Tuesday All Day HH @ Kings Row

It’s only Tuesday, but it’s been quite a week already so an all day happy hour sounds pretty damn amazing at the moment.  If you’re in the same boat, get yourself to Kings Row over in Pasadena….stat.  I’ve only had the pleasure of enjoying a bottomless mimosa brunch at Kings Row, but based on how tasty my meal was then, I’m pretty eager to check out their happy hour.  Especially since the spot was just voted as having the #1 gourmet burger and #1 sliders in all of P-town!

Happy hour runs allllll night tonight & every Tuesday at Kings Row- regular hours of happiness are from 4-7pm every other night of the week (as well as a special late night HH from 10pm-midnight Sunday-Wednesday). So play hooky, leave work a little early and head on over for some burgers and beer on repeat.  Happy hour menu below.

  • $3 Fries
  • $4 Grilled Cheese
  • $5 Wings
  • $5 Cheeseburger
  • $6 Fish n’ Chips
  • $4 Well Drinks
  • $6 Craft Cocktails
  • $2 Off Any Bottle/Can/Drought Beer (meaning you can score beer for as low as $3!)
  • $3 Off Wines By The Glass


Kings Row. 20 E. Colorado Blvd. (626) 793.3010. http://www.kingsrowpub.com/


Sheddy’s Comedy Night

Of all the comedy spots in LA, the best tends to always to be the spots that cost next to nothing, feature lesser known performers, and serve lots of cheap booze. Places like The Comedy Store and Laugh Factory are a total rip – $20-$25/ticket + a 2 0ver-priced drink minimum while I watch an established performer repeat his same old material? No, I’d rather not. 

This sounds much more up my alley:

Photo from WorldDiveBarTour.com

Sheddy’s Comedy Night

When: Every Thursday, 9pm

Cost: $3 Cover (Includes show + drink ticket for a FREE shot + $2 off any drink)

Bonus: Stay from 10-11pm and take advantage of their night deal of $2 pints of PBR


This week’s line up includes comedians Jon Huck, Sharon Houston, James Thelman, Amy Claire, Amy Witry, and Shelby Stockton – none of whom I’ve heard of, which is a great thing because then their material will be new to me and thus far more entertaining. Seriously, new comedians cutting their teeth while you fill yourself full of booze will absolutely result in you laughing hysterically until you can’t breath. And as an extra bonus for me – Sheddy’s is less than a block from my office so I can just head on over after work and glug glug glug until the show starts.


On that note: I should probably tell you about their happy hour as well (and btw, its amazing)

Sheeddy’s Happy Hour

When: 5-7pm, Daily + ALL DAY SUNDAY (Updated 4.25.11)

Includes: Two-For-One Wine, Cocktails, Drafts +  $10 1Litre Carafes of Sangria

And if you can’t make it Thursdays for Comedy Night, or Sundays for all Day HH, drop by Mondays and start the week off right with Sheddy’s  TRIVIA NIGHT, starting at 9pm, and serving up $5 pints of margarita and free drinks for the winners!


Wow. Got drunk just reading about all that cheap booze.


Sheddy’s Public Parlor

361 S. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles


Happy Hour: Copa D’ Oro

2014 Update: Pricing increased a bit. Updated below.

We’ve been meaning to write this one up for months now. Not only do they serve inexpensive fancy-pants cocktails, but the decor and dim lighting are pretty sexay.

Photo from ClubPlanet.com

Copa D’ Oro Happy Hour

Tues-Saturday, 5:30pm – 8pm (+ All Night Mondays!)

$5-$6 Specialty Cocktails, $4 Beer, $5 Wine, $8 Paninis, $7 Dips to Share


Rarely do we order cocktails for happy hour (we ARE winos, remember?) but Copa is known for its boozy creations so when we visited we changed things up and let the bartender make our drink selections for us. I really can’t recall the intricate details of what we drank (this was months ago, and after a couple drinks at Copa we moved on to two other bars… so things are a bit hazy.) But I do recall not being in love with the champagne cocktail, but much preferring the bourbon based Gold Rush. But for $5 a cocktail, so long as there is booze in it I don’t really care. Add to the cheap cocktails the fact that the hours of happiness start when most spots END happy hour, and the lure of Copa’s HH becomes pretty enticing.

Re: food. V was a fan of the nutella sandwich, but the tuna melt I had was pretty mediocre. Neither was terribly filling. But, really, this isn’t a restaurant, its a cool, swank, bar with delicious boozy creations. I’d say this spot is better for pre-dinner drinks, or post Monday dinner-date make-out sessions in one of the barely-lit lounge areas.

