Comme Ca’s Hourglass Menu

Last week V and I decided to FINALLY try out the happy hour at Culina at the The Four Seasons. We made plans a week in advance, wrote a draft post of the deals ($6 wine + free apps) and were really excited to hit up our favorite fancy pants spot w/o spending a fortune.

Turned out to be a huge let down: according to the bartender happy hour had been canceled just the week before, apparently it wasn’t generating enough new business so they nixed it (wish someone had told us before…)

So, at 6:35pm, we sprinted to our cars and made a last minute decision to try Comme Ca’s happy hour Hourglass Menu instead.

It was a great call.

Comme Ca Hour Glass Menu

Available @ The Bar: 5pm – 7pm, Nightly

Booze: Half off wine ($4-$9), Half off Beers, $6 Specialty Cocktails

Food: Specially Menu of Bar Bites ($8/$9) like Fried Oysters, Pulled Pork Sliders, and Poutine


This deal is normally only offered at the bar but when we showed up the restaurant was pretty empty and the waitress gave us the of option at sitting at a table instead. Nice offer, but we prefer to be up in the action & meet the bartender so we pulled on up to the stainless bar stools and took a seat.

Since we had very little time to take advantage of these deals (it was 6:47), we ordered incredibly quickly. A $5 glass of Healdsburg Chardonnay was right within the budget ($5) and turned out to be incredibly light, crisp & delicious. Plus, the bartender (who seemed pretty busy & wasn’t the friendliest chap) pulled out a second bottle to make sure our glasses were extra full (extra points!!)


Yummy Pulled Pork Sliders

Vegetable "A la Greque"


For the food we gravitated away from the seafood and towards the more savory sounding pulled pork sliders (really tasty and surprisingly filling). We also selected the Vegetable “A la Grecque” – we had no idea what this might be, but it was listed as being served with burrata and everything served with burrata is delicious – right? Turned out to be a cold dish of cooked veggies & burrata cheese – pretty good!

Update: Went back last night (1/20/11) and tried the scallops with fennel and apples ($9) which were really good and the perfect sized portion. Also enjoyed the El Diablo cocktail ($6), it’s delicious and the name fits. On top of all this, I broke out from the Happy Hour menu and tried some of the $12 Signature Cocktails. The Hot Pepper Mash was my favorite – spicy, minty and not terribly sweet (Bourbon, Hot Peppers, Honey, Lemon Wedge, Mint). The Penicillin (the cocktail they are famous for) seemed to be a fan favorite too as nearly everyone at the bar ordered one. Verdict: Still LOVE this happy hour.


I wish we had had more time to try the rest of the Hourglass Menu and grab a second glass of wine – but I suppose we’ll just have to return! The wine was so reasonably priced and the lure of a $6 cocktail will definitely win us over next time we’re pondering happy hour spots (plus we could walk here from home!). But next time  we might have to throw in an order of their delicious French Onion soup – not on the hourglass/bar menu but its SO good and at only $9 it’s well worth it.


Comme Ca

8479 Melrose Ave

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