Your New WeHo HappyHour/Delivery/Dinner Spot

Summer 2012: Sad new, FreshEast closed. No more super cheap wine & fresh asian fare 😦

Finding a GREAT delivery spot in LA can be tough. A place with wonderful food that is close enough to your pad that it wont be cold when it arrives, that isn’t drenched in grease so its not soggy, that doesn’t cost a fortune or charge an obscene delivery fee. Oh, and GOOD food wouldn’t hurt either.

For those that live in our Mid-City/Weho ‘hood, we found one:

How F*ing awesome are the photos my new phone takes?!

FRESH EAST is a semi-new “fast-casual” spot in WeHo that serves tasty Asian fare (Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai.) The prices are incredibly reasonable (most expensive item on the menu is $14) and they will deliver their ever-so-tasty food right to your home. Plus, while the food is filling, it’s made with fresh organic products and no peanut oil, so it won’t weigh you down and leave you in a fetal-position food coma like most Asian-delivery spots.


We dropped by FreshEast last week with some fellow bloggers and the Wagstaff crew and fell instantly in love. The whole place has a bright modern Asian design, all the serve-ware is made with sustainable materials, there is a great people watching patio on Santa Monica, and they have a TON of parking in the back (it shares a lot with Pavilions.) Plus, the kicker: they have happy hour!! 


Fresh East Happy Hour

Daily 4-7pm 

Features: 50% Off All Beer & Wine (W/ Purchase of Entree) 

With most entrees coming in around $10/plate, and normal beer+wine prices from $6-$8/ea (meaning they are just $3-$4/ea on HH), this is really a great deal. As you can see above, we enjoyed some glasses of FreshEast’s own red vino blend (normally $7), and though we are no wine-pairing experts, we thoroughly enjoyed it with all the dishes we tried. They also have other wines available (white and red) for $8, or you can grab an Asahi, Tiger, Singha, or TsingTsao beer for just $6. Can’t enjoy a nice Asian beer without pushing it to the next level and doing a Sake bomb? Sake is available as well, for $9.

Front and Center: LARB GAI BOWL

Some of our favorite menu items were the Spicy Garlic Noodles (pretty sure that’s what the photo is of up top), the Curry Lamb, and the Larb Gai Bowl (which sounds just terrible, LARB?!, and looks just like a basic salad, but was so fresh and dressed in something WONDERFUL, and we still find ourselves craving it now.) And if you’re looking for a touch of sweet to end your meal, we recommend the strawberry sorbet. This sorbet was freakin’ fantastic and would be even better if you had it delivered to you home and poured champagne all over it so you can get a bit of  simultaneous sugar/booze buzz.

PS: FreshEast is featured on PopSugarLA’s daily deal today, offering $35 of fresh food+drink for just $20! Even more reason to go! 

FRESH EAST / 8951 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood / 310.859.9989 /
Fresh East on Urbanspoon


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