Hangover Brunch: Lala’s

2014 update: no longer featuring brunch menu + specials online…

Ok, so  I know grilled meat is not necessarily everyone’s idea of a perfect brunch but sometimes you need something a little heartier than fluffy pancakes.  Think of this week’s hangover brunch spot as more of a lunch destination, you definitely won’t find eggs or waffles on the menu.   But you will find some cheap booze deals, which is really all that matters, right?

Lala’s opens daily at 11am, and pretty much has one menu, which features salads, sandwiches, grilled meat plates, and pasta.  I’ve been here many times for dinner and the food is delicious – besides the amazing bread with chimichurri that I could eat entire baskets of, I also love any and all of their grilled skirt steak dishes, which are served with rice, fries, and salad.  Entrees will run you around $10 for chicken plates and a little pricier (around $16-$18) for a steak plate.  The portions are pretty large so go hungry.

It would also help to show up thirsty since their booze prices are out of this world.  (Flashback, does everyone remember that show Out of This World? SO good. Did we ever get to see her space-dad’s face? I can’t remember…).  Mimosas are only $4 a glass and sangria is an even better deal at $3.50 a glass or $13.95 for a pitcher!  Their beer prices range from$3.50 to $5.00,  and most of their cocktails are around $5.95.

And, if you need something sweet to end your meal, try the banana dulce de leche crepes, you won’t regret it.

Lala’s Grill. 7229 Melrose Ave. (323) 934.6838. www.lalasgrill.com
Lala's Grill on Urbanspoon


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