 2-for-1 drinks (4-8pm)
    • Kay & Dave’s (Pacific Palisades, Culver City, Brentwood): $1 Tacos + Happy Hour Drink Specials (i.e. $1 Margaritas) from 4-7pm. (NOTE: As of 4/26/10 –¬† Rancho Park location has closed)
    • La Sandia (Santa Monica): 4pm – Close, $2 tacos, $2 quesadillitas, $2 tortas, and $2 Tecates.
    • James Beach (Venice): $15 Mahi Mahi Tacos w/ Soup or Salad + $2 Allagash Beers. 6-10:30pm.
  • Cha Cha Lounge (Silverlake): if you don’t like tacos or enjoy hipsters, the Cha Cha lounge has $2 PBR all night on Tues
  • The Upper West (SaMo): 1/2 off bottles of wine
  • Della Terra (Mid City): $16 3-course Dinners + $6 Glasses of Wine



  • Bodega Wine Bar (Santa Monica): Any bottle of wine, just $20
  • Good Microbrew (Hipsterville): $3 Mystery Beer Night
  • Campanile (Mid City): $25 Prix Fixe Market Menu
  • Big Wangs (Hollywood): $0.25 chicken wings and $2.50 beer (chosen by the bartenders), 4pm to close
  • Lola’s (West Hollywood): Late night happy hour special, $5 martinis 10:30pm-12:30am (Happy Hour also available Sun-Fri, $5 Drinks, $5.50 apps)
  • The Edison (Downtown): Happy Hour (wed – fri, 5-7pm), .35cent marinits, 40% off select cocktails & apps, $5 menu options



  • Checkers (Downtown): FOUR: 4 drinks, 4 menu options, all $4/ea for 4 hours! (4pm – 8pm)
  • Pop Champagne Bar (Pasadena): 33% off all bottles, all night
  • The London (West Hollywood): Happy Hour includes $5 glasses of Veuve Cliquot & Sake, $5 Gourmet Bites and $5 Valet Parking, 5-7pm (Wed & Thurs)
  • The Little Cave (Hipsterville): $3 Blue Moon and $5 Jaeger Bombs and FREE tacos. YES FREEEEE!!!


So if you didn’t have a reason to drink every night before, you should now, hope this makes your week a little more bearable.