Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Smith House

Driving down Santa Monica over the weekend on our way to workout (gotta keep the heart in shape to tolerate all that drunk+fat+happiness!) we passed Smith House and our mimosa radar started flaring. Without seeing a sign, we KNEW the place served bottomless mimosa brunch. One quick trip to their website confirmed this hunch and now we have our first spot on the list in Century City!

Banana Walnut Pancakes

Banana Walnut Pancakes

Boozy Brunch Spot: Smith House, Century City

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Gloriously Stupendous DineLA Deal

We usually skip DineLA.

Yes, some of the deals are great, but we just aren’t the type of girls that typically order three-courses for dinner.

Usually just one course. Maybe the occasional addition of a shared appetizer. Or if its a date, we might do a full two courses to stretch it out a bit (and justify the 2, or 3, glasses of wine we’ve ordered.) But when you don’t typically order three courses, the DineLA still is more expensive than what we’d normally spend on dinner… And it doesn’t even include the cost of booze.


But this DineLA deal? We’re definitely on board for this one.


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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Wildcraft

If you act quickly enough, you can grab a special deal on brunch for two at this recently reopened Culver City restaurant that includes bottomless mimosas via Gilt City for just $45. 


Pici, with braised pork jowels, broccolini, black pepper, pecorino, and topped with a poached egg.

Boozy Brunch Spot: Wildcraft, Culver City

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11am – 3pm

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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Tacoteca

We, along with the rest of the white girls and bros, have been on a year-long Rose kick. Its quite the perfect wine for California’s year-long dry+warm climate; more interesting than a chilled white, more weather appropriate than a warm red… When TJs starts stocking their 5.99 stuff you know we’ll be the first to stock up…  Today’s addition to the #BottomlessMimosa guide is very on point with the rose trend, offering AYCD rose during brunch.


Boozy Brunch Spot: Tacoteca, Santa Monica

Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 11am – 3pm

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