Dim Sum Happy Hour at Xino

We’re pretty excited to tell you about this happy hour at Xino in Santa Monica.

The food (dim sum style) was awesome and was a nice change from the typical sliders/fries/caprese or sushi happy hour menus. Plus the beer is cheap and the cocktails are delicious.


Wild Mushroom Dumplings

Also, Xino is GIGANTIC so there really shouldn’t be any worry about finding a table. There’s a large bar area up front, a long and large dining room (with private dining options) down the side, and out back is a giant patio and bar that overlook 3rd street with some sexay little tents and tables for boozy canoodling.

Xino Happy Hour

Mon-Fri, 4pm – 7pm AND Thu-Sat 11pm – 2am

$5 Plates, $5 Drinks, $3 Beers


We were lucky enough to be invited to come try Xino for GRATIS last week, so we ordered up everything on the happy hour menu (plus a couple recommended items from the regular menu).  Everything was damn good, but we definitely had some favorites. In particular the chicken sui mai and the wild mushroom dumplings were pretty amazing. We also ordered the bbq pork sliders (oh my god these were good) and the chicken lolipops (good but messy).

BBQ Pork Sliders


Also, if you drop by in the next few days make sure to ask for the Sinna-Rum cocktail. It’s not on the happy hour menu but its delicious, holiday-ish, and gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Xino Dim Sum House

Santa Monica Place – (3rd Floor)

(310) 755-6220

Xino on Urbanspoon


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