Happy Hour Alert: Jack n Jills!

I can’t go out to eat anymore without keeping my eyes peeled for happy hours or dining/drink deals and was pleasantly surprised when eating breakfast the other week to discover that Jack n Jill’s has a HH! Since moving to the area, Jack n Jill’s is one of my favorite walk-able breakfast spots (who doesn’t love nutella on crepes? and the croissant breakfast sandwich is amazing as well).  I would have never pegged the place as a happy hour spot but everything on the HH menu sounds yummy and is priced pretty well too!   And since it’s down the street I can have as many HH hefeweizens as I please without having to worry about driving home.

 An expertly snapped Blackberry photo (our specialty here at FTLA) of the HH menu:

 Happy hour at Jack n Jill’s is daily from 5-7pm, and features $5 bites, $3 beer and $5-$7 glasses of wine.  The HH menu isn’t extensive but has enough to satisfy my tastes since it includes pulled pork sliders and lately I have had a strange obsession with anything pulled.  I almost bought a slow cooker at Target last week so I could make some bbq pulled chicken sliders I saw on the Food Network. And now that I’ve mentioned it, I am again obsessed with making them and will probably have to head back to Target tonight.  Anyways, all the bites on the HH menu make my mouth water and at $5 I want to try all of them – I’m not sure what sweet potato melts are but they sound like heaven.

If you haven’t been to Jack n Jill’s before, it’s a great local spot, real neighborhood-y. Their menu reminds me of New Orleans – a lot of BBQ, seafood, and my favorite: crepes. The service is always great – friendly and attentive staff.  It is usually busy on weekend mornings for breakfast but not sure how their HH crowd is, although I am definitely going to have to walk over and try this HH out soon!

Jack n Jill’s Too. 8738 W 3rd Street. (310) 858.4900. www.jacknjillstoo.com
Jack n Jills Too on Urbanspoon


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