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Authors: V & K

Ladies who met at USC over a mutual love for brunch, booze, football, and deals. We’re (kinda) grown up now, but our preferences have not  changed. 

Our mantra: 

Every Brunch Requires Mimosas.

Every Work-Day Ends with Happy Hour.

Every Meal Digests Best with Wine.

If you can do these things in costume, even better. 


At Brew at The Zoo. A Very Fine Event, Indeed.

Important Facts About V & K:

* V: Hails from La Canada, loves drinking Babychams & Hefs (Blue Moon you have my heart!), obsessed with bottomless mimosas & addicted to any type of miniature sandwich (i.e. sliders). Loves Nutella and anything sweet. Enjoys drinking solo at airport bars, has never been able to stay awake past 7pm after a day of tailgating, and likes creating alternative personalities for herself when drinking (to the host at ESPNZone who thinks I’m a lawyer & to the guy at the club who thinks I’m a stewardess – this one is for you). Expert at the Irish Exit and Mindy Kaling Soul-Mate. Big believer that there are 3 glasses of wine per bottle MAX (maybe 2… but definitely not 4!)


*K: Hails from Seattle, obsessed with 90s R&B & Pop Hits, LOVES champagne (the good-shit), and has never met a bottle of wine not worthy of being consumed. Completely shameless. Only started eating fish when this blog was created, has a drunk alter-ego named Slow (& thanks to a friend Slow has her own FB page). Watches an absurd amount of TV + Football, is the master of the Google-doc, a budding (yet terribly uncouth) Martha Stewart, and maven of obscure facts & useless information. Enjoys trying to set V up with strangers she finds on Instagram (usually reality-TV-food stars). Loves the word plethora & was once told she was the ‘second hottest girl in the bar’ by a stranger at Privilege (not first?!!?!)


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3 thoughts on “The Authors: V & K

  1. Natalie Powers says:

    I just love you, girls!!!!! Always check what’s going on to try new things (and always enjoy them)!

  2. Kevin says:

    Love this. Heaven sent. Exactly what I’ve needed for years. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks a bottomless mimosa brunch is mandatory for a Sunday Funday- regardless of how hungover (and/or still drunk) you are from Saturday night. Cheers!

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