Taste 25 Wines for Just $15

Mondays are always insufferable. We’re usually still recovering from the previous day’s bottomless booze fest, which makes the day go by so terribly slowly (ahhh still 5 days til the weekend!) Because of this we always like to make great evening plans so we have something to look forward to all day. So, on that note: grab your cell  right now and start dialing The Wilshire to make reservations for tonight’s perfect Monday event:

Northwest Wine Tasting

Mosaic Wine Alliance Tasting

Featuring vino from the Northwest. Participating Wineries Include:  Bethel Heights, Sineann, Ketcham, Januik, Penner Ash & Elk Cove

Monday, Sept 20th 5:30pm – 7:30pm

The Wilshire Restaurant

Price: $15/ person


You might have to leave work a bit early to take advantage of this deal but its definitely well worth it given that just one glass of wine might normally run you $15 at The Wilshire. Plus, if you decide you’re hungry after the event, just fork over another $15 and get the White Plate Dinner special of the night (Steak Frites) + ANOTHER glass of vino or beer to wash it down! (Yep $15 for dinner AND drink!)

After all that wine you should be pretty happy, drunk & fat. Plus you will have done it in a classy setting and learned something about Northwest wines (I’m a big proponent of this since I hail from the Great Northwest and always gotta to show love for the hometown.)

It’s a FinerThings trifecta (drunk+fat+classy!) that will make this work week ever-so-slightly more bearable.


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