Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Saddle Ranch

It is so hot outside, the last thing I want to be doing today is sitting at my desk. I’d rather be outside, preferrably by some sort of body of water, boozing my day away.  But thankfully it’s Friday meaning that I can do just that for the next 2 days.

I’m a little hesitant to write about this week’s mimosa pick.  On one hand, they have an outdoor patio which is perfect for this weather, but on the other hand, I have been holding off writing about them since the food is mediocre and too many of their mimosas give me a tummy ache.  However, the time has come for me to give in to writing about the mimosa brunch at Saddle Ranch.


I remember back in the day when I was an underage college freshman and we would try and get into Saddle Ranch on a weekend night to party our night away and try and get one of our friends to ride the bull.  Those were the glory days of no 9-5 work and fake IDs.  Now that we are slightly older and some years out of college, Saddle Ranch just doesn’t hold as much appeal, but I guess I would make an exception for their mimosa brunch.

Boozy Brunch Spot: Saddle Ranch, West Hollywood

Boozy Brunch Hours: DAILY, 11am – 3pm.

Bottomless Mimosa Deal: $9.99 Bottomless Mimosas (6 different flavors!) and Bloody Marys (5 different varities!) with purchase of appetizer or entree.

Menu Highlights: Breakfast/lunch/brunch food is standard fare and portions are pretty big.  The food isn’t amazing but it isn’t bad either, and as long as you are throwing back mimosas, who cares.  And after you’ve had enough mimosas and gained some liquid courage, definitely ride the bull or force one of your drunker and more easily swayed friends to do so.

The best part of eating brunch on the patio at Saddle Ranch is definitely the touristy star map open-back vans that stop by every 5 minutes with naive midwesterners taking your picture and waving while you slowly blackout.  And since Saddle Ranch is on the Sunset Strip (a place that has also lost its luster since our college days), there are many options to keep your Sunday Funday going – head to the pool at the Standard or if you are more stealthy the pool at the Mondrian or head to the Den for some day drinking as well.

Enjoy the heat and have a great weekend – V+K.

Saddle Ranch Chop House. 8371 Sunset Blvd. (323) 656.2007.

Saddle Ranch Chop House on Urbanspoon


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