Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Caulfield’s

Spring = Spring Break = Tons of tourists in LA lazily meandering Rodeo Drive and blocking the intersections while you try to get to work/spin/dinner. We’d like to help solve this problem:

If you have friends/family visiting LA and they need to pick a hotel, tell them to stay at SIXTYBeverlyHills. On top of it being a cool hotel with a great rooftop pool, right in the center of Pretty-Woman-land, the restaurant downstairs (Caulfield’s) serves bottomless mimosas AND bloody marys all weekend. No walking required. They can just go downstairs and get boozy…. With you, hopefully.

Brunch Smash Bar

Boozy Brunch Spot: Caulfield’s Bar & Dining Room, Beverly Hills

Boozy Brunch Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 11:30am – 4pm

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Side Bar Summer Fling Happy Hour

Ages ago we polled our readers on their favorite types of happy hours (dirt cheap? 5star? bar food+beers? extensive wine list?) The overwhelming results showed that you all like to get drunk+fat at classy establishments you otherwise couldn’t afford, were it not for awesome happy hour deals.

So, in order to sate your thirst and hunger for fancy pants happy hours, we bring you the Summer Fling happy hour at The Side Bar.

Happy Hour at The Side Bar

Where: The Beverly Wilshire Hotel

When: Mon – Fri, 5-7pm

What: $12 Cocktails, $7 Wine, $5 Beers + $8 Bites


For those balking at $7 wine, take note that last time we dined at The Side Bar, our vino was in the $16/glass arena. So even after a couple of glasses you’re still coming out on top for this type of happy hour venue.

Want some insight into the offerings? Cocktails include such fussy-sounding-affairs like the  ‘Duke of Earl’ (Earl Grey Tea Infused Gin, Lemon, Egg White, Simple Syrup) and a ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ (Tanqueray, Lillet, Grapefruit & Grapefruit Bitters.) There is a Processco, a Sangiovese (red), and a Grüner Veltliner (white) on the vino list, and a few different quality beer choices for those preferring suds (Sierra Nevada, Grolsh, and Guinness).

Food items include fries with an Old Bay Aioli (yum), crispy artchicokes (yumm), a pastrami on rye (yummm), and a lobster roll (yes please.)


Note: summer is nearly over, so act fast and grab yourself a schmancy glass of wine and some discounted bites while you ogle the bougie & celeb clientele.

The Side Bar – Beverly Wilshire Hotel / 9500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills CA /310.275.5200 /

Kate Mantilini Happy Hour

Every Monday – Friday night, Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills offers happy hour.

It runs from 4pm – 8pm (LOVE that it lasts later than most) and features a menu of $5 appetizers, $5 beers, $5 wines, and $6 cocktails. All in all a great deal.


For those that have never been to Kate Mantilini, the fare is very 1950s American Traditional. There’s meat loaf, there’s Mac N Cheese, there’s BBQ and deviled eggs and bacon clam chowder and pork chops and TONS of more delicious sounding (albeit nowhere near healthy) items. The menu is freakin huge. And though the food is pretty good,  its usually seems a bit overpriced for what it is ($18.50 for meatloaf? eh….)

The place tends to be filled with a mix of local families going out for a casual dinner, entertainment industry pros enjoying cocktails + food over a late business meeting, and the occasional celebrity. The place is cool and modern, but still low key and filled with booths, so its easy to sort of ‘hide-away’ while you dine.

But back to the good stuff: happy hour runs late and the drinks+bites are cheap. All things we love.


Note: parking can be tricky in this area (90210 is littered with permit-only zones), so you’re sort of left to either scour Wilshire for a meter or do valet…


Kate Mantilini / 9101 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills / (310) 278-3699 /

Il Cielo Happy Hour

When we did a poll last year of what types of Happy Hours you’d be most interested in hearing about, you guys all seemed to be in consensus that high-end happy hours, for a low-end price, are the best. A fancy spot where you probably couldn’t afford the food normally, but will get to try a glimpse of the menu, along with some discounted booze, for a lovely promotional price.

Second to fancy-pants  happy hours were happy hours that last past 7pm, so you can actually make it in time post-work to enjoy more than one cocktail.

This happy hour is both high end AND lasts til 8pm. Woop woop!

Il Cielo Happy Hour

Mon – Fri, 5pm – 8pm

Details: $7 appetizers + 1/2 off all drinks


This spot on Burton is pretty darned romantic. Cute little greenery & floral covered patio with strings of lights hanging from above and on every wall. Its been ages now (read: my 20th birthday) since I last went to Il Cielo because it is so freakin pricey, but I do recall the pasta being delicious and the ambiance fantastic (and you can actually trust me on this one, since I was under 21 and thus unable to let glasses of wine blur or inflate my impression!)

And since it goes until 8pm, you won’t have to risk speeding ticket and accident to make it in time. In fact, if you and the boo get off work in time, you could make it an early-ish date night all for a happy hour price. Love love love.

