Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Berlin Coffee House

This place looks like a coffee house, in that its a modern and semi-industrial, with a bunch of small tables, and hipsters working on their laptops. We definitely like those sorts of spots for our mid-week perk me up beverage. But usually coffee houses don’t serve booze… so they are not our favorite of brunch locales. But mix fancy coffee and mimosas in one spot, and you might have found the perfect upper+downer sunday funday…


Breakfast Flatbread

Boozy Brunch Spot: Berlin Coffee House, Long Beach

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 7am – 2pm

Bottomless Mimosa Deal:  $20 Bottomless Mimosas

Menu Highlights: Well its certainly the best designed menu we’ve seen thus far! And yes, the food looks good too. Everything on the menu is pretty interesting and its not your standard breakfast burrito + french toast + egg sandwich spot. Yes, they have those things, but everything else is so much  more diverse. Take the Breakfast Salad for instance: poached eggs, seasonal market greens, bacon crumble, fried shallots, toasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette, whole grain toast. Sound awesome AND its a salad… so intriguing…  Or the Urban Cowboy which apparently comes with beverages too (fire toasted whole grain bread, topped with mashed avocado, baby arugula, strawberries, goat cheese, two poached eggs, balsamic glaze drizzle, shot glass of cold-pressed ginger tonic, bottomless cup of dark roast drip coffee).


Berlin Coffee House / 420 E. 4th Street, Long Beach CA / 562.435.0600 /


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