And with an all night happy hour on Mondays, the first day of the week might just become your favorite boozy night out.


Copa D’Oro

217 Broadway, Santa Monica


Copa d'Oro on Urbanspoon

All-Night Happy Hour + Top Chef = Heaven?

2013 Update: CLOSED

If you have learned anything about us by now you know that we love happy hours and we love Top Chef.  Living in LA we are fortunate to be able to eat at many Top Chef (and TC Masters) contestants restaurants – Stefan’s at LA Farm, Border Grill/Ciudad, Street, Red-O (Rick Bayless, we heart you), the list goes on and on.. Anything Top Chef is definitely a finer thing to us, and even better is when we can score Top Chef eats on the cheap. Enter: The Yard in Santa Monica.

The Yard is CJ from Season 3’s gastropub (gastropubs – yet another thing we love), and although he didn’t win the season he is a great chef not to mention he’s pretty cute (in case you were wondering…which you probably weren’t).

The best part about The Yard – happy hour of course! Happy hour is daily from 5-7p but tonight (Monday), happy hour runs alllllll night long.  HH at The Yard features $5-$6 bites (calamari, mini burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, fish tacos), $5 wine and cocktails, and $3 beer. Which right about now is sounding like a great cure to my case of the Mondays (is it just me or are the Mondays just that much worse in the summer?).

If that isn’t enough to convince you to try The Yard, they have a lot of other great deals and events, which pretty much give you a reason to visit every night of the week:

*Wine and Beer tastings with food pairings every Wednesday at 7p

*Grilled Cheese nights every Thursday with specials on gourmet grilled cheeses

*Late night menu with food and drink specials every Friday and Saturday from 11p-1a

*Brunch (not bottomless….boo, but they do have pitchers of sangria and bloody mary bar) every Saturday and Sunday from 11a-3p

The Yard. 119 Broadway. http://www.theyardsm.com

Chaya Beer Garden Mondays

After consuming a copious amount of alcohol on Saturday night and continuing with the hair of the dog and having mimosas at lunch yesterday, the last thing I want to do today is drink anything except gallons of water (and maybe some Diet Coke). But, if you have a strong enough liver or are fully recovered from your weekend benders, head downtown tonight and check out Chaya’s Monday night beer garden.  Beer gardens make me think of leder hosen and chanting “Das Boot!” but this is not a beer garden of that variety.  Chaya’s Monday night beer gardens give you the perfect excuse to extend your weekend and participate in some great weeknight boozing – and although the weather today is more LA winter than LA summer, summertime in LA is meant for weeknight boozing.

Chaya has featured this Monday night special since the end of March and it will continue running through the summer, every Monday from 5pm til closing (a good deal if you are looking for a late night happy hour).  The Japanese Beer Garden is held on the outside patio and includes specials on food and Kirin beer.  Yakitori skewers are $2 a piece and you can choose from chicken, beef, shitake mushrooms, and shrimp, and are made to order on hibachi grills. Other menu choices include grilled corn with feta for $5, edamame for $4, and albacore poke for $4.  Glasses of Kirin are $5 and pitchers are $15.

In addition to this Monday night deal, Chaya does have an AMAZING happy hour M-F all night from 5pm- CLOSE (!!), if you are heading there for the Japanese Beer Garden you can also duck inside and take advantage of their regular happy hour specials as well.  All happy hour cocktails, beer and wine are $4-$6, some of the snacking options: Kobe beef short rib belt ($6), lamb slider ($7), calamari ($6) and a selection of sushi rolls for $4-$6.

Chaya Downtown: 525 S Flower Street. (213) 236-9577. www.thechaya.com

Sake To Me

(Forgive me, I’m slow today and couldn’t think of a better title for this post)

One of the bullet points on my short list of things worth driving to West LA for is Hara’s sushi.  We have written them up before ( Ichi Ni Son..) – they have ridiculous beer and sake specials daily and decent sushi that assist in getting drunk and fat with minimal financial strain. So, when I stumbled upon reviews for a fairly newer sushi place in West Hollywood that is on par with Hara’s, I was beyond thrilled.  Now I can save money AND gas when I want to sake bomb my little heart out, I seriously cannot wait to try this spot out.  I almost don’t even want to write it up for fear that it will become as packed a place as Hara’s, where at times you have to wait an hour or more and will resort to bribing the guy that mans the dry-erase board in hopes of getting seated faster.  But, since happy hours are kinda our thing, we will let you in on this deal, you can thank us after you are full of spicy tuna and boozed up on Kirin.