Il Cielo / 9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills / 31.276.9990/


All Night Happy Hour at WooLaeOak

***3/2012: Woo Lae Oak is now closed. Sad face.***

***12/28/11 Update: Per a reader who visited recently, this deal is no longer available. Happy hour now runs until 7pm nightly ***

Tuesday Schmoozeday Boozeday…

Its about 11:59pm and I’m desperately pulling words out of my ass to create this lead-in paragraph for today’s post about WooLaeOak’s all night happy hour. Something about Tuesday and Boozeday rhyming might do it. Maybe something about WooLaeOak’s name reminding me of ToWongFoo. Nope, none of this makes any sense.

But an all night happy hour on a Tuesday, now that makes  sense… it makes a lot of delicious, boozy and wallet saving sense… (see how I did that, pulled a bunch of BS and turned it around on you and made it into a forced transition? That is some killer writing skill…)

WooLaeOak Happy Hour

Mon-Fri, 4-6pm; All Night Mondays and Tuesdays

Details: $3 Beers, $5 Wine, $6 Martinis + $5 Plates


WooLaeOak is one of those over-sized spots on La Cienega’s restaurant row, an area which tends to house pricey restaurants that typically seem to be more flash than actual quality. Most of these spots usually also have shitty hours of happiness (really, no decent employee can make a 6pm happy hour.) But an all night happy hour is ALWAYS worth a visit in our books. Plus,  WLO serves Korean BBQ, which we always love cuz you get to grill the stuff yourself (which proves, along with chit-chat, a nice way to bide your time between sips/glugs of your cocktail.)

So head over tonight for Tuesday Boozeday and enjoy your cocktail with some crossdressers (oh wait, I forgot, not ToWongFoo… whatever, some might be there anyway, its close enough to WeHo…and if not, go to Hamburger Marys…)


WooLaeOak / 170 N. La Cienega , Beverly Hills CA /(310) 652-4187    

$2 Menu Tonight at Manis on Maple

As you can see above, this deal actually went down last Thursday as well, and I hit it up to figure out if it was worth reporting on or not. Long story short: it’s iffy.


The cocktails were delicious, the food was good, and it all was $2. Three of us ordered 6 drinks, and 3 plates of sliders (3 sliders per plate) and it was less than $20 TOTAL before tip. BUT the place was SO packed*, and the bar service wasn’t well coordinated, so it took nearly 30 minutes to get our first order of drinks in – and another 20 minutes for the food to arrive.

(*Luckily it was packed with handsome & chatty guys, which made the waiting period slightly more tolerable)

Mani’s also started running out of drink ingredients by 6:30, so two of the featured drinks (including the Moscow Mule, which I wanted) were no longer available. But, the ‘Bees Knees’ cocktail I had with gin, lemon, and honey was really delicious, and ultimately it was an insanely good deal.


Lamb Sliders

The sliders were good too – though none of us were fans of the sliders being served on crostini, with the meat patty sitting oddly in the center (one of our group smartly broke the crostini in two, recentered the meat, and made a real sandwich out of it – much easier to eat this way.) But again – can’t gripe too much when its only $2 for 3 sliders.

(After reading ThirstyinLA’s review of this happy hour I wonder if they had just run out of slider buns and sub’d in the crostini – as his photo shows a normal, prettier looking slider)

If you don’t have time to hit up tonight’s event (or feel fearful of facing the crowds just to get a cheap drink) you can always enjoy Mani’s new happy hour on weeknights, for a slightly more expensive (but still discounted) price:


Mani’s “Happiest Hour

Monday – Friday: 3pm-7pm & 9pm-11pm

$6 Specialty Cocktails (including the Bees Knees, Moscow Mule, & 6 other cocktails)

$6 House Wine

$6 Plates Bruschetta, Olive Oil Poached Tuna Salad, Salmon Salad, Beef Tenderloin Arugula Salad, Mango Ceviche, Skewers, & Sliders (Choose Three: Lamb, BBQ Short Rib, Turkey, or Beef)


Since Mani’s is in an office complex, in a residential neighborhood, I’d bet that the late night happy hour is pretty empty – and the perfect time to go.


Mani’s on Maple

345 N. Maple Drive / Beverly Hills

(310) 247-0009

Mani's on Maple on Urbanspoon

Happy Hour Alert: Jack n Jills!

I can’t go out to eat anymore without keeping my eyes peeled for happy hours or dining/drink deals and was pleasantly surprised when eating breakfast the other week to discover that Jack n Jill’s has a HH! Since moving to the area, Jack n Jill’s is one of my favorite walk-able breakfast spots (who doesn’t love nutella on crepes? and the croissant breakfast sandwich is amazing as well).  I would have never pegged the place as a happy hour spot but everything on the HH menu sounds yummy and is priced pretty well too!   And since it’s down the street I can have as many HH hefeweizens as I please without having to worry about driving home.

