Cheap (and Delicious) Indian Eats

Seeing as one half of Finer Things LA is Indian, it’s about time that I posted something about Indian food. If you follow us on Twitter, then you may remember a little over a week ago when I decided to check out a fairly new Indian spot near my apartment: Saffron.  I must have sent out like 5 tweets in a row raving about the food, and since I have been thinking about going back ever since, I decided that Saffron was worthy of a post.

There aren’t that many places to get good, quick, and cheap Indian eats in LA without driving down to Cerritos (the hub of all things Indian).   I had heard about Saffron opening up on Beverly Drive a few months ago and had been meaning to check it out ever since.  So, on a gloomy Friday the other week I stopped by after work to pick up some dinner to go before heading out.

Saffron is like a semi-fast food version of an Indian restaurant – think Baja Fresh style:  minimal seating, order at the counter, get a reciept, wait for your food.  As I held my reciept and listened in on the convo of some high schoolers from Beverly (which was pretty interesting, actually), I wondered how good this quick Indian food could actually be.

I watched them make my naan order right in front of me so at least I knew the food was going to be fresh.  Anyways, when I finally got home and dug in, I was in heaven, it was SO good.  Seriously.

And now on to the part that makes Saffron get the Finer Things stamp of approval – how inexpensive it is! I got a chicken tikka masala bowl, which was definitely filling (I couldn’t even finish the whole thing in one sitting..), and it was only $5.95.  All of their bowls are $5.95 and come with your choice of curry served on top of basmati rice.  And if you are feeling a little hungrier they have 2 item combo (served w rice and salad) for just $7.95. Naans are just $0.95 and a samosa will only cost you $1.95.

Basically you can get your fill of Indian food for $10 or less.  Saffron has got you covered on the getting fat part, now if only they had some Kingfisher beers to take care of the drunk part as well 🙂

Saffron. 230 S Beverly Dr. (310) 248.5211.

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3 thoughts on “Cheap (and Delicious) Indian Eats

  1. Michael / South Bay Foodies says:

    Wow! The price and selection sound worthy of a trip to check them out. When I think of Indian food I think of buffets or full service restaurants; in either case a meal that is going to take some time. I’m looking forward to trying some of their Indian food to go…can I call it “curry in a hurry”?

    Also, you left out one very important thing in this review: what the heck were those kids talking about!? 😀

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