Happy Hour: Copa D’ Oro

2014 Update: Pricing increased a bit. Updated below.

We’ve been meaning to write this one up for months now. Not only do they serve inexpensive fancy-pants cocktails, but the decor and dim lighting are pretty sexay.

Photo from ClubPlanet.com

Copa D’ Oro Happy Hour

Tues-Saturday, 5:30pm – 8pm (+ All Night Mondays!)

$5-$6 Specialty Cocktails, $4 Beer, $5 Wine, $8 Paninis, $7 Dips to Share


Rarely do we order cocktails for happy hour (we ARE winos, remember?) but Copa is known for its boozy creations so when we visited we changed things up and let the bartender make our drink selections for us. I really can’t recall the intricate details of what we drank (this was months ago, and after a couple drinks at Copa we moved on to two other bars… so things are a bit hazy.) But I do recall not being in love with the champagne cocktail, but much preferring the bourbon based Gold Rush. But for $5 a cocktail, so long as there is booze in it I don’t really care. Add to the cheap cocktails the fact that the hours of happiness start when most spots END happy hour, and the lure of Copa’s HH becomes pretty enticing.

Re: food. V was a fan of the nutella sandwich, but the tuna melt I had was pretty mediocre. Neither was terribly filling. But, really, this isn’t a restaurant, its a cool, swank, bar with delicious boozy creations. I’d say this spot is better for pre-dinner drinks, or post Monday dinner-date make-out sessions in one of the barely-lit lounge areas.

And with an all night happy hour on Mondays, the first day of the week might just become your favorite boozy night out.


Copa D’Oro

217 Broadway, Santa Monica


Copa d'Oro on Urbanspoon


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