Tacos at Plancha

In our neighborhood we’re constantly plagued by the search for a delicious, yet inexpensive, lunch. There’s some amazing stuff around our MidCity/WeHo hood, but most of it is simply out of our budgets, forcing us to hit up Subway a few days too often. (Its $6 for a sandwich, chips, and soda. SO AFFORDABLE!)

Luckily, just happened upon Plancha Tacos on 3rd and Sweetzer and will now be adding a new spot to the weekday lunch rotation.

Chips + Salsa Verde, Salsa Roja, and Pico De Gallo

Everything on the menu is pretty moderately priced, but I’d say the best deal is the $6.50 2Tacos Special (with rice, beans, and chips.) It’s an incredible amount of food, and the tacos are really really really good. The chicken is incredibly moist and really flavorful. The beef was also really juicy and tasty. Normally the tacos are pretty basic, just meat, onions, and cilantro, but I forked over the extra .45/taco to upgrade them to Plancha style (cojito cheese, salsa roja & guac). Extra delicious this way. (For those carb averse, or looking for something a bit lighter, Plancha also offers its tacos in a lettuce shell.)


Plancha Style Chicken & Beef Street Tacos

I also had the opportunity to try a few bites of Mike’s ‘Con Todo’ Chicken Burrito – really really good. Because its light on the cheese/sour cream, its less like a heavy weight to the gut than the burritos he usually orders from Baja Fresh, but still incredibly flavorful and delicious. The burrito was gigantic though, and definitely could have been split by both of us (a steal for 2 people at just $6.99)


Note: Plancha doesn’t have many tables, but it does have a large long window of bar stools facing the street, making it the perfect spot for a solo lunch and some people watching. Its delicious, the service is great, and its really affordable for this neck of the woods. In fact, I think I need to chuck this dry organic cheese stick I’m eating (blegh) and head there now…


Plancha – a Taco Joint

8250 W. 3rd Street


Open: 8am – Midnight, Sun-Thu + 8am – 1am Fri & Sat
Plancha Taco on Urbanspoon


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