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Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Luminarias

June 5, 2014
if you're a boozy bruncher who needs a wedding venue, this might be it...

if you’re a boozy bruncher who needs a wedding venue, this might be it…

This one is thanks to our lovely reader Veronica

Brunching Spot: Luminarias, Monterey Park

Boozy Brunch Hours: Saturday 11am – 2:30pm, Sunday 9:30am – 2:30pm

Bottomless Mimosa Deal: $30 Bottomless Mimosas Buffet Brunch

Menu Highlights: This is the Bellagio buffet of brunches, but its closer, and you’ll still have your bank-roll in your pocket when you get there. There is a meat carving station, sushi, some Mexican-style breakfast favorites, etc… And if you are some strange person that arrives before 10am on a Sunday (i.e. you have kids), you can take $5 bucks off your brunch price.


Luminarias / 3500 Ramona Blvd, Monterey Park CA / 323.268.4177 /

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After a long long time

April 29, 2014

Psst: its been ages since we posted or updated anything here, but for totally selfish reasons (So we could keep track of our own bottomless boozing options) we updated the main bottomless mimosa list. Check it out!

image via wikipedia

image via wikipedia

If you have any recommendations/additions, let us know.



Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Bar Pintxo

March 21, 2013

Days at the beach are so much more wonderful once you’re properly lubricated…

image jacked from their website events page

image jacked from their website events page

Brunching Spot: Bar Pintxo, Santa Monica

Boozy Brunch Hours: Saturday & Sunday, 12pm – 4pm

Bottomless Mimosa Deal: $10 Bottomless Mimosas w/ Entree Purchase

Menu Highlights: No clue. Haven’t seen a specific Brunchy menu, but we know they serve Spanish-style tapas like Spanish Tortilla, which is sorta like an Omelet so breakfasty enough for us!


Bar Pintxo / 109 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica / (310) 458-2012 /

Bottomless Mimosa Guide: Flames, San Jose

March 14, 2013

Update 2014: Brunch only offered on Sundays now.


Yes, its been a while since we’ve been here.

We’ll spare you the details on why, too dark & serious for our snarky boozed up blog, but just know we’re back now. Maybe not consistently, but we’ll be poking our heads in from time to time to share some fattening and boozy news. Luckily, our hiding period was still filled happy hours and bottomless mimosas, as they prove the most wonderful distraction for the daily grind.

One of the spots we’ve hit up of late? Flames in San Jose.

My mimosa glass, which they kept perpetually full until my departure

My mimosa glass, which they kept perpetually full until my departure

Yes, San Jose. Random spot for a weekend trip, we know. And if YOU ever find yourself visiting downtown San Jose, please know this: there is nothing to do in this city on the weekend*, except to booze. And luckily Flames offers inexpensive, free flowin, bottomless mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays.


The Spot: Flames Eatery & Bar, San Jose CA

The Boozy Brunch Hours: Sat & Sun, 9am – 2pm

Bottomless Deal: $9 Bottomless Mimosas (with Purchase of Food Item)

Menu Highlights: The menu is pretty huge, and we only tried the eggs benny on a croissant with spinach, which was pretty good. But then again, by the time we ordered it we were already 5+ mimosas in… so our judgement might have been off… really off… as per the restaurant website: “95% Champagne + 5% OJ for Color = Mimosa”… so we’re not talking pansy breakfast boozin here….


The service was great, our glasses were always kept full, and while all of San Jose was eerily silent that Saturday, inside Flames the bar & tables were filled and we could hear the happy chanting of ‘chug chug chug’. It was great.


Flames Eatery / 88 S 4th St  San Jose, CA 95112 / (408) 971-1960 /


*Okay, so we did find a few things worth doing in San Jose other than bottomless mimosas. The bar at the Fairmont was nice & had live music, Mezcal served some good margs and mole, and while we didn’t head here, I wish we had (post mimosas), because it looks awesome.


Bottomless Mimosa Guide: 9 Olives

December 7, 2012

First, we want to apologize. We have been terribly MIA and we cannot fathom how your livers and wallets have survived without us for the past month. But things have been busy, we’ve been going back to school and trying to get our ‘real’ careers off the ground and all that jazz and unfortunately boozy and fattening antics have suffered.

But we were feeling so guilty about it all today that we figured we’d throw you a bone and give ya a new bottomless spot for this Sunday:



Brunch Spot: 9-Olives – Chaplin House, West Hollywood

Brunching Hours: Sundays, starting at 11am. (Not sure until when….)

Boozy Brunch Deal: $40 for Tapas & Family Style Brunch, including Bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Draft Beers and Specialty Cocktails.

Menu Highlights: Family style Pizza with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, arugula, capers, Chicken & Waffles (always a must on our brunch list), and tapas like Pork Belly with truffled egg, bacon hollandaise, crispy onions. All sound super rich and deeeeelish!

For those that feel this place is vaguely familiar, but much fancier than you remember – 9 Olives is in the former Libertine spot. It got itself a lovely makeover, a great menu revamp, and with the addition of Sunday Funday bottomless mimosas we are totally wooed.

9 Olives – Chaplin House / 8210 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA / (323) 848-2100 /

Bottomless Mimosa Guide: The Phoenix

November 9, 2012

Need a new spot for Sunday boozy brunch because you’ve already tried the 178 other places we’ve written about?


Here ya go:

Brunch Spot: The Phoenix, Beverly Hills

Brunching Hours: Sundays, starting at 10am. Yes, per the above image, the doors open at 9:30, but you gotta wait til 10 to enjoy the bottomless booze. Upside: deal is valid all day, all night.

Boozy Brunch Deal: $10 Bottomless Mimosas & Bellinis

Menu Highlights: Booze. NFL Sunday Ticket. (Oh and apparently they also serve eggies over arugula and steak frites. Both sound worthy of finding a temporary home in our stomachs.)

The Phoenix / 14 N. La Cienega, Beverly Hills / 310.289.5925 /

Wine Riot 2012

November 7, 2012

At first, we thought there was no chance we could make it to this year’s Wine Riot.

Saturday is USC Homecoming after all, an event boldly penned into our schedule every year. An event we will not, nay CAN NOT, miss.

But then we learned yesterday the game starts at noon, meaning:

a. We are going to have to get to campus painfully early to start tailgating/drinking.

b. We will have 3ish hours to cheer, scream, dance, and sober up at the stadium, before we head down the street to Magestic Studios to start another 4 hours of  drinking at the second shift of Wine Riot!

So perfect, right?!


Second Glass – Wine Riot

When: Saturday, Nov 10th. First Shift: 1pm – 5pm, Second Shift: 7pm – 11pm.

Cost: $50 a person

What: ALL YOU CAN DRINK vino tastings of over 250 different wines, photo booths, fake tats, and some wine classes. Plus there will be food to purchase from an assortment of local vendors.


If you need more details you can visit their website, but we’re pretty sure you were already sold by the $50-UNLIMITED VINO part of this post, and stopped paying attention soon after.

Winos UNITE!

Wine Riot / Magestic Halls – 650 S. Spring Street, Downtown LA /


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