Booze + Brews Tour in Downtown LA

After booze, our second favorite beverage-type is coffee. We gulp down the dark chocolate-colored stuff by the pot-full in the mornings. Coffee gets us through the work day – so we can make it back into alcohol’s warm sweet embrace over happy hour or dinner.  When at brunch, we tag team the two beverages, bouncing from the caffeine boost of coffee to the buzzy bubbliness of mimosas, and then back again.


All of this is a long way of saying – an event with both beverages would be awesome. And as such – this series of events  by Blue Bottle held over the next couple weeks, sound, well….  awesome.


Roastery & Distillery Tours

WHERE: 582 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

HOSTED BY: Blue Bottle Coffee + The Spirit Guild

PRICE: $20 (RSVP required – click above dates/links to get the correct tickets)

The gist is that neighbors, Blue Bottle + The Spirit Guild, will be offering tours of each of their facilities. You start out on the coffee side, at Blue Bottle’s Arts District cafe and roastery, and you’ll get a 1-hour tour learning about coffee production, tasting the good stuff, as well as obtaining your free bag o’beans to take home with ya. Then you’ll mosey on over to Spirit Guild, where you’ll do something very similar, but far more boozy (i.e. a tour learning about distilling stuff, followed by Gin+ Vodka tastings.)


Caffeine. Booze. Repeat.



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