Yes, It’s Another Food Truck Lot

Still not sick of food trucks?? Yeah, we aren’t either.  We’ve briefed you on a few other truck lots before, the Westside lot, the Main St and Century lots too.  And now,The Truck Stop, on the corner of La Brea and Beverly –  finally a truck lot in our neighborhood (or close enough to it)!

The Truck Stop opens tonight at 7pm and invited trucks will be serving up dinner for you til 10pm.   If you noticed, I used the word invited.  That’s because this truck lot is special, and will bring you only the “top rated” food trucks.  It makes sense being in Weho/Hollywood that this truck lot would have a door policy of sorts, right?  We’re just hoping there aren’t similar velvet ropes at the lot entrance for the crowd as well, our days of batting our eyelashes at oversize bouncers are long gone.

Trucks on the roster for tonight: The Knockout Taco Truck (which will be giving away a free taco for the first 100 customers), Tapa Boy, Lomo Arigato, Fresh Fries, Dosa Truck, Patty Wagon and the South Philly Experience.

Some other things I should mention about this truck lot: (a) there will be seating (hallelujah!) and (b) it will be a weekly lot for now and then eventually daily (we foresee a large weight gain in our future).

Follow The Truck Stop on Twitter @the_truck_stop to get the full scoop on which trucks will be appearing at the lot daily!

The Truck Stop.  La Brea and Beverly Blvd.


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