Happy Hour at Baby Blues

If giant, cheap, plates of southern-style fried food, washed down with big ‘ol mugs of beer, is your thing, than Baby Blues happy hour in WeHo will be your sweet heaven on earth.


Baby Blues BBQ – West Hollywood

Happy Hour: Mon – Fri, 4-7pm. (Sorry for the previous confusion, when we visited this happy hour a month or so ago, it was 1-7pm and all nigth on Tuesdays. They must have changed this relatively recently… Bummer!) 

Deals: $3 Drafts, $5 Margs, $5 Martinis + $5 Food Items

Happy Hour is available in the bar area at Baby Blues and it always seems to be packed. And with good reason – the drinks are cheap and the food portions are huge.

V and I ventured this way a month or so back to scope out the HH scene and ordered ourselves a couple Blue Moons and one of everything off the HH food menu. That probably sounds like we took ‘get fat’ to a whole new level, but really the menu is very abbreviated: $5 hush puppies (yum.), $5 fried green tomatoes (decent), $5 chicken wings (hot!), $5 sweet potato or seasoned fries (we did a mix of both which was a big winner.) Each plate was large and in charge and we couldn’t make it through all four items (the fiance happily accepted & re-heated the leftovers when I returned home.)

Obviously the entire menu above is fried, so if you are looking for a balanced nutritious happy hour meal, this is not the place. But if you want a lot of cheap tasty bar food and some cheap beers, its just perfect. And if you’re a lady looking to feel ‘special’ for the night, we found the guys that lurk here are rather forward.

Note: parking in this hood SUCKS. Beware of all the neighborhood ‘permit only’ zones and parking restrictions. If you have an extra fiver to spare, just do valet in one of the neighboring lots, or plan on showing up extra early so you can circle the south side of Santa Monica for residential spot (usually 2 hr parking til 10pm) and hoof it up to the bar. 

Baby Blues BBQ / 7953 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood / 323.656.1277 / http://www.babyblueswh.com


All Night Happy Hour @ Amalfi

It’s Monday, and for most of you that means: back to work, possibly back to the gym after a weekend of excess, and of course if you have good taste in television, it means a brand new episode of The Voice (battle rounds! weee! Team Blake!).  And, for those of you that live/work/play near mid-city, it now means you have a new ALL-NIGHT happy hour option every Monday night.  After all, Mondays are days when you really need that after-work drink, right?

Starting tonight, Amalfi on La Brea is extending their happy hour til closing each and every Monday night.  Happy hour starts at 5:30pm, but no need to rush in getting there, the great thing about all night happy hour is that these deals will still be waiting for you even after you brave LA traffic on the way over.

We’ve posted on Amalfi’s happy hour deals before but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s what their HH includes: you’ll get $2 off any drink (beer & wine only here folks), which means you can sling back a bottled beer for just $3 or choose one of their beers on tap for $4 a glass, if wine is more your thing, you can grab a glass during happy hour for $6.  To nosh on, they’ve got a pretty lengthy list of $7 apps during happy hour, including tuna tartare, crab cakes, meatballs sliders, fish & chips, and chicken or beef skewers.



Amalfi. 143 N La Brea.  (323) 938.2504. http://amalfiristorante.com/

Night+Market All Night Happy Hour

Yup, another all night happy hour.

And, all eats on this happy hour menu are just $5 a pop. Winning. (Yes, I’m still using that word.)

If you haven’t been to Night+Market yet, what are you waiting for? Tasty Thai eats, cheap Thai beer – it’s amazing.  Happy hour usually runs from 6-8pm daily but on Wednesdays, they keep it rolling til closing.

Here’s what you can nosh on (all $5 as previously mentioned)

  • fried pig tail
  • chicken wings
  • pork skewers
  • isaan sour sausage
  • herb sausage
  • papaya salad
  • pig ear fries

To wash down your order of pig ear fries, select from Thai beer ($3), some Thai-styled cocktails ($6), or a carafe of red or white wine ($11).

Yup, pig ear fries.

Night+Market. 9041 Sunset Blvd. (310) 275.9724. http://www.nightmarketla.com/

All Night Happy Hour at WooLaeOak

***3/2012: Woo Lae Oak is now closed. Sad face.***

***12/28/11 Update: Per a reader who visited recently, this deal is no longer available. Happy hour now runs until 7pm nightly ***

Tuesday Schmoozeday Boozeday…

Its about 11:59pm and I’m desperately pulling words out of my ass to create this lead-in paragraph for today’s post about WooLaeOak’s all night happy hour. Something about Tuesday and Boozeday rhyming might do it. Maybe something about WooLaeOak’s name reminding me of ToWongFoo. Nope, none of this makes any sense.

