Whisper Lounge dinner deals!

So last week, I swallowed my hatred for the always chaotic parking structure at the Grove (but only to pick up a couple of these tees that K has got me hooked on…I know this is a food blog but these are the best t-shirts ever), and while there saw a sign for some new dining deals at the Whisper Lounge that I wanted to write up.  

The Whisper Lounge is great because it’s towards the back quieter side of the Grove so you aren’t dealing with the trolley running you over + tourists + tripping over little kids/small punt-able dogs.  The food is amazing and if you’ve always wanted to check it out but don’t want to drop too much $$ then head there to take advantage of these new promotions.

Deal #1:  The first deal they have going on is every night from 5pm-closing. You can get a burger plus a beer pairing (which changes weekly) for just $15! Which you would be crazy not to try since their burger is usually more than that on it’s own anyways.  And what is better than burgers + beer for dinner? 

Deal #2:  In addition, every Sunday night from 4pm-closing the Whisper Lounge has a family style bbq for $23.95/person.  No booze included but foodwise their bbqs seem pretty amazing – and it is definitely a full meal, with “all the fixins”.  The menu for the bbq changes weekly but in the past has featured: apple wood smoked baby back ribs, chili rubbed brisket, grilled chicken wings, brown sugar baked pork and beans, mac and cheese, black eyed peas, and fried green beans.  If you want to check out the menu before you head there, they usually post it up on their Facebook page beforehand. And best of all, the menu always includes corn bread (my favorite part of any bbq meal…yum).

Both deals sounds pretty great and we are definitely adding them on our list of things to try -which since starting this blog is one long list, trust us.

The Whisper Lounge. 189 The Grove Drive. (323) 931.0202. www.whisperloungela.com 


The Counter Comes to WeHo!

…This is not going to help our Spring ‘Swimsuit’ Diets…


Every week we read through Twitter and see this great deal available Tuesdays after 4pm at the Counter in Santa Monica and Marina del Rey: 4 Mini Burgers + 4 Beer pairings for just $12, and it always makes us drool. (In case you don’t know – The Counter is an awesome burger joint, with locations all over the country, where you can design your own burger with any of their many ‘Market Selection’/Locally sustanabile ingredients. Its really really yummy.)


How we wish we could drive all the way out to these beach cities to experience this amazing deal, a deal that features our favorite food + drink pairing of all time. But after we’ve commuted 1.5hrs home the last thing we want to do is turn around and drive to the beach (yes… we are very lazy…)


But now we have a Counter of our own in WeHo – on Fairfax and Sunset! It opens today so we will probably be there three or four days this week… (until we are uttlery sick of burgers and have to take a couple days off to recoup from the meat sweats.)


We can only hope they will offer the same great Burger+Beer pairing deal for just $12 at this location too (though part of me, the part that wants to actually wear a swimsuit this summer, hopes they don’t…)


The Counter Sunset Boulevard

7919 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90046

323 436 3844
323 436 3846 fax

Our Addiction: Burgers & Beers




It’s sad when you live in a city where $20 for a burger and a beer is a deal. But, alas, in LA everything is expensive and the $20 seems well worth it for the deliciousness of red meat + suds.
When we’re craving this ultimate combo we head to our favorite neighborhood burger + beer joint: The Golden State.

(Photo from LA Weekly)
The Golden State burger (which Jonathan Gold from LA Weekly deems one of the best in LA) is absolutely delicious. The burger comes with your choice of side (the sweet potato fries with curry ketchup are a must), and to compliment your burger Golden State has a great menu of beers from Cali. If you’re feelin’ a jones for something sweet you can add a scoop of gelato to your beer for a strange, but tastey, combo called the beer float. Note: Golden State is itty bitty in size and doesn’t have reserved tables (its a seat yourself type spot) so don’t show up with a giant party.
Golden State Burger: $10 + Tastey Beer: $5-$7 = Under $20 = Score.
But if you live Downtown there’s an even cheaper burger+beer spot. This place not only serves you a burger+beer for under $20, but goes even further to offer a burger + PITCHER OF BEER for under $10.

Burger Bargain

I feel like I am on a constant search to find the best burger in LA, but there are so many options that so far we are at a probably 10 way tie. Sometimes I crave a Father’s Office burger and sometimes I dream of the shoestring fries that accompany my Rush Street burger. And almost always at 3am on a weekend, I want my In-N-Out burger with animal style fries (I know…it’s fast food…and a chain…but you can’t beat In-N-Out).