The spot? Uchi Echi Sushi on Santa Monica Blvd between Harper and Sweetzer (right near O-Bar – another great Weho spot with happy hour from 6-8p daily!).  Uchi Echi has a happy hour daily from noon to 10pm (YES – 10PM), featuring $1.99 beer and half off sake (small one will run you only $2 instead of the usual $4). They have a wide selection of rolls that are a mix of the regulars and some of their own specialty rolls and have rotating specials on their sushi and sashimi during happy hours. The also serve complimentary edamame, miso soup and green tea ice cream (which I feel are pretty much standard at sushi spots around town but thought I would mention). They don’t have a website or menu up anywhere so will have to check it out and report back the details. I want to try this place out asap, I can foresee it becoming our new regular sushi spot.

Uchi Echi Sushi

8267 Santa Monica Blvd

West Hollywood, CA

(323) 654.0900

I’ll Have One of Everything!

2014: We are so sad this place closed. RIP Tasca.
Tapas are one of the best food concepts in the world.
Tons of little plates of food, enabling one to sample a breadth of options from the chef – genius.
The Spaniards sure are smart (dude, they get to take siestas every day!)
When we feel like enjoying this smorgasbord of eats we like to hit up Tasca on 3rd street. Yes, this place isn’t cheap, however there’s a pricing loophole that we like to take advantage of and it’s called Happy Hour (duh.)
Tapas at Tasca are usually around $6 – $16 per plate (with full sized entrees available for around $25/ea), but during Happy Hour there is a special menu of dishes and drinks from $3.00 – $6.00/ea (including $4 Sangria, $5 wines, and $4 beers – Yum!) Continue reading


2013 Update: CLOSED. 

Never before have we seen such a generous Happy Hour offer on wine as this one. We feel spoiled by the opportunity to purchase $4.50 wine at Oak Fire, and gleeful when we learned of $4 wine at The Upper West, but nothing tops this one:


Starting tonight, Fraiche in Santa Monica introduces their Lounge Series. For one short hour, from 6:30pm-7:30pm, Fraiche will ‘pump up the vibe’ (my phrase, not theirs) with a live DJ while offering $1 drafts and $1 glasses of Red or White Bordeaux. Yes, ONE DOLLAR.

$4.99 Pitchers – ‘Nuf Said

8/4/10: Update! Hit up this happy hour last night and pitchers have sadly gone up to $7.59 ea., .99cent Bud bottles, and $1.49 Sopporos. Still a good deal & they offer the same great food discounts !

My brother went to Washington State University – a school in the middle of nowhere: Pullman, Washington. Because of its rural locale things are cheap in Pullman. I’ve heard outrageous stories from the bro of $2 beers and $3 pitchers being sold at Denny’s (yes Denny’s!). Unfortunately to take advantage of these amazing prices you must live in Pullman. Not worth the trade off.


Los Angeles is far more expensive – $4 beers are a steal in this city.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret: it is possible (I swear) to drink like a WSU undergrad in Los Angeles.

Where you ask?: Gyu Kaku’s Happy Hour. During these 7.5 joyous hours (exact hrs. vary by location) pitchers are $4.99 each. Single beers are $.99/ea and there’s a menu of tasty food at Happy Hour prices ($1.99 – $4.99 per item for plates of marinated and ready-to-cook meats and veggies.)


When we went last week we were so impressed by the cheapness of the pitchers that we immediately ordered three pitchers for the four of us to share. Hey, it was 6:15pm & HH ended at 6:30pm so we were in a rush to get orders in and three pitchers was still only the price of one drink at XIV. As it turns out the pitchers were bigger than expected and our eyes were bigger than our livers so we ended up canceling one of the pitchers before it came out. Either way, 2 pitchers of beer, 2 large hot sakes, 4 miso soupss, and 12 plates of food later we had had our fill of food and booze and left sated and happy (at around $25/pp total.)
Gyu Kaku has locations all over but the one we hit up on Friday was on Pico, near Westside Pavillion. The hours of happiness vary by location but the one on Pico has happy hour from 12pm – 6:30pm, and then again from 9:30pm – 10:30pm M-Th (10:30pm – 11:30pm on F/Sat). If you’re not familiar with their set-up (and thus grossed out that I mentioned above ordering uncooked meat), Gyu Kaku is a Japanese BBQ spot that brings you the marinated meats and veggies and then you cook your own food at your table over a little grill.  So now ya know.
Check out their website for each location’s hours and pricing.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Dining on Urbanspoon