Happy Hour at Fig (50% Off Everything!)

2014 Update: not sure this is still available, does anyone know?

Fig, the California Cuisine restaurant inside the Fairmont Miramar hotel, is well worth a visit. We’ve tried it, we loved it, and our wallets (barely) survived the encounter (though painfully lighter.)

But, Fig has a lovely little secret we were unaware of when we visited last fall: Every week, Tuesday – Thursday (5/23/11 – now offered FRIDAY & SATURDAY too!!!!), for ONE HOUR (5pm – 6pm) Fig offers 50% off their ENTIRE dinner menu.

Yep. 50% off EVERYTHING on the Dinner menu.

That includes the amazing bacon wrapped bacon (tastes like a move savory, deconstructed, BLT), the typically expensive but delicious cheese plates (we last ordered “Erics Stash” on name alone) and even all the entrees (big fan of the scallops and their pancetta and short rib meatloaf.)

And yes, it includes drinks too! So either splurge on a carafe of wine (you can get one for around $11), enjoy a fancy cocktail (around $7 on happy hour), or go uber cheap as LAWeekly suggests and grab a $1.50 Miller High Life (a $1.50 beer in a hotel that charges you upwards of $400/night… what an interesting dichotomy.)

No, this it’s not the cheapest happy hour in town. You definitely can get $3 wine and $5 bar food at lots of local spots, but while it will be less expensive, it simply won’t be as good. At FIG the happy hour not only offers discounted food, but also good service, great ambiance (hotel-guest people watching), and the food & drink are stellar. In our book that’s completely worth the trade off.


Fig Restaurant

101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica

(Inside the Fairmont Miramar)


PS: Valet Parking is FREE w/ Validation from the Restaurant (Just make sure to tip!)

FIG Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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