Tweeting Dishes & Taking Names

Two weeks ago I (K) had the most amazing luck.

Just coming back from 4th of July vacay,  I won not one, but TWO, free dinners via online promotions. I was so shocked by my ridiculous luck that I was sure I was due a good car accident the next day, or a nice fall down the stairs, or something to balance out my winning streak back to even. Thankfully two weeks have passed and my car, and body, are still intact.

The coolest thing about winning both of these promotions was it was SO easy – I hardly had to do anything (God this is starting to sound like an infomercial….) Plus they are continuous promotions – so you have a chance to win them too!! Here’s the scoop on how to increase your chances for freebies:


Win #1: BLD Tweet-A-Dish

Look – you can be like K!

Every week BLD Restaurant has a contest for their Twitter followers to name the specialty dish they will make each Thursday. Just tweet your dish idea to Chef Diana @BLDchefD (or email to by Sunday night to enter. If your dish concept is selected – you win a 3-course dinner for yourself + a friend! My winning dish? Pork Chops & Applesauce.

My Dad used to make the dish for me as a kid and I always loved the contrast of cool and sweet applesauce to the savory pork chop, plus this all-American dish seemed perfect for the new-American style cooking going on at BLD.

Pork Chops & Applesauce Ala BLD

Chef Diana’s version of the dish: amazing (perfectly refreshing slaw, incredibly flavorful & savory chop, chunky and sweet applesauce). If you win you still gotta pay for your beverages + tax + tip, but that was fine with me! Ordered a nice bottle of wine + some after dinner drinks & made it a night…


Win #2: West Hollywood Insiders Newsletter

Sign up to be a ‘West Hollywood Insider‘ and you’ll automatically be entered into that month’s contest for a free $50 gift certificate to a local WeHo business. Past certificates have been given out for $50 at Chez Bop, Peace Gallery, Lola’s, and Boxwood Cafe at the London, but I got Cecconis and I’m totally stoked to try it out!

Seriously, this one takes no effort to enter and the newsletter is only sent out once a month so you don’t have to worry about tons of WeHo spam filling your inbox. The WeHo Insiders website also features tons of other local dining & retail deals so it’s definitely worth checking out for those too.

Good Luck!


P.S. I’m still on the lookout for other great dining/booze freebies – but I’ll probably wait til I’ve won them to tell you. Hey, I might be a super cool and fabulous blogger (ha!), but I still have to pay for 99% of my food – gotta increase my chances for free food/booze before I tell the lot of you!

BLD on Urbanspoon


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