TART Happy Hour

UPDATE: Happy Hours have changed at Tart.

See our happy hour guide for updated hours and details: https://finerthingsla.com/happy-hours/happy-hours-by-location/


TART, the adorable little restaurant inside the Farmer’s Daughter hotel, is literally next door to my office. So, when I heard they were starting happy hour I pretty much peed my pants/work-slacks in excitement.

TART Happy Hour

M-F, 2pm – 7pm

$4 Beers, $5-$6 Wines, $5 Wells + $4-$8 Food Specials


As soon as I received the email notifying us about the new HH, I made plans with V and our friends from IFlipForFood to try this new happy hour out. Having never been to TART before, we were already intrigued by the very Southern style items on the menu, specifically the those items that included alligator. Add some $5 glasses of wine to the mix, and well, like I said before… wet pants.

The happy hour not only includes discounted wine for $5-$6 (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Syrah, & Merlot), but there are also $5 well drinks, $4 Modelo & Coors Light, and $2.75 PBRs  available. But the food deals are were where TART really shines on its ‘Afternoon Delight’ Happy Hour:

Three sliders for $6? Done deal. We ordered up some of the chicken sliders and the burgers; Standard in size & decent in flavor. The fried chicken sliders were 1000% better than the ones we had a couple months ago at an unnamed bar on Crescent Heights & S.M. Blvd.  Also, loved that the beef sliders had a bit of relish on them, something we surprisingly don’t see often. To satisfy our curiosity we also tried the PopCorn alligator – much like popcorn shrimp or calamari, this is basically just deep fried swamp dweller, with a stranger texture than most meats we’ve experience. The fried green tomatoes were also pretty good, and a favorite of Angela from IFlipForFood as she was on an all veggie diet that night.

Three or four glasses of Sryah later (that’s each, not total) we were pretty drunk, and considering the amount of fried food we ate, definitely on our way to fatsville.


Can’t wait to return and try out the rest of the menu after work. Or, better yet, TART’s happy hour starts at 2:00pm, so could be the perfect late lunch (and a much preferred alternative to other nearby spots like Chipotle and Freshii.) That is, if I ever find myself capable of ignoring my lunch hunger pains (which usually start at 11am) for a few extra hours.

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