New Late Night Menu at The Yard

We’ve already told you about how cool The Yard in Santa Monica is: they have a great happy hour (that runs all night on Mondays), they’re in a great location, and they have CJ from Top Chef in the kitchen. Not sure what else you need for a good spot to grab a cocktail and some tasty, inexpensive food.

Now…. we might lose some credibility when we tell you this (yes, we like to pretend we are credible) BUT until the other week we’d actually never been to The Yard before. Luckily that problem was solved when we got invited to try out the new late night menu at The Yard the other evening for freeeeeeee with a bunch of other ‘press’ (i.e bloggers) and ‘others’ (which included some ladies who ‘knew someone who knew someone’… i.e. snuck in.)


I Believe We Fall Into 'Others'

Long story short – the late night menu at The Yard includes some pretty damned good drunk food.

Lots of deep fried and greasy things like Arancini (mmm fried balls), meat balls (not on this menu but they were tasty), Poutine (wanted more gravy & cheese curds to balance out the greasy fries), calamari (nothing exciting), and grilled cheese (I LOVED it, but V doesn’t like blue cheese so that ruined it for her).

But, of course, our favorite dish of the night was the mini pulled pork sloppy joes – really delicious, really. And luckily for us the ladies who snuck in didn’t eat pork so we got to enjoy more than our fair share of these delicious little suckers.

After eating many things that came in a round, ball, shape I couldn’t help but be curious if CJ was overcompensating.

Greasy Fried BALLS of Goodness

As far as booze was concerned – we tried the Blackberry Bramble and liked it a lot and the Sangria was pretty standard (maybe a little too sweet). Unfortunately they were out of the Craftsman 1903, but they subbed it in with a different beer that was REALLY good, but I was too buzzed at this point to remember the name. <Sorry>


Long story short:

The drinks are well priced & it’s some great late night food, but our recommendation is to stick with the beers, balls and sliders.


The Yard Late Night Menu

Thurs – Sat (Prime Drinking Nights), 10pm – 1am

119 Broadway, Santa Monica



The Yard on Urbanspoon


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