Hangover Brunch: Swingers

Swingers is great because it’s (a) close to us, and (b) practically open 24 hours a day.  Although we usually find ourselves at Swingers post 2am with the drunk munchies, it is also one of the best hangover brunch spots to find yourself at the morning after a long night of boozing.

It is a diner, and if you haven’t been (although who really hasn’t been to Swingers?!), don’t let that fool you because the food is actually pretty good.  The menu is huge and has everything your hungover self would want – pancakes, a fried egg sandwich (my fave), burgers,  a stuffed grilled cheese (yum), and much more.  Not to mention, it’s pretty inexpensive, with most items on the menu hovering right around $8-$9.

And of course, the best part, enjoying the hair of the dog the next day won’t cost you too much at Swingers either.  Mimosas are only $5.25 (or a plain glass of bubbly just $5), and beers are as cheap as $3 (PBR, of course).

Swingers Diner. 8020 Beverly Blvd (or 802 Broadway for the SM location). www.swingersdiner.com
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2 thoughts on “Hangover Brunch: Swingers

  1. Elliott says:

    Seeing this at the bottom of your posting: PRICELESS.

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

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    • FinerThingsLA says:

      ha just saw that! too funny! You should have seen what the ‘possibly related post’ links were when we titled an article ‘girls girls girls!’ last year (our was about a ladies drinking+pampering day)

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