But an all night happy hour on a Tuesday, now that makes  sense… it makes a lot of delicious, boozy and wallet saving sense… (see how I did that, pulled a bunch of BS and turned it around on you and made it into a forced transition? That is some killer writing skill…)

WooLaeOak Happy Hour

Mon-Fri, 4-6pm; All Night Mondays and Tuesdays

Details: $3 Beers, $5 Wine, $6 Martinis + $5 Plates


WooLaeOak is one of those over-sized spots on La Cienega’s restaurant row, an area which tends to house pricey restaurants that typically seem to be more flash than actual quality. Most of these spots usually also have shitty hours of happiness (really, no decent employee can make a 6pm happy hour.) But an all night happy hour is ALWAYS worth a visit in our books. Plus,  WLO serves Korean BBQ, which we always love cuz you get to grill the stuff yourself (which proves, along with chit-chat, a nice way to bide your time between sips/glugs of your cocktail.)

So head over tonight for Tuesday Boozeday and enjoy your cocktail with some crossdressers (oh wait, I forgot, not ToWongFoo… whatever, some might be there anyway, its close enough to WeHo…and if not, go to Hamburger Marys…)


WooLaeOak / 170 N. La Cienega , Beverly Hills CA /(310) 652-4187    

All-night Happy Hour @ Izakaya Fu-ga

As our post from the weekend so nicely pointed out – Thanksgiving truly marked the beginning of our holiday benders.  A period in time when we eat and drink with no regret, a time when I’m thankful that leggings are accepted forms of pants (at least in my eyes, if you disagree, I don’t care), because with all that booze and food, those skinny jeans are not going to see the light of day for a few months.

Although we’re all back at work, clinging on to memories of turkey and spiked cider to get us through the day, Izakaya Fu-ga is taking the bite out of this Monday with their all night happy hour.  I’ve checked out their happy hour once with a few co-workers, and can clearly remember chowing down on some delicious garlic fries (yes, unexpected choice for a Japanese spot, but who can resist ordering garlic fries?!).

Anyways, head there tonight for some discounted drinks and bites to last you all night, plus they’ll have MNF football on too!  Here’s what you can expect during happy hour: 50% off draft beer (=$3 beers), $2 off all wine, sake, and cocktails, and $2-$6 bites (calamari, california rolls, edamame, short rib tacos).


Izakaya & Bar Fu-ga. 111 S San Pedro St.  (213) 625.1722. http://izakayafu-ga.com/index.php

Angel’s Piano Bar Happy Hour

Update Feb 2012: Angels has closed, new venue coming soon…


Recipe for the perfect happy hour:

One part live music. (Live jazz bands, singers, saxophone players, etc. The lineup changes daily.)

One part cheap drinks. (2 for 1 premium wells, $5 wine, $6 margs, $8 dealers choice, $12 sangria pitchers, $3 PBR, $4 beers)

One part discounted southern style bites. ($4-$7 plates like deep fried pickles, pulled pork sliders, cormeal crusted calamari & more!)

One part convenience (Happy hour runs Tues – Fri, 5pm – 8pm!!!)

Add a pinch of awesomeness by offering Happy Hour pricing on drinks ALL NIGHT on Tuesdays and you’re set!


Really, it’s an fantastic recipe for an amazing time on a short budget. Not to mention, the vibe inside Angels is very swank. It feels very 1930s/40s rat pack, where you’d think shady dealings were doing down over bourbons on the rocks, while a sultry Jessica Rabbit entertains the crowd. Delicious, drunk, and entertaining.


Angel’s Piano Bar / 2460 Willshire Blvd, Santa Monica / 310.828.2115 / http://angelssantamonica.com/

ALL Night HH @ Nirvana

Another all-night happy hour to help you get over your case of the Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays…), Nirvana in BH offers their “Bliss Hour” deals from 5pm-11pm every Sunday-Wednesday.  Not only am I excited because the deals are all night (our favorite type of happy hour), and because Nirvana is super close to my apartment, but also because it’s food from my motherland. 

Being Indian, I would like to think my opinion on Indian food in LA matters more than others, but really I’ll eat (almost) any chicken tikka masala I can get my hands on.   I did have an awful Indian food delivery experience last week however – it was almost un-eatable – so I can’t wait to head to Nirvana this week to satisfy my tikka craving and finally make my Indian tastebuds happy.

During their Bliss Hour, you can have your choice of eight different specialty cocktails and eight Indian eats, all for just $6!  The cocktails sound amazing – fruity and boozy, just how we like ’em – a mango mojito, martinis with pomegranate liqueur, YUM!  And the food is even better, especially at such a great price: samosas, chicken tikka, kabobs…Order a few plates to share with a friend and you both can eat and drink for under $50!

Nirvana. 8689 Wilshire Blvd. (310) 657.5040. www.nirvanabeverlyhills.com