Balls & Beers – Miracle Mile Happy Hour

I like Busbys East.

I like that they have a live 80s cover band (Fast Times) who plays every Friday. I like that they have a large dance floor, video games to keep the guys entertained (specifically Big Buck Hunter), TVs for sports, patios for those who enjoy cancer sticks, and lots of spots to sit. I like that we can usually get a big group of predominately male people in on any given night and not have to worry about a line.

But in the end I have always considered it a good NIGHT spot. Not a good dinner and not a good happy hour spot.

So needless to say, being a self proclaimed ‘expert’ in happy hours and dining deals (i.e. total snob who refuses to be wrong) – I was not so happy when told the group was happy houring at Busbys.

To their credit the guys had an excuse: the Lakers were playing and Busbys has tons of TVs for the game. But I don’t really care about the Lakers (gasp! shock! V loves the Lakers but I don’t even like basketball unless its march madness… im a football girl) I just wanted something good to eat & a nice glass of wine. To be honest I wasn’t even sure if Busbys had a happy hour (and the thought of no happy hour made me cranky).

Well Busby’s does have a happy hour:

M-F, 4pm – 7pm

$4 Beers, $5 Wine & Well Drinks, 1/2 off Apps

I got the wine (of course) and it was fine – but I can get cheaper, $4 wine, at nicer spots. The beers were beers and a decent deal. The apps were typical bar food but nothing to write home about and certainly not as good as the uber greasy and extra delicious bar food at Backstage. I will give credit to their curly fries though – they were delicious & I was craving more of them all night.

However despite my bitching and moaning the guys were happy. They got to play that stupid Big Buck Hunter game that they love so much and they got to watch the game amongst fellow fans. They even had mass amounts of beer and food without spending a fortune.

I’m not sure this place will be on the top of my Happy Hour radar in the future but it’s definitely worth trying out next time the Lakers/Dodgers/Trojans are on TV. Plus it’ll definitely get you points with the guys if you can hold your own shootin endangered animals in a video game while knocking back brewskies.

Drink Up!

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