 An expertly snapped Blackberry photo (our specialty here at FTLA) of the HH menu:

 Happy hour at Jack n Jill’s is daily from 5-7pm, and features $5 bites, $3 beer and $5-$7 glasses of wine.  The HH menu isn’t extensive but has enough to satisfy my tastes since it includes pulled pork sliders and lately I have had a strange obsession with anything pulled.  I almost bought a slow cooker at Target last week so I could make some bbq pulled chicken sliders I saw on the Food Network. And now that I’ve mentioned it, I am again obsessed with making them and will probably have to head back to Target tonight.  Anyways, all the bites on the HH menu make my mouth water and at $5 I want to try all of them – I’m not sure what sweet potato melts are but they sound like heaven.

If you haven’t been to Jack n Jill’s before, it’s a great local spot, real neighborhood-y. Their menu reminds me of New Orleans – a lot of BBQ, seafood, and my favorite: crepes. The service is always great – friendly and attentive staff.  It is usually busy on weekend mornings for breakfast but not sure how their HH crowd is, although I am definitely going to have to walk over and try this HH out soon!

Jack n Jill’s Too. 8738 W 3rd Street. (310) 858.4900.
Jack n Jills Too on Urbanspoon

90210 Happy Hour

Unfortunately, this happy hour doesn’t include Donna, Kelly, Brandon, Dylan or any of the West Beverly crew.

But the one thing in Beverly Hills that might be better than 1990s high school drama: Bar Bouchon’s Happy Hour.


Bar Bouchon Happy Hour

When: Mon-Fri, 4pm – 7pm

Booze: $4 beers, $5 wine, $7 cocktails

Foods: $4 olives, $2 oysters, $4.50 truffle pop corn, $7 sliders (2), $4 Canapes (3), $6 Deviled Eggs, $4.50 grilled cheese

V and I each went to this happy hour, on separate occasions, and came back raving about how great & reasonable the food & drinks were.  The bar area is large – with many tables outside on the patio as well as 8-10 seats at the bar itself. While I sat at the bar and enjoyed immediate service from the charming bartender, V sat outside and said service tended to be a little slower. So if you’re anxious for your post-work booze: opt for the bar.


For our cocktails: we both stuck with wine, which was great & cheap & is served out of a half liter bottle that somehow, because of the elegant and simple labeling, still seemed ever so classy despite its gargantuan Livingston-esque size. When you get your drinks they are accompanied by a bowl of potato chips & a dipping sauce. I scarfed these down pretty quickly – such a nice change from the normal bar snacks and the sauce was completely addictive.

However, it’s the menu items that makes this happy hour great. For those not in the know: Bouchon is owned by the uber famous chef Thomas Keller (of French Laundry & Per Se fame – two of the most highly acclaimed, Michelin Star rated, restaurants in the country). So when you order food at Bar Bouchon you’re not just getting ‘bar snacks’ – you’re getting delicious high quality food for an unfathomably cheap price.

The sliders? Awesome. Served on small toasted brioche buns with a thousand island dipping sauce – they are almost like miniature In-N-Out burgers (but maybe even more flavorful). The capanes, like a bruchetta, were tasty and light. My dining companion was quick to gulp up the oysters (not my cup of tea but she was definitely pleased with getting 8 delicious oysters for only $16). When V went she also got the grilled cheese (tiny but every bite is delicious and flavorful) and the deviled eggs (great!)

End story: great great great happy hour food for an incredibly cheap price. Great drink deals. Great location with a pretty patio. AND parking isn’t too difficult (park in the lot on Dayton just east of Canon, cost me $1 for a couple hours.)


Bar Bouchon

235 N Canon Dr

Beverly Hills, California 90210

(310) 271-9910

Bar Bouchon on Urbanspoon

Cheap HH Alert

2012 UPDATE: Closed. Restaurant is now Sushi Cam. Has a happy hour we will write about at sometime..

Initially I wanted to write up the Street Food Fest that’s going on at the Rose Bowl this Saturday but unfortunately general admission tickets are already sold out 😦  very tragic considering the GA tickets were a great deal ($45 for all you can eat street food and all you can drink beverages).  If you want to buy VIP tickets you can still score some at for $65 – but definitely get them now before they sell out too.

Lucky for me, we are the bottomless pit of happy hour deals so instead I’m going to write up a happy hour that I used to frequent and would definitely recommend.  We have done a few write ups on great sushi happy hour spots around town – Hara’s on the Westside, Uchi Sushi in Weho – and here is another to add to the list: Sushi and Kushi Imai.  Imai is located on Wilshire and San Vicente, and I’m sure many of you drive by it everyday – it’s in a small plaza with a Coffee Bean and some other random stores – without knowing of the great happy hour specials that await you.

HH at Imai is daily from 5:30-7:30p and here’s what it includes:

  • $1 beer, sake and wine

I mean, $1 drinks. Does anything else even matter?

But if that’s not enough to entice you (then I don’t really want to know you), they also have cheap food deals as well – $2-$6 sushi and kushi (japanese skewers w dipping sauces….they have beef, chicken, and some veggies).

And if you work in the area or are around for lunch, they have great lunch specials and on weekends have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for $12 (soup, salad, teriyaki chicken and beef, seafood, sushi).

Definitely worth checking out.

Sushi and Kushi IMAI. 8300 Wilshire Blvd.