LA Wine Fest: New Location!

This is THE LA Wino-event of the year (and it has moved locations to take notice of the details below!)

This event is perfect those winos that typically revert to “I’ll have a glass of your cheapest red/white wine, see vooo playyy” because you’re     a. cheap    b. love trying out your high school french and   c. have no clue what wine is REALLY good.

LA Wine Fest features A TON of different wines (with unlimited tastes!) so you can find and try some new favorites – and then next time  you’re out to eat you can be all “I’ll have a glass of your cheapest Sangiovese, monsieur!” … Or, you know, whatever wine it is you find you now love and must drink in copious amounts (for K that tends to be Napa Zins, for V its Sauv Blanc.)


More deets & how to go:

WHAT: 11th Annual – LA Wine Fest

WHERE: Sunset Gower Studios, 5901 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood CA

WHEN: Saturday, June 25th (3-7pm) AND Sunday, June 26th (2-6pm)

TICKETS: $70 General Admission + $45 for Boutique Winery access / $20 for DDs

(PSST: Check out this site for a Father’s Day GA + Boutique deal at $80, and GoldStar for further discounted tix!)  

WHAT’S INCLUDED: A glass (you can keep! Yay hoarder status!) + unlimited wine from a crap-ton of exhibitors + beer tasting (yup there will be suds too.) Plus water to hydrate, coffee to keep you awake (red wine makes us sleeeeepy), La Brea breads to sop up the booze, and some music so you can do a little wino jig when you find you’re favorite. There will also be food trucks inside in case you get a case of the munchies.


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