One place I have yet to try but have heard great things about is the burger at The Counter. And on Tuesdays (today!), they have a great burger special that almost makes me want to leave the house in this rainstorm and head there tonight.

Every Tuesday starting at 4pm, at the Santa Monica and Marina del Rey locations, The Counter has a $12 special where you can get 4 mini burgers and 4 beer pairings. These are not your regular mini burgers either, you can choose from a beef, turkey, chicken or veggie patty and they have a large variety of cheese, toppings, and sauces (including grilled pineapples, caramelized onion marmalade, roasted garlic aioli…yum!)

So if you are in the mood for some burgers and beer get there tonight, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

The Counter. http://www.thecounterburger.com/

Not classy – But It’ll Get Ya Fat

St. Nicks is a dive bar. Its grungy and informal and the crowd… well there usually isn’t a crowd. But the drinks are huge (full 12 oz glass when you order a mixed drink) and the burger… oh god that burger is artery clogging good.




Don’t bother with the rest of the menu – save for the French fries the rest is pretty unpalatable. The thought of their club sandwich makes my stomach turn. But the burger is worth the visit.
AND If you’ve been drinking – the burger is even better.
It’s incredibly greasy and there isn’t anything gourmet about it – no arugula, no caramelized onions. Just the standard patty + cheese + lettuce + tomato. But the meat must be of the least healthy variety because it tastes amazing.
I’d recommend dropping by this weekend, grabbing a burger and a beer, and then head to your next drinking destination. Or come here after you’re nice and toasted for fourth meal (call ahead to see what time the kitchen closes though so you arn’t terribly disappointed when you arrive at 2am and you can’t order your burger… and forced to go to Taco Bell…)


St. Nick’s Pub
8450 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048


St. Nick's Pub on Urbanspoon

Hump Day Specials!

Burger Bargains

TGIW? Just 2 more days left until Friday…and 6 more days left until the premiere of LOST.  I know that is irrelevant to this blog but I can’t wait.  If you don’t feel like watching the State of the Union tonight, there are some great burger and beer specials around town.

Kings Road Cafe in West Hollywood has $10 burger and beer night, where you get your choice of a regular, veggie or salmon burger + a glass of the beer on tap. Pretty good deal considering it’s hard enough to find a $10 beer in West Hollywood.  They also feature live music on Wednesdays.  Be warned you might have to wait a bit, it is a small place and fills up quickly.  Not good for large groups. Not sure if this one is valid anymore – cant find any recent info about it and haven’t been able to get ahold of any via phone to confirm.

If you find yourself in Echo Park there is a $5 burger special at The Park restaurant. The Park offers a 6 oz sirloin burger or a veggie burger, no beer included sadly, but you do get a choice of a side along with your meal.  For $5 that beats the Big Carl (also known as the Hot Carl haha) combo at Carl’s Jr so you really can’t complain.

Lastly, this isn’t really a special but you can order a burger so I think it counts? Every Wednesday night at 7pm and 9pm is Bingo night at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.  Hosted by Bingo boy and his drag queens, so if you don’t play for the other team make sure you are secure enough in your manhood to attend.  $20 for ten games, all proceeds go to charity.

Kings Road Cafe. 8361 Beverly Boulevard. (323) 655.9044
The Park. 1400 Sunset Blvd. (213) 482.9209
Hamburger Mary’s. 8288 Santa Monica Blvd. (323) 654.3800

Happy Hour Alert

Just a quick note before you head out for the weekend,
8oz Burger Bar announced yesterday on Twitter they have a new 2010 Special: Happy Hour Every Day (10pm – Close). Tonight being Friday they should be open until around 2am.
Happy hour specials include discounted beer, wine, and cocktails as well as a limited happy hour food menu. Happy Hour is served only at the bar though so take time to practice your lurking skills so you can score a seat.
80z Burger Bar
7661 Melrose Avenue

Grease and Grapes

Yet another wine tasting option (more expensive, fewer wines to taste, BUT it involves In-N-Out Burgers):

Ian Blackburn – the owner of LearnAboutWine.com is holding ‘Burger+Wine Blind Dates’ starting this month. This Friday (1/8) he’s featuring 20 different Merlots to try – and to compliment them he’s serving In-N-Out Burgers… you know… so you can experience all the wonderful flavors and all that jazz.

On the 15th he features Zinfandel + Burgers.

We’ve have never heard of Loft 218 (the map looks like its somewhere north east of downtown) – but again I’d assume cab required. Attendance is $69 and reservations can be made online.