I Hate You Mr. Tax Man

Since I started my own biz my distaste for taxes has grown infinitely. Though I realize when I don’t have tax withdrawals from each pay check it means I actually get to use and invest my money until its due – It’s still painful writing big fat checks to Uncle Sam every year (when you pay both sides of the tax, employer and employee, it just hurts so much more.)

After I cut this year’s gigantic check I pretty much resigned myself to not spending any money today. I had planned on drinking at home to ease the pain – economical and effective.


But I think I’ve been lured out of my tax depression cave with these offers:


Henry’s Hat & Luna Park

For every dollar you spend on lunch and dinner at these fine Hollywood & Mid City establishments – you will receive a gift certificate for the same amount. I.e. spend $33 on dinner+drinks tonight – get a gift certificate for $33 to use at a later date. Basically averages out to 50% off.


McCormick & Schmick

(All Locations)

This place always reminds me of college –  back in the day when the M&S happy hour included booze specials and we could use our fake IDs to get a cheap pitcher of beer and an even cheaper burger ($2!!). ANYWAYS: for tax day they are offering dinner & drink specials for $10.40/ea, plus every bar guest gets a certificate for $10.40 to use on your next visit.



It’s rare that we see a deal in Century City (maybe we just arn’t that in tune with the area) but this one featured by UrbanDaddy yesterday sounds great: All domestic draft beers are $3 at 9pm, $2 at 10pm, and $1 at 11pm. So head over to the mall for some shopping you can’t afford and then drink away your money sorrows at Xbar with SUPER CHEAP BEER. Yum.


Elevate Lounge / Takami Sushi

This downtown spot is holding a Tax Day Relief Party from 4pm – 9pm. Hit them up for free food and drink specials from 4pm – 5pm, and then 50% off apps & drink specials for the rest of the night.


Copa ‘Oro

Its happy hour all night at Copa tonight (til 2am)!! Offering their ‘Happy Depression’ menu, which includes $5 depression era cocktails. If you’re in Santa Monica this is definitely your best Tax Day Deal tonight (and maybe after a few drinks you can illegally run/stumble around the beach – its tons-o-funs, trust us!).



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