Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Ox & Son


We love when we get to share a spot AFTER we’ve actually tried it (really – we’re tipsters, not reviewers). And awesomely, V was generous enough to stop by this new Santa Monica brunch option last weekend & report back the boozy details (or at least those she remembers….)

Boozy Brunch Spot: Ox & Son, Santa Monica

Boozy Brunch Hours: Friday 11-3pm + Sat/Sun 9:30am – 3pm

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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: The Dough Room

We spent a day last week stalking all the #bottomlessmimosas tags on Twitter, and came across @Megmn1111 who tweeted about a frickin’ deee-lish looking brunch at The Dough Room. Looked it up and the deal there is pretty awesome and the place looks pretty cool – so you can thank her for this post! 


Boozy Brunch Spot: The Dough Room, Culver City

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11am – 2:30pm

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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Manchego

Manchego is one of my top 3 cheeses. Its flippin’ delicious. So I can only assume this restaurant ,that bears the name of such a fantastic cheese, is also flippin’ delicious. And if its not, at least a nice haze from bottomless mimosas will skew your food perception 😉


Boozy Brunch Spot: Manchego, Santa Monica

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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Sunny Spot

We were so hung over when we arrived here.

Saturday had been a  day-long booze-fest at the Rennie Pleasure Faire, so by Sunday the thought of alcohol was just painful. But alas, it was a good friend’s birthday, and so we sacked it up and headed to Sunny Spot for a boozy birthday brunch.

Fast forward to one hour, and countless mimosas later, and we’d totally forgotten about those pesky headaches and had thoroughly acclimated to our bright and colorful surroundings. So the music was a little loud, and the crowd a bit cooler than us, but the waitress rocked our socks off with her refill speed and perky demeanor.


Fast forward to three hours later (yes, they let us continue searching for the bottom of our glasses for this long!), and the music seemed just the right decibel and we were in love. Sunny Spot – you have won our brunching hearts. (And that ropa vieja? errrr-my-gerrrrrrrd, so good.)

Brunching Spot: Sunny Spot, Venice

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 9:30am – 4pm

Bottomless Mimosa Deal: $15 Bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Sunny Rum Punch (and yes, you can mix and match!)

Menu Highlights: the aforementioned Ropa Vieja is outstanding. We also tried the hangover plate and mofongo & eggs, which were both pretty good. But if we go back, its going to be for that saucy spicy pork.


Sunny Spot / 822 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA  90292  / 310-448-8884 /




Bottomless Mimosa Guide: AREAL

***5/1/15 UPDATE: Areal will now be offering #BottomlessMimosas during lunch DAILY! More details to come…***

Long ago, this spot was the home to World Cafe, and we celebrated V’s bday there for a very boozy  brunch. We probably spent a good three hours consuming the glorious orange bubbly beverage, and as a result members of our party believed they could speak Japanese (they couldn’t; sounded racist), created fictitious personalities (Havannah Pete!), and got lost wandering home. So we were sad when the spot closed, even sadder when we learned its replacement AREAL wouldn’t be offering the same deal.

Long story short: we’re now very happy to announce AREAL has joined the bottomless booze-fest train.


Brunching Spot: AREAL, Santa Monica

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sundays, starting at 10:00am

Bottomless Mimosa Deal: $15 Bottomless Mimosas for 2-hours

Menu Highlights: Mimosas. And the Grilled Pomegranate Molasses Marinated Steak. Way heavier than our normal brunch choice but sweet and tangy red-meat sounds delicious right now.


AREAL  / 2820 Main Street, Santa Monica /310.392.1661 /